Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Creating the Life You Were Born to Live

Your life is created by the thoughts of both yourself & others around you – Yes!! It is so

How many of us have read, and pondered over these new-age books that inform us our thinking, our thoughts and the stuff that goes around and around in our minds is what makes up our reality? 

Of course it does. We attract to us what we are focused on.

So, we spend countless minutes, hours and days attempting to shift our thinking onto higher ground. Making every effort to get our thoughts from the dark and negative into the light and positive.

Form a new perspective and the rest will follow. Create a clear stream of consciousness and life will magically turn around – health, money, people and opportunities will simply knock on the door.

Except when it doesn’t.

Oh, we may have some times, spaces and break throughs of limited success with this type of exercise. Just like any other thing we try out along our journey – in a small way if can work for some of us, some of the time.

Then we hit a wall. Our thinking goes back to its’ old distorted patterns (that never even seem to belong to us, funny that) and we are the walking wounded soldiers of mis-fortune once again.

Trying to create that big, colourful, wonderful life from the ground is hard work!

Is there then something wrong with us? Are we doing it all wrong? Am I broken, unfixable, pulled low with these ridiculous thoughts (that I never seem to know where they come from) floating around in my head?

Wellllll…….we are also energetic beings. And being energetic beings, made up from star-dust of the Universe, we pick up things, spiritual junk, the very stuff that life is made out of.

We are constantly interacting with, bumping into and exchanging energy with absolutely every living and non living thing there is. Some more than others.

The next time you wish to use your thoughts to create, guide, shape and otherwise manage some aspect of your life, begin with clearing your energy field of people, things, situations etc. that pull you down.

Only then will you start to have absolute success in pulling yourself up! Clean up that space around you - and clear your mind of un-necessary thoughts, fears, worries and other time wasting patterns by releasing the energy that holds you down. 

Onwards & upwards?


Tuesday, 1 September 2015

What's Another Word For Positive?

Everything you do, makes a difference the key word here is DO. 

This little sentence is what I repeat to myself often as I go about my daily tasks – I wanted to focus my mind on being and feeling positive as I set up my market stall, make my ointments or even do the chores around the house. 

And I do subscribe to the thinking – that if you say it often enough, you start to believe it.

So why not say something positive? Especially to yourself, about yourself and when thinking of or referring to yourself. Make that mind shit special and eventually you start to see some magical results!

You start to believe and think in a more positive way when your mind is focused on words that are constructive, supportive and encouraging – of course then you are half way to getting your life moving (in any direction) because you are using some of that powerful mind energy to create something better for yourself.  

How many of us find ourselves hoping and wishing for outside affirmations to make us feel as if our lives are worthwhile? In the meantime we spend an awful lot of time allowing over-riding thoughts to inform us of just the opposite.

With all of this in mind, make today a day of action – focus on your goal (pick one), then taking a step in any direction is almost certainly bound to get energy moving in places and spaces where it was once stagnant. 

I have learned and experienced many times over these years how important it is just take a little step and either doors will open or close – and there will be movement.

Everything you do, makes a difference. Keep your goal in mind, make it happen.