Friday, 28 December 2012

You Are Now Entering Dimension 20....

So, now I have your attention, you are probably wondering what the hell dimension 20 is, right? Well, a long time ago, I went on a quest (one of my many) to discover what each of the human dimensions are and what they mean.

I know a few basic things about time travel, astral projection, inter-dimensional access; just from being an intuitive, psychic or whatever it's called these days. As humans (well, most of us are anyway) we can access 32 dimensions.

How do I know this? You only have a maximum of 32 teeth (usually, but I did have 4 extra - might that be why I am so intuitive, I've always wondered) as an adult and therefore can in theory gain entry into those 32 realms open to us.

Of course, look at what we do to our teeth! And the sugar we eat OMFG - I have long shouted it out to whomever would listen - don't eat their 'food', it's poison and look at what it does to your teeth. Actually I would be very particular about what would go into my mouth....but don't get me started on food here.

Back to Dimension 20 - this is a shadow dimension (all even numbers are) and represents the night dreams or any places that you might go when you sleep. Naturally sleep is a funny thing - it is an altered state of consciousness for most of us and we have several stages during sleep time.

I love sleep and throughout my entire life could not wait to get to bed to go to sleep and dream. The worlds I enter there are far more familiar to me, then this one. And more comfortable too. Each and every night I dream at least 2 or 3 distinct dreams and I have come to discover quite a few things along the way....

First of all, I began my research into this realm by keeping a dream journal - for over a decade. I have stacks of journals and remember quite a few dreams from those important years. So, if you really want to get in touch with yourself through your dreams, this is a great way to start.

Once you begin doing some deeper work on yourself such as Closing Energy Leaks (see my book if you want to learn more) your dream state will change because your energy field (body, mind & soul) become a safer, cleaner place to be.

The most notable changes were of my dreams falling into clear patterns of mind - body - soul messages most nights. In other words, the 2 or three dreams I would have arrived as a message from my mind, then body, then soul or spirit.

Another cool observation I made was how, each of us in the house would have dreams that were interconnected. For instance I could have a mind and body dream and then my son would have a soul dream. They would all fit together in some interesting way by playing out in our lives or informing us of something.

I have even been able to categorize my dreams into 'psychic' ones (I usually have these just before waking) that inform me of some event that is coming my way. Then there are what I refer to as 'downloads' - where information or data is brought into my consciousness - I had a huge one the night before my daughter was born at home with all the information I needed for the birth.

The list goes on! There are so many ways to work with and within our dreams. I have been actively doing this through Closing the Energy Leaks for many years now - and it has changed everything. Whatever you plan on doing in 2013 - place your dreams (day and night ones) front and centre....

I have a feeling they are about to become very significant in our lives


Closing the Energy Leaks(c) or Windows.... 

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

The Last Great War....from the Angel Files

**This is the last part of three - to start at the beginning, go back to the next two posts (An excerpt from Angel Files)


A persistent state of crisis can only hold the deeper implications of either recovery or death- therefore, to keep vast numbers of people, entire populations and countries hanging on with ramped up intensity and no reprieve on the horizon, is an actual crime against humanity.

As all three of these wars have been ongoing for so long and with such pervasiveness that you would think we would hardly notice if another war were added to the melee. But we have and we did and we will because this one, the BIG one is the MOTHER of all wars.

We are already glimpsing what is to come with this ‘new order’ of things because during this past two or three years we have been subjected to a large scale panic-demic of monstrous proportions. Swine flu reared its head or rather this tame pig was released into the ethers to do its worst and it never came. 

Riding upon the waves of opportunity, our dark knights in combat fatigues, arrived with a timely solution to a menace no worse then the common cold- and the entire planet turned into a frenzied vaccine factory complete with daily updates on the current level of misdiagnosis and death from medical misadventure- all attributed to the toothless pig, swine flu.

We have only just begun to glimpse what is in store as the controversy raged around the world about further loss of human rights and freedoms- this time with regards to our right to choose to be vaccinated and what was to be done to us when we refuse.

The persistent rumours of forced vaccines, diabolical legislation in favour of the pharmaceutical industry and chemical contaminants and poisons solidified into facts, as one by one each of these frightening prospects came into the light as the new reality show here on earth.

I, and I am sure many others, have long felt that this next big ‘war’ whether it is declared or not, is the War on Flu (or Viruses, Infectious Disease, Pandemics etc). It has been creeping into our mainstream over the past decade with more and more vaccines plied onto complacent populations.

Children are now enduring about 36 vaccinations before they are six years old- all this prior to the maturity and complete functioning of their still developing immune systems. 

These poisons are designed to shock and amplify their desired effects while circumventing the functioning of the body’s innate defense systems. Our children do not stand a chance at health or anything remotely similar as long as we are willing to subject them to this onslaught.

But this is not even a fraction of the problem here- when we shut out natural, normal and healthy viruses that have co-evolved on this planet together with humans for millions of years, we are playing a game without rules.

There are common viruses here that are assisting humanity with its growth in consciousness, helping to heal the damage done by poor nutrition and fear, and protecting human DNA from degradation by chemicals and toxins in our environment.

This yet to be declared ‘war on natural viruses and healthy bacteria’ will be the final undoing of us as a people, as humans and beings with higher levels of awareness. 

We cannot LIVE without them, we cannot become CONSCIOUS without them, we cannot SURVIVE and advance further on this planet in a human body without normal beneficial viruses and bacterial populations functioning within our bodies.

And this is exactly what is being eradicated and replaced in our world by these fallen angels of Illuminati and their foreign alien friends. 

This last great war, must be resisted at every level, you must refuse to take their drugs, their vaccines, their medications and most of all to avoid eating their toxic water and foods .

There is no stopping a tiny seed of hope that is protected, passed along and shared with others so that it germinates and grows into bigger dimensions of faith, certainty and security.

In your own life you can do so much to create change, start with your own home, your diet, your physical body and health- remove yourself from the sick care regimen, feed yourself properly, fast with real water regularly, and exercise. You will overcome these demons that have been plaguing humanity and feeding off of our souls.

The power is in your hands- the power of ONE

No Kindle? No problem - pdf file on Gumroad Angel Files

Sunday, 16 December 2012

The Great Wars of Heaven & Earth

**This is the second part of an excerpt from my book Angel Files - go back to the last post to start the article from the beginning 


Then we moved into a new decade with more horizons to conquer- their war on cancer was flourishing and reaping benefits in all the right places- except not where it would make a human difference as health status is worse than ever.

Next came the ‘War on Drugs’ which is handy as the young people of the 60’s generation were growing up and having children of their own- you know, the ones without morals as they have been demoralized.

So, another war was declared in the world, this time to combat the illegal drugs trade, as on the streets it was getting out of hand and the world was becoming an even more dangerous place or so we are told in their media, ad nauseam.

This culture which embodies the over use of antibiotics, medications, toxic compounds and chemicals brought into the main stream, is the perfect breeding ground for falsifying health benefits and claims of this system.

These so called experts have us cowering in fear of life without their insurance and health care schemes- by extending sick care and reclassifying disease to encompass more and more normal human function, every physical action and reaction is now a dysfunction which of course can be treated with a drug. 

We have long left behind the trust and faith engendered by self knowledge of our own bodies thanks to the chemicals, poisons and inadequate nutrition heaped upon us by the ‘experts’. Every ache, pain, itch, sniffle and belch can now be taken care of with a capsule, pill, lotion or potion that reinforces within us how very fragile, frail and prone to failure we must be.

The fine inner workings and advanced communication capabilities of the physical form have been eroded and dismantled as a result of overgrowth of molds, yeast, non beneficial viral and bacterial populations. 

We are lining up to readily and willingly inject their chemical cocktails into our tissues because we no longer TRUST our own self-care, we now trust THEM to take care of us. The drug culture is pervasive, there are drugs for every generation, the elderly with heart medication, the bored middle aged has Viagra and even the crazy youth can have something (anti-depressants, ADHD meds and so on), designed to keep them permanently outside of their bodies.

Our streets in every town, city and outpost on any Friday night the world over, is a study in so called illegal activity with both young and old taking their drug of choice in order to get through the evening. 

Never before have we seen such a variety of contraband available, you can purchase medications, the usual standbys of hash, weed, and cocaine, and increasingly new designer drugs will take you out of this world faster, higher and cheaper. Every mixture conceivable is not only available, it is easily obtained, ready to use, accepted and even expected in many circles. 

This ‘War on Drugs’ has been so successful that when supply threatened to be shut down or more tightly controlled the war moved into remote places such as Afghanistan in order to maintain and step up production levels. Since that time, availability of street drugs has increased, revenue and war budgets have grown to equally match this lucrative trade.

The only thing growing more bountifully then their profit, is their greed. 


Life had been moving along with these existing wars in full swing when there was a momentary blip with the turning century from 1999 to the year 2000- and for about a year many people were quite distracted with the associated nonsense. The year and century changed and our life went on as before. Or did it?

Perhaps this was the start of the drama and the decade of crisis as within a very short period of time we had worldwide attention focused on one single event that was masterminded to deaden our souls and to purge hope from our bodies.

9/11 is now synonymous with terror, fear, hatred and unfathomable loss of human rights and freedom.

Within short order the ‘powers that be’ declared a unilateral “War on Terror” and the pieces all fell into place neatly like an ordered puzzle. It could not have been set up and carried out better if it had been planned for years. Or was it?

There are a great many people in this world, myself included, from all walks of life who believe that this great atrocity called 9/11 was carried out according to a grand plan to curb what little sense of freedom, security, dignity and self-respect we humans had left.

Once again the world was plunged into terror and crisis, only this time it was being orchestrated from a well-oiled machine within a vast network of war mongers who have been anticipating this event, readying themselves for plunder and the spoils of war.

Leading the way, the United States created a ‘terror alert’ system which they operated to great effect during the first few years of their foray into new territory, keeping people around the world worried, anxious, suspicious, fearful and in a constant state of emergency as never before.

Now in its 11th full year, this recent reign of terror has indeed accomplished all it set out to and far more. The human inhabitants of this planet have never been so regulated, watched, scrutinized, impeded in speech, thought and deed and ‘governmented’ to death.

We are the ones being terrorized by these fallen angels of the Illuminati, as the game plan is to instill fear of each other, fear of movement, fear of speaking up and out, fear of planning, hoping and working towards something much better. 

We cannot trust Big Government, we cannot trust Big Food and even Bigger Seeds, we cannot trust Big Bank, Big Business (the ones that survive) we cannot not trust Big Health scare or Big Pharma. Without trust there is not a whisper of hope, without trust there is not a sliver of light, without trust there is no future for humanity.

Without trust there is only more ‘big’ fear

The War of Terror and its associated expectation of catastrophe has indeed struck the planet, taken hold of each life and sucked us down into its spiral, leaving us gagging and choking on the fumes of what is left of our souls.

April Danann 2009©

*more will be posted soon

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Friday, 14 December 2012

An Excerpt from Angel Files - Out in the Energy Field

** Below is an excerpt from my book Angel Files - I've broken it down into 3 sections, this is the first one...

The Three Great Wars

I recently watched a clip of an ex KGB agent in which he described a set program used to gain control over a population. It is based on using a plan, which is played out in society and takes effect over several generations.

He used the following terms; demoralize, destabilize, crisis, and normalize to describe the process by which ‘government’ or those in positions of power, use to accomplish this goal of complete dominance. 

I recognized this immediately as fitting in perfectly with the “New World Order’ and the various causes initiated in America and the UK but which have quickly gained momentum and gone viral around the globe. 

The following declarations of war have not been mechanisms useful as a solution to any world problem and have actually only served to align networks of criminality while ignoring (and distracting the population from) the real issues of poverty, famine and ignorance.

I have broken down the program outline into how I believe it works and applied it to what we have been subject to in recent living memory. I am including what some of its effects on those of us living on this planet have been and the potential future for humanity.


During living memory the world has been subjected to three recent great wars waged against the ‘bad guys’ and played out for us in largesse on the media stage. I remember the first one, perhaps not exactly how it was started but when the ‘The War on Cancer’ was declared it was to great aplomb and hope.

This scourge upon the earth will now be eradicated, according to ‘them’ in the same manner as polio and small pox, through drugs, vaccines, medication, toxic chemical cocktails and massive amounts of money.

The various cancer societies, which have grown up as a result of this declaration of war have raised billions towards the lofty goal of curing this group of conditions. And they still collect their money; door to door through registered charities, tax revenues, sales of pink ribbons, research grants and endowments - as part of the biggest farce ever carried out on the human race.

I have both recovered from cancer personally and have worked with a few people who are dealing with this fungal condition in my professional life. The one thing that is abundantly clear is you cannot ‘heal’ your body with toxic chemicals, money and a political campaign.

Your body, mind and soul understands one thing- energy. It is this vibration of all things that sets us apart from the other beings here on this planet and provides all the information we require to work with our own physical reality. 

Cancer, just like any other disease process responds immediately and positively to a healthy diet, clean water, fasting, exercise and emotional therapies. It does this by raising the vibration of the human body. 

This is the ONLY cure for this condition as it is fungal, yeast, mold and viral based and these entities must be cleared from the body in order to fix or heal the problem. Otherwise you just treat symptoms of bigger issues and not the real threat to the body.

Of course those fighting this war know very well that nutrition, fasting, exercise and other therapeutic work takes care of all illness- but the ‘war’ rages on because, one thing we have learned in our modern world is that war is great for business.

If you want to boost sales, create a new market and perpetuate fear amongst a population, enslave them within a seemingly ‘no-win’ situation, tell them repeatedly that ‘we are nearly there’ but not yet, and demoralize them by providing ‘sick care’ while withholding health care.

This ‘war on cancer’ is conducted by government health care systems and their official agencies around the world, in every possible setting. Headed up by so-called specialists trained to provide you with the latest methods in modern combat- each weapon more lethal then the previous one. 

This is taking place without impunity, poisons are provided by people who would NOT take them or give them to their own families yet they encourage, coerce and in certain instances force their treatments upon trusting patients. 

Their war on cancer has everyone running for their lives, humans have never before been sicker, weaker, more fearful and unbelievably toxic as they are right now. Cancer rates have soared in direct correlation with the growth of the industry, the output of new ‘medications’ and the profit of the pharmaceuticals.

This war has been so successful, but is only a piece of the overall plan, their work is far from over.

(next section soon)

April Danann© 2009

Friday, 7 December 2012

Energy Vampires Surface at this Time of Year…

There are so many ways we can discuss negative energy and I have mentioned several of them over the years on my blogs. Of course whenever we start talking about the economy or banks and money – these days, our thoughts turn to negativity.

I have been exploring some of the ways that all of this negativity from news sources, poor food choices, damaging relationships, dead end jobs and whatever it is that we have taken on board, ultimately affects us.

For the most part, we feel drained by it all. So what does that mean exactly? For me it means feeling heavy, lacking energy, my mind seems dulled down, I might hurt physically, and feel so very tired.

How would this look to an Intuitive doing a reading on your energy field? And what exactly has taken place within and around our bodies to cause this situation? What part of us is being drained?

Usually I can pinpoint the place, source and nature of the drain. However that is only half the story because the most important aspects of feeling and being drained would be to uncover the deeper underlying energy pattern.

For instance, when and why did this start, how deep does it go and what damage has been done (physically especially). Next on the agenda is to formulate a plan to start to heal up the leaks in the energy field as well as to reverse the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional fallout from this serious breach in the energy field. 

Those are the mechanics of the energy field, it’s function and the way it operates. So now we can look more closely at how it (being drained) plays out in our every day lives and affects our outlook.

When you feel drained, it’s as if someone has a hold on you and you can’t release it no matter what you do. This is more often than not, a close family member or someone to whom you felt responsible or beholden to. I have seen pity do an incredible number on a person’s energy field as well – it’s such a negative fear based emotion.

But, symptoms of being drained don’t stop there – you can overeat, make poor food choices, you are attempting to fill an emptiness inside (that never goes away), feel depressed because you are filling up with someone else’s energy (there is always an energy exchange) and try as you might, just can’t seem to get yourself moving some days.

Thankfully our energy field being what it is, this tends to be cyclical – most patterns are, they surface at specific times of the year, during times of stress or fear and when our buttons are pushed for one reason or another. Which means, you usually don’t feel like this ALL the time or even most of the time…just enough of the time, to know that something is pulling your energy.

This is the time of the year when negativity seems to culminate – and I think it has something to do with some of the pressure we might place on ourselves, but also there are people who want to hold back those who truly enjoy this season.

However, the main reason the energy vampires come out at this time of the year is because it is the season of love (family, good feelings, warmth). Everything in the Universe comes down to something very simple and this situation is no different.

Love is a force, which very few of us have found or experience (fully) and we should consider ourselves fortunate when we feel love from the special people in our lives. Love is an energy all of it’s own, far more then an emotion, it is a form of power that some people have and others want to possess.

Or at least soak up at special times of the year. Neither of which (using other’s energy) is right in terms of the way energy works. You can only use, work with, heal, change or fix what belongs to you.

And that extends to making it a point to find your own source of love inside of you…isn’t that what this journey home is all about? 


Sunflower starting to open.....

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Strengthening Your Energy Field – From the Inside

Everything that takes place in and around your body (and life) is recorded, pre-determined and part of some larger overall pattern. This is not said lightly either, because a lot is taking place constantly that most people are not even aware of. 

Your body generates an electromagnetic field in and around each and every cell in your body. It does this from the inner workings of your cells and metabolic processes which act like miniature batteries. This joins together to form a larger force field with central points as well as energy centres around the body.

While it is not a complex process, some basic things might need to be understood on how it all works together. For instance, your energy field is incorporated into your physical body systems and functions in the exact same way. 

Therefore, tt can be harmed, torn, broken and damaged by the food you eat, the situations you are exposed to as well as toxins such as electromagnetic radiation from cell phones. Just think back to an encounter with a negative person and how hard it was to rid yourself of the toxic energy you picked up.

In lots of ways the energy field is what gives you a measureable form of power, strength and resilience as you navigate your way through life. But it also provides a buffer zone around you and sets up a basic area of resistance as well. This is important for security, protection and general well-being, not to mention your health.

To have a functioning energy field in the first place, you need to be healthy and this means to take care of your body. There are lots of people walking around in the world with damaged, broken, missing and otherwise unhealthy energy fields who have no idea how to care for this part of their anatomy (or re-grow it if needs be).

Some of the recommendations I would give to those wondering about their energy fields, would be to start at the beginning….it all comes down to the food you eat, the water you drink and what sorts of toxins you are exposed to. And that includes toxic people spreading around dark energy. 

Other ways to heal and strengthen your energy field would be to use the following techniques and foods on a regular basis;
  • Closing the Energy Leaks© or Closing Windows
  • Herbs such as dandelion, nettle and horsetail
  • Foods that are unprocessed and of a high vibration, homemade & home grown
  • Water that is unprocessed, directly from the ground
  • Exercise – any form of movement is beneficial but especially Yoga, dance
  • Nature in all it’s splendour is a healing force

Nothing here is difficult or hard to obtain – these are simple ways to minimize damage to your body on an energetic basis while you strengthen your body functions and systems. 

When considering the health of your body, don’t neglect the workings of your energy field. A strong energy field ensures a strong body – you cannot have one without the other. 


Deep water...

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Walking The Talk - Natural Healing

I don't often write (anymore) about some of the issues I hold closest to my heart - at least not like I used to, perhaps I feel that there are already so many people out there speaking out right now - and I no longer need to lend my voice to the cause.

Then some days I realize that a lot of these voices are not quite where they should be and not coming from the level of integrity that I would expect (or hope) to find within some of these causes. That's one main issue, then there is the double edge or convoluting of the message, or to put it more clearly, people trying to have it both ways.

I used to know people who told me they went to a church not because they believed in anything that was being talked about, but because they wanted to cover all their bases. Just in the off chance that they were wrong about their own lives and beliefs, then they had their foot firmly in each door. 

When it comes to health, healing and your higher consciousness - no situation such as this will work for very long. You cannot live in two camps - follow two masters and sing from two distinctly different books. Unless of course you are completely deluding yourself. In which case, carry on, this article will not be of much use to you. 

Let me explain....

Very early on in my 'wake up call' I was told in no uncertain terms by my body that this was a one way path. There was absolutely no room for sitting on a fence watching the world go by and wishing or thinking or kidding myself into believing I was firmly on one side or the other.

When it comes to the fundamental basics of life you simply cannot do things half way. In this broadest sense of these words you are either with the program or not at all. Because, once again just like with the food you are eating, you cannot fool your body into anything.

Bearing this in mind walk with me into the pharmaceutical world - of course there are many natural pharmaceuticals such as garlic, nettle, dandelion (natural herbs) and commonly known healers that are here for our exclusive use as food and such. Then we have the synthetics - some substance made in a lab, considered 'safe' for human use under certain circumstances and to be used according to instructions..

Taking part in both of these systems seems to now be the national pastime - I will use herbs to heal, then chemicals to push down, then good food to detox and dirty water to wash it all away. Do you see where I am coming from? You cannot trick your body into anything - it is a very sophisticated bio-energetic system capable of recognizing and detecting the smallest change in compounds and structures.

Concoctions with the vibration of a building, carry the energetic signature of the people, corporation, and machinery where it was made. Not to mention their individual and collective intention, fears and negativity which pass readily into any manmade highly processed substance. 

In nature, a plant such as the dandelion carries no such extra baggage (unless it has been sprayed by chemicals) and it's only intention is to do exactly what it was designed to do. Heal, feed, nourish, uplift, detox, clear and any other uses your body can find for it. 

To take such a gift and then chase it down with an aberration completely unrelated to compounds your body might recognize as healing compounds would be counter productive to say the very least. At the outset you are not doing yourself any favors - one will cancel out the other and in fact, the synthetic medicine will interfere with all your body needs to accomplish with the herb. 

If we are feeling unwell - inflammation, infection, virus or anything in between - by following a clean diet, drinking natural unprocessed water and using these herbs regularly, we can and will overcome anything. However, we cannot use more then one system and expect to heal, help or encourage positive results in our bodies for very long. 

It is exactly the same with higher consciousness, religion or whatever you are attempting to do in your life - pick your path, then follow it with everything you have in you, to do otherwise will not take you anywhere significant.


Top Bar Bee Hives... Our own

Monday, 26 November 2012

Welcome to Health Scare

The following is an article I wrote in 2009 - which is as relevant right now as it was then. The flu would not be something to be feared or worried about in people who are healthy, with strong functioning immune systems. However we are not encouraged to work on improving our health - instead we are pushed to fill our bodies with an even growing list of toxic compounds. 

Has our human race reached the final end point where the promotion of disease and dysfunction is concerned or are we seeing but unable to comprehend the level of corruption involved in manipulating our health. Read on....

World Wide Pandemic declared with all normal seasonal flu like symptoms being put down to Swine flu

Each and every year humans are subjected to flu, vomiting bugs, colds and ‘flu like’ illnesses- this all appears sort of normal as it has always been like this. Just like chicken pox when you are three and any number of other rites of passage. Well, it used to be expected and normal, but increasingly it has become disallowed to have a functioning immune system- ie; present signs of seasonal illnesses that prime the immune system and have various other functions in the body.

I have stood on the sidelines and watched over the years as each new vaccine was introduced, to the now grand total of 36 childhood vaccinations and boosters. A pattern emerged as the illnesses the inoculations were designed to prevent became demonized and a threat to everyone, especially new born babies. (who would have thought that Hepatitis B would be a common threat to a newborn?)

The final straw for me, well there have been a few, but the final, final one was the chicken pox vaccine. At the time it was being introduced, it was advertised on the television as a nuisance and why would parents want to take a week off of work and stay home with kids who have chicken pox? Why indeed….

For me, as a Medical Intuitive and Nutritionist, I have long known that these viruses have many other functions within the body, after all we have co-evolved with viruses for eons for a host reasons. Of course they assist with running the engine of the human body and making sure all things are in working order, but they are also involved in spiritual, energetic and emotional growth and shifts. For example, for many years I would see people (adults) with ‘active’ chicken pox in their nervous tissue and invariably it would always be associated with a spiritual awakening of some kind, however they would not be unwell- quite the opposite in fact.

It has long been known by mothers every where that after a cold or flu-like illness, your children experience a growth spurt and seem clearer and brighter than ever. Of course these are children that are eating a nourishing diet of wholesome foods, get plenty of exercise and are allowed to experience a cold with out being inundated with chemical medications. It used to take me months to get ‘over’ a cold as a child because of the reliance on cough medications, aspirin, medicated rubs and antibiotics.

I have read, watched and observed over the past six months or so, all of the information that is coming out and being controlled or manipulated by the media. It is necessary to go to both the main stream and alternative news sources just to get some indication of what is actually going on.  Of course it appears that the overall design of the ‘world order’ police (or who ever makes such decisions these days) is to push this ‘flu’ way over the top,  and they have done- it is now so far off the scale of reasonable that it makes no sense what so ever. 

First of all, to declare a world wide ‘pandemic’ just in case one might happen, to spend money that no one appears to have during a depression, and to over-ride all other normal and reasonable protocol such as rigorous testing- just doesn’t feel right. As a matter of fact none of this adds up. We have a pandemic being managed by the politicians with something pulling the strings and we cannot tell who it is. It is abundantly clear to anyone who thinks that this entire pandemic is a scam and a cover up for something far bigger.

It was just the other day I was listening to an expert on seasonal flu mention that only about 20% of ‘flu’ cases are actually real flu in any one season. So, now this can not possibly be right- because each and every case of flu/cold has become H1N1 and there are no other options or diagnosis being offered and in the vast majority of cases there is NO testing with a ‘diagnosis’ being provided over the telephone.

And what about these ‘additives’? I have worked with food for a long time and the word additive should always be treated with great suspicion as it lends itself to ingredients that are unnecessary and usually harmful. Has the Gulf War Syndrome taught us little or nothing? Oh, I forgot, it is not real, it is still a figment of our imaginations and those of the 400 000 or so veterans who are down with mysterious illnesses. 

Funny how we ‘the people’ are displaying evidence of overactive imaginations where our health, well-being and bodies are concerned, but the governments of several countries assured us that Weapons of Mass Destruction did indeed exist in Iraq and they are apparently still looking for them. We should all give our heads a shake and not believe one damn word that these idiots say!

If something has an additive, follow your gut, don’t eat it, inject it or wear it on your skin. Further to this what about the ‘levels’ and differences in H1N1 injections? One for you, a different one for me because I work for government as in Germany, another one if you are 6 months old, yet another one and only one if you live in Canada (who just started to vaccinate as they say the serum was not ‘ready’), you may receive two shots if you live in Europe and Australia has been vaccinating for well over a month before anyone else….

Can’t anybody get it straight? Why is there so much variance if these are all universal, controlled substances? There has to be some other factors at work here.

One group says one thing and another group claims something else. Just like ordinary politics. Which brings me to my next point- this whole farce is not being run by Medical Officials- it is totally political, thus the offsite inoculation centres we have heard about and the large scale involvement of ‘thought police’ or spin doctors and Big Gov. It seems that perhaps entire populations could be forced to take the vaccines as laws and rules are being changed to reflect this new reality. 

Indeed even the definition of ‘pandemic’ has been altered by the World Health Organization in order to accommodate a pandemic that does not cause death and has low mortality rates. Under these new rules, the common cold is a pandemic, as is sugar cravings and consumption of alcohol.

So, what is in this inoculation that ‘they’ require the entire population to have? I believe that it contains a micro- chip and that this was first attempted in 1976 but the technology was not yet ready or sophisticated enough to ensure low ‘failure’ rates and it indeed failed spectacularly. Then, as now, a window of opportunity was seized and something was made of nothing, in order to catalogue the world, only now they will push on with it. Or better still something like the 1918 Spanish Flu virus, also type A H1N1, has been resuscitated (now perhaps harmless as most should have immunity) and is being circulated with a new type virus in order to hasten mutations.

The reasons I feel this way are numerous and here are a few of them: 

Healthy and low risk populations being jabbed
People who have had flu already being told to still get jab
It is well known that flu vaccines are weakly effective at best
Governments around the world rushing to change and enact legislation to enforce vaccination of the populations
Greater expectation of side effects, again law mandates altered to not hold Big Pharma accountable- because this is a government effort
Gathering information from physicians on every participant in the vaccine programme
One dose or two? Canada gives one, Europe gives 2 and two for children under 10 years
Off site inoculation  centres
Mixed just before injection, ‘not ready for use’
Varying injections with different ‘qualities’ such as adjuvants 
Enormous hype over a very mild and benign illness
WHO stopped tracking numbers and this does not seem to be the interest of the authorities

So, here we are in the middle of a world wide cataloguing of the earths population and for what purpose pray tell? One thing that is curious is that a VeriChip ™ has been used in several hundred people in Mexico since 2004 for security and identification purposes and according to the news article it has many other capabilities. That was five, soon to be six years ago, a lot can change and a lot of improvements can be made in that length of time…

I wonder what these implants/ microchips can do now? Track an individual and provide a lifetime of information on them, cause a ‘termination’ or create a disease if a person becomes a problem, act as a security measure, and control people in ways that we can only just imagine. And now we see that some vaccines were improperly ‘mixed’ resulting in people having to be re-inoculated, what was missing? The MICROCHIP? 

Here is another scenario, what if ALL the sheeple who have been vaccinated can be programmed to shed viral particles of a NOVEL nature and infect the rest of us, CONSCIOUS objectors? Lets be reasonable here, why take out the ones that believe anything you say, when instead you could go for those who question, oppose and otherwise think about the information that is being made available by the media?

Now, for the next point. This vaccination scheme is Biblical in proportion- remember it says that in the end times, you will  need the mark of the beast in order to survive? Well think in literal terms- beast (animals with microchips), chip reader/scanner on the hand and forehead for identification purposes and it has already been mentioned that it may transpire that you will need to be ‘vaccinated’ in order to travel on airplanes, receive certain government services and even send your children to school. Perhaps they will set up scanners at the supermarket.....the technology is already there!!!

The mark of the beast is not a tattoo anymore, it is a chip and even that is highly controversial as there is little to no research and what is known is not at all good. These little implants cause cancer, migrate, cause bleeding and create a host of problems that have gone largely unreported in pets that have them. 

Just this past month the makers of VeriChip ™ have made public a new business protocol, together with another firm to make a chip that has something to do with tracking pandemics, such as H1N1 and it is a ‘built in’ system or an implant. Therefore, they will know who has the flu, when, if you are vaccinated, where you are, who you are and every single personal detail about YOU. 

By the way, their research white paper was published last May 2009, which means it was written in the several months prior to its publication- handy that H1N1 was being ‘studied’ and a chip was being made for it just prior to an ‘outbreak’.

Feel more secure yet? I for one just can not abide being lied to, and this is such a blatant lie, just like all the other lies- ‘they’, the Illuminati or the Thought Police actually create them and think that the world’s populations will sit in silence forever while they carry on with their big end game. 

Not anymore, there are people like me and you rising up everywhere and shouting about the things that we know, feel and see. Remember, your gut, your intuition, it hasn’t failed me ever, and right now it is time we all started to trust no one other than ourselves.

Some science this is, another installment in the ‘Big Lie’  and so we watch them line up for their chips, just like sheep.

Sources and direct quotes

1. “we are going to spend less time testing people, now that SF has taken hold”
She said health labs will spend less time testing people, now that H1N1 has firmly established itself in the general population. "What we're going to concentrate on now  are the ones that are more severe and certainly the ones that are hospitalized."
Dr. Faith Stratton, chief medical officer of health for Newfoundland and Labrador, said swine flu is rapidly spreading across the province. (CBC)

2. It is Official: WHO Recommends Mandatory Injections to Almost Two Hundred Countries

3. Registration
Canada has said that it may need to “verify eligibility” for vaccination.
“Planners need to develop methods of identifying the numbers for each population subgroup and how best to confirm inclusion in a particular subgroup at the level of the immunization clinic.” (Canadian pandemic plan)

Greece has said that everyone will be required to register. So clearly there may be some kind of identification and/or registration in Canada and possibly the issuance of vaccination certificates, the non-possession of which some are concerned could be used to deny various services — such as health insurance, day care, or employment — and thus effectively force people to accept vaccination.

4. Top scientists who helped developed vaccines are refusing to take it as well as health officials. Non medical persons are controlling the “flu pandemic”

5. German concerns over different tiers of vaccines and varying ingredients
“Critics warned the vaccinations campaign could be a "million-euro flop" as many people might refuse to participate after learning they would receive a different shot than one being given to politicians, high-ranking government employees and soldiers”. Debate over swine flu shots in Germany

One dose or two? Depends where you are….

7. VeriChip used in Mexico personnel.

8. From a 2006 article on Microchips in humans inevitable: Alberta
Frank Work, Alberta's privacy commissioner, said he thinks it's inevitable."Worried or scared, you know that if there is an advantage to it, either economic or medical, someone is going to perfect it," Work said. "Someone is going to bring it to a point where it can be used in the near future.
"We'll do it in a well-intentioned way, wanting to look after people. But like with anything, as soon as you bring in the well-intentioned application, someone will figure out the evil application."

9. IBM Creates DNA-Sequencing Microchips In Race To The $1000 Genome

10. “We’re really on the verge of creating a surveillance society in America, where every movement, every action — some would even claim, our very thoughts — will be tracked, monitored, recorded and correlated,” says Barry Steinhardt, director of the Technology and Liberty Program at the American Civil Liberties Union in Washington, D.C.

(A chipped person’s medical profile can be continuously updated, since the information is stored on a database accessed via the Internet.)

11. U of T researchers create microchip that can detect type and severity of cancer

12. They want extra or out of the ordinary ‘data’ on each recipient of the vaccine. This is why some physicians in Ireland opted out of the programme

13. Since I was unable to get much of a straight forward explanation about the chip, bracelet or what the VeriChip™ people were doing, I looked at some other sources.

14. Pets have been chipped for a few years with little follow up. Check out this research site on this important subject and the paper detailing their findings.

15. Gary Null, check out his website and New York State hearings on you tube. Direct links on the site
Videos from the NYS Assembly Hearing

16. Excellent article which discusses the ‘real’ number of flu cases each season

Improperly mixed vaccine results in re-inoculation of people in Canada

‘I know that most men, including those at ease with the problems of the greatest complexity, can seldom accept even the simplest and most obvious truth if it be such as would oblige them to admit the falsity of conclusions which they have delighted in explaining to colleagues, which they have proudly taught to others, and which they have woven, thread by thread, into the fabric of their lives.’

Leo Tolstoy

April Danann © 2009
Summer Solstice Morning 2012 

Monday, 19 November 2012

Soul Re-covery on the Spiritual Path

Perhaps the single biggest thing that holds us back in life is the family that raised us. I would not refer to them as our family of origin because as many of you walking the spiritual path are finding out, an unsupportive and unloving family are not likely to be connected to you on a soul level. 

Probably the easiest way to describe this is that we have been mixed up on an energetic level – some of us have been enslaved, adopted out, lost and otherwise taken in by strangers at various times during our lives here on this planet.

When we come back then into another lifetime, energetic ties have been established and work must be done to break free of them. That is why many of us are finding we are pulling away from childhood associations – once the patterns resolve. 

Mainly because there are so many of us determined to work on our own ‘stuff’ this time around! 

This makes for an interesting time of it during this ‘awakening’ on the earth right now, mostly because part of rising consciousness is sorting ourselves out. And certainly finally understanding who and what we are and what we have come here to do; is all a part of that path.

Sifting through our past lives, present circumstances and hopeful future, are what walking a spiritual path should entail. Of course it takes in much more ground than that, but getting back to your point of origin (first lifetime) is a priority. 

Why is that so? To put this clearly and succinctly – when each of us arrived here on this planet to take up residence and work through our life cycle – we came here intact.

That means we had a soul, an essence, a family of origin, fully functioning DNA, a spiritual map and a compass. We were in working order and operational as divine beings on the path.

Many things have taken place over the several lifetimes since – but perhaps the most significant of these is how our souls have been shattered, broken and parts of it lost in the melee. With the resulting disconnect and then not remembering our pasts and where we came from. 

Right now this is where we are finding our interests and minds drawn – to deeper more pressing questions of who we are and what purpose must this lifetime serve here at this time. 

In order to answer these questions, missing, lost and forgotten pieces of ourselves must be found and integrated with the whole. This is the work of spirit – a regeneration of profound importance.

And part of our spiritual re-covery. 


Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Social Life - On the Spiritual Path

As this is my blog and it rests upon me to be really honest with you, I am going to do just that as there is an important aspect of walking the path that I must share with you. Social life as I had come to know it consisted of spending time with several people whom either myself or my husband did not particularly like, or they did not like my children. And probably I did not like aspects of them either.

We tolerated each others company- yet in some ways it was like an addiction or perhaps part of the ‘sickness’ of living, eating, and behaving like I was someone I am NOT. When I was around these people I did not act like myself- actually I don’t even know who that is and neither do they as there are strict perimeters of behaviour that everyone has to follow.

The game is; as long as you follow ‘the rules’ everything is fine, the minute you step outside of these expectations then the game is over and things get very uncomfortable. What I am talking about here is that with many people I could only speak about certain topics- do not stray from their agenda. I could only dress a certain way, I must not let my hair down and be silly or I (God forbid) must never speak about what I did for a living.

Shhh! Don't tell anyone I am a Medical Intuitive, Clinical Nutritionist, work with energy and know lots about food, nutrition, herbs and exercise. We are not supposed to talk about anything 'alternative'....

So I, like you, had all of these people around me, people who did not understand me, did not necessarily like me, were not interested in the way I live, those who would only ring when they wanted something, fair weather friends who were there looking to scoop up some positive energy but not to be found if the situation was dire. 

And this was my SOCIAL LIFE

Even now I remember it all so clearly, play their game, do what they want you to do, carry on with the Big Pretense that it was alright to be slighted, belittled, ridiculed or undermined (while pretending I was someone I was not) because these were family/friends after all and that is what good dysfunctional families do to each other. 

I woke up one day and decided that I had enough and that I did not want my children to see me concede large parts of myself in order to spend time around a few people who did not even want to know who we were, what we believed, how we lived and what our dreams are- there was not the slightest bit of interest in us. 

This is a loveless, cancerous, psychotic and parasitic illusion of social interaction, and indeed is not RECIPROCAL when it involves the requirement to protect yourself and your children from these vampires.

Initially what prompted me to move away from these engagements was the simple fact that it was influencing my children and for those of you who know me, I have come across the world to protect my children and will do what it takes to keep them safe.

And yes, they are not safe around people who steal their energy, rob them of ideas, thoughts and love and especially not safe around people who do not necessarily want to be around me or their father.

However, this is particularly important to understand- if someone does not like you, makes no effort to  accept you - then by the Universal laws of energy this carries over to all aspects of your life, your children and will hold you back. 

So I ended up going through a long phase of not having much of a social life outside of my own home, we, as a family, became dependent on each other, got to know each other more deeply, we stay up late into the night talking, drinking dandelion coffee, watching DVD’s and actually enjoy being with each other. Having children has cemented this relationship and we are devoted to our lives, our food and the way that we know that we need to teach our children how to survive in the world that is to come.

For me it has been freeing to live without the pretense and no more being around people you grit your teeth about - finally our life is about living and following a healthy lifestyle and walking our path with each other.


Our Canaries