Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Self-Care and Listening to Your Inner Voice

Self-care is something that should be a no-brainer for those of us who are healers, energy workers, therapists and all manner of carer, who have taken up the mantle of walking the spiritual path. We are constantly advising others on how to better care for themselves, body, mind and spirit, especially those on an inner journey, however....

Here we are late at night, tired, run down, feeling low - neglected. How is it we ourselves have not made it onto the priority list for some special (or even quite ordinary) treatment? Why do we consistently undervalue our own personal needs above all others?

I don't think this is a healthy pattern, it is not a 'selfless act', nor should it even be still an issue at this stage in the game. Yet, for so many (me included) our bodies 'ask' (tiny little nudge like a whisper of breath on the cheek) for something and we ignore it.

Why does this matter so much and why must we do something about it? 

Because this behaviour leads to inattention. Living, working, existing, day in and day out with the only consistent pattern being one of continuously ignoring our own inner voice, instincts and intuition is not healthy, is not appropriate and cannot possibly foster safety and security on the road to home.

But we all do it. There have been years and years of practice under our collective belts where we clearly hear, understand and know exactly what we should/need/could/ be doing however, this simply falls away, like words on wind.

How on earth will we ever pay attention to the BIG things, if we cannot be reassuring our bodies we are listening and following through with the smaller, more mundane matters in life? Our bodies need to know we trust in it's ability to keep us healthy, safe and on the right track.

These spiritual bodies also need to develop that same faith in us - that we can hear it, we will listen and then act on it's needs.  

This communication thing with the body, mind and soul works both ways here - we hear our body's voice and 'it' listens back. All communication, in a healthy system should operate in this way, requests and needs can be made known to all parties.

Once these channels have opened up, new levels of trust are free to develop, more and deeper understanding can take place and the real magic of living, exactly as you are meant to in this realm, can move into existence. 

5 Ways to Practice Listening to Your Body's Voice
  • Take a break - away from computers, television, radio, cell phones, electromagnetic clutter - too much of this can damage delicate energy fields
  • Get Outside - fresh air, gardens, trees, flowers, the beach, all of nature is tuned into a higher frequency, ground yourself in it
  • Exercise - move your body, pay attention as activity works muscles and pumps blood
  • Write - sometimes writing gets energy flowing from the brain, heart, mind etc. taking messages outwards
  • Pay Attention - signs, messages, information are all around you, constantly, read the signposts, look for hidden symbols, things are not at all what they may seem

These are only a few ways to train yourself to pay attention and listen to your body's voice, the key here is to be consistent with all you are doing. Exercise each day, get into your garden often, remove any rubbish still sneaking into your diet and take some time each day to yourself, even it is in the shower. 

Care of the self is a far more vital piece of walking a spiritual path then we have been led to believe. Giving ALL of our energy, resources, time and attention away to others is not an act of generosity, it appears to be a pattern of self neglect we have fallen into. 

We cannot listen or be trusted with higher levels of consciousness if we are operating on spent energy. Now is the time to make some fundamental changes to how, when, why and where you will listen. Your body will take care of the 'what'.

Have a healthy day,


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Friday, 24 August 2012

10 Ways to Protect Yourself In the Healing Professions

10 Ways to Protect Yourself in the Healing Professions 

Walking the spiritual path can and should be part of life’s purpose for many of us at this time on earth, however, our support system, security and protection have been eroded by neglect, misinformation and energetic interference. If you find yourself feeling drained, tired and worse at the end of your day, there is something you can do about it. 

Safety starts with shoring up our energy fields, taking exquisite care of our bodies and clearing our working and living space. If you are ready to begin the process of improving your level of safety, shoring up your spiritual boundaries and learning how to protect yourself (on every level) until you reach your destination – this is the place to begin. 

A weak energy field means a compromised body – you must take steps in every area of your life to protect yourself both inside and out. 

The following are 10 ways that I have discovered, implemented and adhere to day after day to feel stronger and secure so that I can use my energy to focus on my spiritual path.

1. Don’t share a clinic room with anyone. Seriously. I know that it cost’s money and we probably don’t feel we make enough money to have a place of your own. For the most part this is absolutely correct – however, if you look hard enough and create an opening somewhere, you will find a place of your own. I have successfully worked in the smallest of places, self-contained in my own energy.

Otherwise there is just too much energy flying around and this will compromise the quality of your work space. Your space needs to be your own, with only your energy in there, this is the easiest and safest way to work for everyone.

2. Observe, watch, listen and then act on what you see. As observers in our own lives we can know exactly what is taking place, where and when. Anything taking place outside of you is also happening on the inside, all you have to do is pay attention. If your clients are presenting with drug addictions for example, it is time to seriously look at yourself and what you are drawing to you.

3. Do not under any circumstances eat Night Shades, these fruits are potatoes, tomatoes, aubergine, peppers, chillies and gogi berries. Go out of your way to avoid them, remove them from your home and banish them from your life as these fruits contain neurotoxins that seriously impair your immune system and interfere with internal communication. I refer to them as the anti-christ of the food chain.

4. Dress in natural fibers, cotton, wool, linen and so forth as much as possible especially the clothes that are close to your skin. Your energy field is an extension of your body, this grows and is fluid, natural fibers do not interfere with its’ function the way synthetics will. You will also feel better and your skin will be able to breathe – anything that promotes health of the body enhances the energy field.

5. Change your diet to follow a spiritual path. If you consider yourself to be a spiritual person, and want to move further along on the path, there is a specific diet and lifestyle that must be adhered to. Of course, most of this is just common sense! Remove toxins (sugar, Night Shades, processed foods), drugs (alcohol, caffeine), eat mostly plants, cook your own food and eat simply. Following The Pagan Diet makes it easy for those of us on our journeys’ because there are food days, fast days and feast days – a complete year of eating. Your diet is the single largest component of your protection system.

6. Use specific foods like garlic and herbs often for protection as well as for healing. These foods promote health of the energy field and work in concert with the body’s own intelligence. Ensure that you use natural, organic and wild harvested herbs when ever possible. Garlic in particular strengthens the immune function offering a high level defence system guarding your energy field. Use it raw as often as you can.

7. Water is vital for your energy, cleansing and clearing the body with over 66% contained in body tissues. It is imperative to find a source of clean, non-bottled, untreated well or spring water and to begin using this for all your cooking and drinking. If possible, move to the country choosing a house with well water, rural and country living are far better suited to walking a spiritual path.

8. Keep a television and radio free home – these frequencies are like poison to your energy field. In our frequency affluent world today, nearly every contraption is emitting some form of radio wave, pulse or electromagnetic force. The human energy field is vibration sensitive, these frequencies cause disturbances within the field and interfere with information processing and communication. We are not safe with these in close proximity, personally I do not own a television and do not use or listen to a radio.

9. Work on yourself constantly, know your own issues, patterns and boundaries. This is extremely important because when we are exposed to other people’s energetic patterns and issues, at times it can adhere to our energy field. You will quickly know when this happens if you are well aware of your own ‘stuff’ and how your body’s energy feels. This can then be quickly released and removed. 

10. Reduce time spent on mobile phones, keep them away from your head (use head set or ear phones) to reduce radiation exposure and do not allow them in your bedroom or where you sleep. Our phones are actually kept in another room separate from where the family usually gathers, all the charging takes place there as well. When we are going out together we often decide to not take any phones with us and to enjoy a frequency free afternoon. Mobile phones work on radio and electromagnetic frequencies in the same way as radio and emit radiation into your field. Any form of electromagnetic radiation causes harm and damages the energy field.


Walking the talk requires time, effort, energy and commitment to not only yourself and your particular mission here, but also time spent considering the impact of your actions for the benefit of the rest of the world. 

Why not make your mark, a ripple in the pond of life - be a rebel, dare to take care!


Sea salt - a fantastic healer, cleanser and detox aid

***Excerpt taken from April's list of 25 Ways To Protect Yourself In the Healing Professions. 

Sunday, 19 August 2012

It is Time to Take Your Safety Seriously - Walking The Spiritual Path

I have often thought about this and indeed have been asked by many over the years, if I was to give just one piece of advice for someone walking the spiritual path - what would it be? If this was to be the last time that I was able to speak freely, to write a note for those of you making your way along these roads, there isn't too much that I would focus on - just safety.

Of course, this is an entire subject in and of itself. I remember the days way back when I used to 'have fun' doing Reiki, energy healing, readings and general work of energy medicine with out giving any thought to the fact that I was entirely unsafe. 

These issues were barely spoken about and certainly not addressed in any formal manner - mostly because the teachers themselves were completely unaware and unable to 'discern' the entities that were coming in and 'assisting' with this healing. 

I have often wondered since, about what is worse, to be in a vulnerable position and not know it or to be fully aware of the danger, evil and corruption that lurks on every corner and feel helpless to do anything about it? 

Some of the biggest, most immoral, dangerous thugs and criminals in the Universe have been showing up during energy healing sessions because we have been opening ourselves up and calling them in. What better then a trusting, innocent, hands on healer (tasty morsel), that you can attach yourself to and then proceed to drain the life out of?

Do you have any idea how many people I have met and continue to meet who complain of this, have all the symptoms of an energy entity attachment (and can see these nasties) and can find not one answer, not one form of relief and then go out there again - hoping for the best?

For those of you who are still wanting to believe that this is not happening or couldn't possibly be taking place - the energy world is not any different from the world that we see around us. If you haven't yet understood that there is a high level of corruption (absolutely everywhere - start at the top of the food chain with governments) then look around.

Okay, so this is the way things are. So what? One of the most basic precepts of energy medicine is 'as above, so below' -- this criminal element that we see in the world, this dysfunctional drain on society, it is equally taking place on every level.

In every dimension, every realm, every energy pocket, every kingdom and sphere - there is corruption along with the elements for good. Unfortunately the disease of greed and energy exploitation is all pervasive and it most certainly affects your work, your life and even your health.

You especially, because you are 'walking the path' with your energy field wide open.

Think about it. Go back to when you first started getting involved in energy work or therapy or healing of some sort - what has changed for you? Has your life been enriched from the work you are doing? I mean, financially? Has your weight changed? Your health? Have you struggled in every sense of the word and continue to do so?

For those of us walking the talk, steadily working our way along this spiritual path - this is not how it is supposed to be. Your life should not be going downhill because you made a spiritual decision to find your purpose, destiny, soul or whatever words we are using these days.

Your life should be better, easier, supported. But, most of all you should be guaranteed safe passage on the journey. The fact that we are not is telling us that something has been very, very wrong and has breeched our inner defenses. 

In the beginning when I first started to do my work as an Intuitive, especially full time in my practice, I was really aware of how much energy was floating around. With the old ways of doing things, like channeling, we really put ourselves out there into the world, often without a clue about energy. 

However, what is far worse, is that we leave ‘ourselves’ out there. 

What I was seeing with myself, was that no matter how hard I tried, cleared, protected, dealt with (processed) and so on, I was still taking on lots of the energetic stuff I was endeavouring to help others with. Knowing how energy works, it’s no doubt that they (my clients) were taking on my stuff as well. 

It soon became my constant mantra and prayer: Universe/God, I am not going to do this work, if this is the way it has to be. I simply did not want to work in this manner because instead of feeling great at the end of a day, I felt full, heavy and was aware of energy attachments. 

I saw other healers, energy workers, therapists and so forth, going through the exact same situations and patterns as myself, from working with all this energy. The self-protection techniques, such as placing a bubble of white light around me, were only temporary measures, for the most part, things came on board, within my energy field, as attachments, blocked energy, yukky stuff, just hanging around, and this stuff was tangible. 

I could see it and feel it. For the most part as people released energy during a session, it has to go somewhere, it will not dissipate into thin air like smoke. Therefore energy finds a ‘home’ by clinging onto the next available warm body, when there is an opening. 

As my level of awareness continued to develop, so did my understanding of what was really happening to my energy field- and if this was happening to me, it was happening to everyone else. 

I was constantly exchanging energy with absolutely everyone I met and had been for all of my life. 

I began to work very hard at understanding, when, what and why I was taking in some things and not others, what stayed, what did not, and the degree of difficulty to clear the field. 

Often these things were scary, ugly emotions that had been dis-placed by a client. More and more I was seeing a pattern - I attracted certain things, and repelled others; usually the negative stuff stayed and the positive left. You know how you start to feel really good or pleased with yourself over something and then this big dark cloud comes sailing in….I was trying to figure out exactly what was going on to make this happen.

Another curious observation was that family members, friends and associates, people that I knew more closely, left more behind or within my field then the clients with whom I was working. I knew then that this was because I was interacting with these people on a different level, deeper patterns and dimensions of myself were being engaged.

Being an Intuitive, I needed to understand all of these dynamics and to know why the energy field was operating the way it was. I had my energy work as my starting point and from here it all began to take shape.

There is much you can do about this to not only protect yourself but also to get back the life you are here to live. It is time to wake up and do something about it. Today.


Closing the Energy Leaks©

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

It's All A Lie?

What if absolutely everything you have been told all of your life by nearly everyone (organizations,  companies, religions, government, 'those' in power) has been a lie? A series of false data creating a smoke screen meant to throw you off your path, enslave you, keep you down and force you into subservience?

Quite a statement there, huh? The sad fact here is that this is true. We can choose to cling to the official line and believe all that spews out from highly controlled mediums such as radio, television, internet and 'the news'. Or we can plan a journey within to find the truth for ourselves.

There are things we are led to believe each and every day - which couldn't be further from the truth.
  • You will eventually develop 'some' dysfunction and end up on medication as you age
  • Your food from the supermarket contains adequate nutrition
  • Water, milk, food etc. is safer after having been treated with chemicals
  • Your body needs help healing itself via drugs
  • You go to school to learn

If indeed, nearly everything we have been told about life, our bodies, the food we eat, the way we function and even who we are and what we are capable of is completely incorrect, what then is real and how do I go about sorting this out?

First of all, the term 'research' is a farce - you cannot conduct experiments on a tiny group within a population and consider any information  that is gained to be worthwhile. There are far too many variables, a host of parameters which we are not able (or interested it seems) to control for and there are many differences amongst individuals.

But, this is not even the beginning of the charade! There are no people on this planet free from toxins, debris and poisons which would also influence any results - and who/what is healthy? What is the definition of health, compared to what?

Health is not the mere absence of disease. I would venture to say again that you would be hard pressed to find one who is 'healthy'.

Therefore, any and all trials, experiments and studies carried out on 'healthy' people are null and void. Besides, what does it matter that 'this' drug works on 'that' man made condition resulting from poor diet, lack of exercise and general lack of interest in life? It doesn't solve the problem.

This is important because much of our accepted information about the human body is based on assumptions made from carrying out 'research'. If we suddenly threw out the false knowledge we might be left with a very different picture.

What sorts of things would change, dissolve and otherwise fall apart?

  • food pyramids set up to create disease?
  • education systems designed to encourage conformity?
  • religious organizations based on dysfunctional fear?
  • medical care absolutely focused on sickness?

I read a lot, talk to people and listen to everything around me - so far there are not many people who have hit home with the fact that awakening is all about having your eyes opened to the truth. Once this happens, anything else in the lie becomes an obstacle that must be cast by the wayside or else you cannot live with yourself.

When you begin to wake up (this is a gradual process) the only way forward is to systematically remove components of the fabricated universe as you make every effort to see what lies beyond. Thus, stepping into levels of higher consciousness is a little like seeing heaven and then stopping at nothing until you have entered its' gates.

You know what I know? We are incredible beyond belief, powerful beyond measure and capable of far more then we will ever realize on this plane of existence. Our bodies can heal everything and anything without interference, our food should be simple and our needs of it little, the untapped potential energy at our source is limitless and that we don't really believe any of this.

Why? Because 'they' (those who enslave you) are afraid for us to find out.

Have a nice day,


water is life 

Monday, 13 August 2012

Should I Be Working (as a therapist) When I'm 'Unwell'?

To work or not to work when feeling unwell, sick, in crisis, not coping or generally not yourself, that is the question and one that I get asked fairly often. Of course, this is perhaps unique to each person's situation, but there are definitely people out there who should not be working and are, and those who take a break from work and shouldn't.

How's that for an answer? Not good enough yet. So, let's think this through a little bit further here as I go back to my old standby of looking up the definition of the word work - an expenditure of energy. That's certainly interesting as we are already talking about energy here.

Then if I extend this out even more, the nature of this work makes an equal difference in this instance because some work requires more energy than others, right? Wrong. In the fields of therapy all interaction requires energy, some people are less needy that's all, so you feel less drained afterwards. However, if you are doing your job right, then each session should be the same (unless you have tiered levels of sessions) but even then, it's all the same output.

The nature of the work is important only in our minds and the level of our own resistance, lack of experience or predetermined prejudice towards certain issues and problems. Of course when we are the type of person who diligently works away on processing through our own 'stuff', we should be well aware of our own limitations.

Then we get to the area of our own energy leaks - places and spaces in our energy fields (corresponding to the body, mind and spirit) which are full of toxins and in a depleted state. If you are still living in the dark ages where energy is concerned and have refused to believe that you are leaking energy (or that ALL of your energy leaks are now gone thanks to some bio **whatever machine) great,  perhaps it's best to stop reading now.

For the rest of us, we know that toxins, chemicals, poor food choices, medication, Night Shades (that's right), caffeine, alcohol, sugar and all other drugs - cause new holes and make worse any existing energy leaks. If this sounds like your diet and lifestyle, perhaps you are in the wrong field - maybe a job at McDonald's would suit you better? 

For the most part, as long as we are working steadily towards (actually doing something about it) eliminating these poisons, cleaning up our diets, exercising and generally taking care of ourselves - then these leaks are healing, reversing and not getting worse. And, we will be aware once again of who and what we are and where we are at in terms of energy. 

This is basic Energy Medicine, but not something that is being talked about enough. So, the answer here is clear - clean up your act and of course your health will improve and perhaps you won't be dealing with being unwell or not feeling up to the work. Otherwise, step back and think about all that you are doing and if this is the right place for you to be.

Have a lovely day,


Dazed and Confused On The Spiritual Path

There is a lot that needs to be said here about this topic - confusion - mostly because this is such a common problem, yet one that is directly related to the food we are eating or have eaten throughout our lives. 

Last night I had a dream of packaged macaroni and cheese (remember that?) the kind of stuff that many children eat in North America on a daily basis because it is easy to prepare and will fill you up. However, it lies in the category of 'I can't believe, I used to eat that stuff' and it is something that I would never feed to my own children.

So where did it all go wrong? 

This is the question that I woke up with this morning and I feel that perhaps I am still mulling this entire food question (removal of all processed foods) over on yet a deeper level as I attempt to detox even further into my own body. And, I think that I have found the source of spiritual confusion!

Consuming processed, junk and fake foods at any time alters your body composition and likely influences your genetic makeup and certainly compromises the genetic integrity. We simply cannot build a healthy body (from the cells inside) nor can we function efficiently on any level when we eat foods with little or no energy.

And function equally means body, mind and spirit. Not one aspect of our beings works properly, moves forward, experiences clarity and it is difficult to remain grounded on a poor diet. Our lives become disjointed, unconnected and purposeless. 

You are far more then what you eat - the food you eat today makes up the energy you project tomorrow. Food without a life force (and far removed from wholeness) will not bring you closer to consciousness or enable your spiritual dimensions to develop on any level. 

Is it any wonder that so many are feeling confused on the spiritual path - it's all about the food!


Friday, 10 August 2012

Self Blame

'Don't sweat the small things' is a quote that was going through my mind recently when I encountered an issue with a project that I was working on (something that had taken me a very long time). However, the problem did not originate with me, but on another level, yet my reaction was very interesting because I blamed myself and internalized the negativity.

A huge pattern had surfaced.

When something goes wrong we are usually the first ones to get the blame, even when this is not a reasonable assumption to make. I realized recently (yet again) how when even one small thing goes wrong or not in the direction that I had expected it to go, I revert to a mindset of 'there must be something wrong with me' or "I must not be good enough" or even as far as "why am I doing this, if I can't do it right?"

When this self-blame thing happened the other day it was in response to something having been stolen from me, and my immediate reaction was to blame myself. Perhaps I put myself out there too easily, or I am just not that protected after all, then what follows is a myriad of many other thoughts equally negative.

Even as I was thinking this way, I had the presence of mind to stop (love my new mind here by the way!) and start over my thought process on a different footing. The first words to intuitively flash into my head were - education is power.

So, I did some research on this exact type of theft and found it was an all too common online problem that everyone was subject to, however, little could be done about it. Once I had some basic knowledge under my belt I felt better on one level and stopped blaming myself. But on another level I realized that I was feeling empowered enough to do something constructive about it.

Now as I continue to process through this entire scenario in my mind I also can connect it to having been bullied as a child (and adult I should add) as well as a direct product of taking on the inadequacies of others. In other words, when something went wrong for certain other people (or did not turn out exactly as they planned) someone needed to 'take the blame'. Sound familiar to anyone out there?

There is always one person in every family who shoulders the responsibilities that do not belong to them, who takes on the negative energy of the group and who suffers for the rest. Stepping out of that role is a blessed relief, however it takes time to shake off all of the strings that still have the power to pull me back.

How easy it is to blame ourselves for everything that could possibly go wrong in our lives - and perhaps things that are wrong everywhere else. However, this is not constructive at all when we simply push it down and let these feelings fester.

I am still learning how to work through this type of energetic pattern. The reality is that you can only be responsible for what is yours, you can only heal, fix and change yourself. So, taking on anything from others is futile and will cause a considerable loss of power.

And then one day, you wake up to the reality that nothing is wrong in your life, there is no blame to be placed - these are lessons and each decision you make is the right one as long as you follow your heart.

Have a lovely day,


Love Roses.....

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Pulling Out of The Recession

Today I am on my third day of a mini cleanse - I do them often and have incorporated fasting into my life to help me get where I want to go as well as to keep the energy positive and moving forward. I just mentioned to someone once again that fasting and following The Pagan Diet (which is so much more than just fasting!) has changed my life and pulled us out of the recession.

I know this sounds strange - what does food, fast and feast have to do with coming through a recession and all that this entails (losing jobs, living on less, upheaval and loss)? However, it is exactly as it sounds and quite simple, I only hope that I can explain it properly for you.

In this world of ours at the present moment the economy is in a deep recession (or depression) caused by the greed of a very few at the top of the food chain who apparently can run things (that don't even belong to them) into the ground and get away with it. Of course, if we go back to a simple physical and spiritual principle here - what is taking place outside of us is also taking place inside of us, then you begin to see things a little differently.

If something has taken control of your life on the outside (such as the sad state of the economy) and you  believe you are helpless to do anything about it, then the exact same thing has happened on the inside of your body and you are equally not in control or even having a say in how things are run.

Looking at this another way, (remember how I said this was simple) - the presence of non beneficial gut bacteria, yeast, mold, viruses and whatnot have taken over control of your resources (your food) and are taking the lions' share of these nutrients to feed themselves, leaving you with very little left over. What is worse they also produce toxic by-products and wastes of their own which are released inside your body.

Is it any wonder that you are feeling tired, depleted, unwell, depressed or overweight, unsatisfied, frustrated, worried and fearful? Something else is eating your food, causing your cravings, controlling your metabolism and in every way keeping you in a negative holding pattern I have been calling a recession of the body, mind and soul.

I am a person who over the years has tried absolutely everything to be well, lose excess weight, balance hormones, keep my sanity and improve my life. Perhaps everything that I have attempted to do during these past few years has worked because it all brought me back to fasting, master cleanses and detoxing.

Once you begin the process of removing toxins, debris, poisons and all the sludge that has build up inside of your cells that is caused by the presence of these scumbags, your entire life will change and  shift in your favour. The fastest, easiest and safest way to detox and take back control of your life is through fasting with mainly (there is a little recipe) clean unpolluted water.

As I said at the beginning of this post, it is simple.


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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Always Waiting...?

I have been making some observations about myself and my thinking - or at least the way that I have been used to thinking for most of my life and find hard to shake. We all seem to have these patterns to our thought processes and for me (perhaps you as well?) one of them is that I keep putting things off until the right time.

Even those words do not adequately describe what we do exactly, it's as if we want to live or be a certain way, however, for that to come about will take considerable time, commitment, energy and effort - so we often just put it down as another wish/dream/desire/hope and let it sit. 

Of course, what we end up with is this habit of wanting to do something, or create some new way of living, be somewhere and so forth - BUT, because it cannot be the exact way I would like it to be in that moment, I either back away from it or relegate it to the future events pile.

What I have realized is that by doing this continuously over my lifetime of living with all of these hopes and desires, the dream becomes like a carrot that is always slightly out of reach with us continuously going around in circles wishing that things were different.

Today I was pulling this thought pattern apart and I came up with several reasons that seem to float through my mind whenever I think of certain of my goals/dreams/hopes/wishes  and why I am not living the way I want to be living at this very moment; I realized I think something along these lines -

wait until 'this' comes to me
looking forward to 'something' happening
wait until I have 'the' money or more money or financial security
wait until I live in a better location for 'that' to happen
wait until someone else does 'it' with me
wait until I am 'ready'

Now, if I was to insert a goal into each of those brief thoughts, such as having a baby or getting a puppy (if you have had children or a puppy you can relate to this) - waiting for something to happen is not going to make it happen, you will never have enough money and the time will never be exactly right.

Thankfully most of us go ahead and have children or get puppies anyway and deal with the life changes as they come up. So, why is it any different to place some other goal or desire into this scenario above and expect the same positive results, going with things as they happen or making them happen? 

Could it be because a dream is still thought of as an extra, not really necessary, or might there be some level of higher resistance to pursuing a dream? And why might that be? Perhaps a dream is so large, affects so many and so much more that these ripples change everything, for everybody. Could there be an element of fear here?

Maybe dreams arrive from someplace else, a place where we first have to travel deep inside to retrieve them from the darkness, bringing them into the light of day. There may be many ways to look at the mechanics of waking up the dreamer inside- however, once awake, watch out world, because the waiting is over.

The decision is ours,


Full moon over the night garden