Saturday, 30 June 2012

Final Day of My Mini Cleanse

And of course 3 days into anything and I am only just starting to get into the grove! LOL But, this has been a very productive 3 days and continues to be with my mind feeling relaxed and clear. I must say that I really like this feeling of heightened perception and clarity about life and the tasks I set out to do.

One of them has been to make some changes to my website (which is soon to be replaced) and focus on this blog. I am actually enjoying this process of creating and the things that I am learning about the internet, coding and using these tools. All great stuff.

Physically over the last 2 days I was a little tired at times and then it would shift and I would feel a surge of energy. Now today it is all energy and I feel as if I am flying. Usually by day 3 of any cleanse or fast the adjustment period is over and you will feel fabulous. 

My husband is doing this with me and had been sand blasting at work which always bothers his lungs, he was in pain each time he coughed or sneezed, this has also now shifted and his lungs feel clear again. 

I am actually thinking of doing another 3 days at the end of next week before I have to decide on when I will do my  July 10 day Master Cleanse. We'll see how this goes as I have lots of cooking to do (: in the next few days and that might be a challenge as I would like to be able to taste test everything (a few times!).

Enjoy your Saturday,


A large moth outside our house, that survived the rain storm!

Friday, 29 June 2012

2nd Day

Yesterday was  a normal fasting day, however because I felt that I was working through something deeper at a spiritual level I decided to extend my fasting to 3 days this week and see if I could get this energy moving a bit better.

I was quite productive yesterday - however still feeling very tired by late last night and I realize it all has to do with old patterns of thinking around being out in the world or being even a part of this world. The ways that I used to function and see others doing now in an effort to get themselves ahead in some way, are not of interest to me.

I just know that there is always a better way to move forward and I am finding it. 

Of course my thinking about food is very similar - in my new book The Pagan Diet(c) -- I talk about my food, fast and feast lifestyle but I also relate what the word pagan means to me and how it affects my life. One of the things that is important is how the food we eat is prepared - I do not want it to be processed in any way or touched by machines or anyone else for that matter.

Food contains energy - living food and living water - that is what we must seek out, not the dead stuff that comes in plastic packages or the heavy water pouring out of the taps. Once food has been processed in any manner - it is as if the life has been sucked out of it leaving it without an energetic food print.

I know that not a lot of people are even thinking about this because they continue to buy it, eat it and support the entire industry that dreams up more and more of this stuff. If you were to take just one day and refuse anything processed, find some well water and drink/cook with it, eat organic, exercise and see how you might feel the very next day. Even better - look at how you feel 48 hours later (it takes that long for absorption to occur).

I think if just might change your thinking and your thoughts can change your life...

Just Saying,


Thursday, 28 June 2012

Liquid Gold...

Perhaps it doesn't seem like it this morning for some people in Ireland, however the water that falls from the sky is our lifeline and link to all that keeps us alive and functioning. Without water we would not live for very long yet how some people manage not to drink much at all is perhaps one of the main reasons they become ill. 

I love water and have been keenly interested in it for quite some time, my Masters thesis a few years ago was on water and the bottled water industry - looking in-depth at what we are being sold and told about water compared to the truth. 

And when it rains there is something comforting about it - especially when the rain is accompanied by thunder and lightening like last night. I wanted to get out and take some pictures of it - but it was raining so hard that it was impossible. It would have made some nice photos though, so hopefully there will be another thunder storm soon with less rain. (Thor, think you can help us out here?)

The rain reminds me of a cleanse and it really is just that, the earth washes herself when required from the inside and out, of course using only fresh clean water is the key here. We can only watch and learn and listen.

For the most part that is what has been lost to us as humans living these days on our planet - we no longer take the time to listen, to really hear what is being said around us, to us and through us. Perhaps what is equally worse is that once we stop listening, after a while we can no longer hear that inner voice as it becomes lost in the noise of all else. 

One way to listen to your inner voice is to pay close attention to your body, mind and soul. Spend some time working on yourself, walk outside in nature, work in the garden - climb a hill or swim in the sea.  One voice that is easy to hear would be in our dreams.
Last night was a night of long interweaving dreams that seemed to move in and out of deeper stories. I hardly wanted to wake up this morning and come back from wherever that I had been! But here I am....back safe and sound.

Find ways to listen today, take some time and be with yourself, this doesn't mean you need to sit and be still or even meditate. Movement brings you closer to yourself.

Have a lovely day,


Life is a Path

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

What's Wrong with this Picture?

A few days ago I read an article from a famous politicians wife who was commenting on the fact that mothers were not happy staying at home and that without a career would be unfulfilled as people. I have been mulling over her comments for the past few days as they don't sit very well with me for some reason. LOL

First of all - she implied a few things that are totally untrue. Staying at home to raise your own children yourself does not mean that you cannot have a career or be successful. This article was quite clear that you needed to leave your home and your children with 'professionals' in order to achieve something in life.

Secondly, it was also stated that in her opinion, children should be raised from day one to be independent and to not need their mothers. I found this to be quite disturbing actually. Why on earth would be have children in the first place if we don't want to raise them, and what is wrong with needing each other?

These are biological needs, based on ancient hormonal pathways that have kept our species alive and moving forward or millions of years. This was a person who was in complete denial of that fact and was advising other mothers to be the same!

At the end of it all what would her regrets be? That she hadn't spent more time at work or talking on the phone or away from her family? That she should have had more nights out leaving her young children with baby sitters or that they might have been left more often in sterile child care centers with strangers?

I don't know about this woman giving young mothers advice on the finer points of children and child needs. She doesn't even indicate that she was present for most of her own children's childhoods! How much did she miss out on and if she has no regrets, well that is great.

However there are other ways to raise kids, there are other opinions and just maybe we are as entitled to our own way of thinking as she is. LOL

I know that I will never feel that time is wasted or lost when I am with my children, no matter what we are doing or where we are. And I am not ashamed to say that I need them as much as they need me. I am a strong presence in their lives, walking one step ahead making sure that the paths we follow are safe, healthy and best for us all. 

If your life is not working out for you the way you want it to - and you have your own ideas about family life - make them a reality. Take steps today to change things for yourself and your children. You won't regret it and neither will they. 

I guess at the end of the day here - what bothers me most about this article is that many people might compare themselves to this woman and believe that they need to follow her example and listen to her words and that couldn't be further from the truth. 

When it comes to our children there is only one way forward - listen to your heart and follow your intuition, it will never steer you wrong. 

Have a great day,


Tuesday, 26 June 2012

What I love About Eating Well...

For the most part this is an easy way to eat and live, I mean you have to go out of your way to specifically eat unhealthy. Yes, I know processed food is everywhere and it is so relatively easy to pick up rubbish at the shops. 

But, what if you were to not go to the shops all that often? What if the majority of your food came from the farmers market, your garden and the local fish monger, cheese person and butcher? There is no rubbish in either of these places. 

What has happened to us is that we are sucked into these Big Food stores and then enticed into purchasing nonsense foods that are not even part of a food group let alone contain anything nourishing for the body.

When you stay out of these places more or less (unless there is something you really need) then you can avoid all the temptation until this processed junk, rubbish and prepared foods are no longer even on the radar for you. 

Once your body gets used to eating better it will ask for and expect better. Think about it - this is your temple for life, it holds mind and soul together for as long as you are here. It's best to start taking that seriously and start eating well. 

What I love about eating well is that my body speaks to me, there is not one illness or disease that I fear and my body functions/systems work well inside and out. But I also love the fact that I am a positive example for my children - teaching them the way to look after themselves and to trust in their bodies and health. Feeding yourself well is a skill - it is not taught anywhere.

If only I had known then what I do now - it would have saved me a lot of grief, however, live and learn!

Have a great day,


Monday, 25 June 2012

Lough Hyne

Yesterday in honor of the Water Festival weekend we decided to go for a walk near Lough Hyne (Baltimore) - it is an ancient place with an abundance of history and magic. We walked up the hill in the nature reserve which took us to the top called Soldiers Look Out. There were lots of steps, tight spots and overgrowth of trees - it was lovely and refreshing after our day of eating all that food!

The walk itself is very like life in general - a steady climb to the top, which can be difficult in places and pushes you to use your whits and keep your mind in a focused space most of the time. Then you will encounter a few areas where your mind can wander free and ponder the larger mysteries. While the path is mostly dark, once you near the top it will open up for the most magnificent view and bright light.

Something to look forward to on our own journeys, onwards and upwards. I have posted a few pictures below from our walk. 

Today after all the activity with the garden on the weekend etc, we are back to fasting to give our digestion a break and I am already thinking ahead to when it would be best to start my July Master Cleanse, I can hardly believe that it will be July so soon. However, such is life, carry on with this next part of my summer as I can see that this is having positive results for me.

Have a lovely day,


The path back down the hill 

The View from the top - you can see for miles! 

Lough Hyne 

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Happy Mid Summer!

Today is a beautiful day for more Mid Summer festivities we have all been out in the garden since early this morning trying to get sorted out after such a rainy week. I love how the ground dries out nicely though. 

We just finished our Mid Summer dinner and I normally wouldn't do this - but as so many have been asking me - what do you eat during a Pagan feast - here is what we had today;

Dinner - marinated butterflied leg of lamb (marinade for 24 hours) then slow roasted at a low temp since early this morning. Carrot/turnip mashed with butter and ground pepper. Mix root veg of sweet potato, pumpkin, onion, leek steamed with fresh herbs (dill, thyme). Coleslaw of grated purple cabbage, carrot, chopped apple and pear. Fresh salad with things from the garden - rocket, cress, lettuce leaves, parsley, spring onion, dill, chives etc with a balsamic vinegar dressing. Gravy made from lamb drippings and wholegrain mustard with onion over fresh thyme bread.

It was lovely and we all had seconds, especially after our fasting it is so nice to enjoy our feast days. Now if only the weather would hold like this so that the garden could get a head start we would be all set!

Have a great day,


One of my dogs sitting in the sun with her hat, she is tied on because she loves to go over to visit  the neighbors!

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Good Morning...

This weekend is usually known around the world as Mid Summer and St. John's Eve as it has to do with the changing seasons, solstice and to mark the summer growing season in a significant way. One thing that might not be very well known, but is an obvious link here, is to water.

And of course anything to do with water interests me greatly as I have long found that this substance is the number one healer, changer, shifter and the most grounded food on the planet. So, what are the links to water?

Well - John the baptist was the one who appeared to be using water to create change in people's lives through 'baptism'. This is very symbolic of using water to cleanse as it washes away all that does not belong in the body (cleanse or detox). The other most interesting link for me is that this weekend is an ancient Pagan water festival when on the morning of Mid Summer water would be found from a running stream and honored as part of the day (spirit of living water). 

So, this weekend is a water festival as well as a fire festival - buckets of water would be poured over participants usually to cool them from the heat of the sun, but also to symbolize cleanse and consciousness. Too bad it's not hot enough here for that!  

Either way, anything to do with water as the Universal healer is most welcome - the use of water (and herbs in water) is the only way that I have found that works in the body to do nearly any healing that needs to be done - weight loss, health, spiritual journey and detox.

Check out my book The Pagan Diet to find out all about what and how I eat, live and walk the path that lies before me. 

Have a great day! 


Friday, 22 June 2012

The Pagan Diet

My new book on living, eating and fasting for weight loss, healing and health is finally ready. If you would like to know all about how I live, the way I feed myself and my family and what it means to me - this is the book that goes into detail on food, fast and feast, master cleanses, detox and healing your body. Here I discuss the many things that I have found out about myself and the world as I follow the pagan calendar and celebrate each season of the body. 

To order a copy you can contact me by email, text or phone.

087 236 1616
028 34527

Food, Fast & Feast

Well after 2 days of eating and enjoying lots of great foods, I am back fasting today to give my body time to digest and settle. I am feeling pretty good and sleeping well - I always find that when I do a Master Cleanse,  I am sleeping deeply afterwards for a few days.

For the past 2 days we have enjoyed cakes, home made crackers with goat's cheese, mung bean burgers, root vegetable stews, mixed rice stir-fries and many other treats. And I am stuffed full and need a break from all that eating and cooking. Such is the purpose of a feast and celebration. 

Today I am good and ready to fast again and welcome the quietness of the morning, looking forward to just taking in water and herbal teas while allowing my system to process. The days I spend fasting have been a blessing to me, the space I require to digest and understand life, food, and my part in it all.

I also woke up to a nice sunny morning (it's gone now) felt so nice as to immediately uplift the senses-  My dreams took me far away last night - I slept deeply and travelled far, dreaming of a woman with a family who was living in France - the dream was centered around her little girl who was studying music and dance. However it was taking place in the distant past- The sunny morning brought me back from there...

During my fasting days I get so much done mainly because I am not as busy cooking and digesting food, however, I think that it is a very freeing experience. Giving yourself permission to only eat what you require, enough to feed, heal and replenish the body - when the extra food is removed, less energy is required to go to function. Finally something that makes sense! 

Off to enjoy my day - fingers crossed for more sun on the garden!


Marigold in the garden - wishing for sun

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Be Yourself

What on earth could possibly come out of consistently not being ourselves - living a life not feeling normal or even knowing who we really are? Might this cause confusion, fear and lack in our lives? And who are we anyway, would anyone out there really know for certain who they are, what they are doing here and what is more important be actually living that life fully?

Besides Madonna? 

For the rest of us, we struggle with identity - somewhere along the lines of humanity we have all become mixed and mingled with beliefs about our bodies, minds and spirits that simply do not apply to us. One of these is the 'I can eat what I want and celebrate life each and every day, so there' way of looking at life.

Just yesterday I was speaking with someone who was relating to me how her friend was pushing her into eating more or less like everyone else. With the basic argument of why be different, you are restricting yourself, there is no joy in that food - here, have some rubbish and feel like I do. 

It turns out that this person was on the one hand telling her that he could eat rubbish each day and still be strong and healthy. Yet as we talked about how this pressure was affecting her, she conceded that he was so fearful of getting cancer and dying from heart disease like his father that he was driving himself into it. 

So much for being free to eat as you wish. If you eat the foods that are pushed onto you by the Big Supermarket chains, you are not eating as you wish - you are eating what they tell you to eat, fulfilling their mandates, consuming foods put there that will keep you addicted, enslaved and conforming to whatever the agenda might be. 

So, what has this got to do with being who we are and finding our identity? Everything! When you eat as you were meant to - for health, healing, growth, repair and enjoyment - your body finds its true expression because all physical, mental, emotional systems normalize. Keep eating this way and you will eventually find yourself buried under all of that mess and emerge like a phoenix from the ashes of detox. 

Why not start today? 


Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Summer Solstice

Today is the longest day of the year, mid summer, the summer solstice and a new moon - quite a powerful line-up as usual for this season. Traditionally fires would be lit, parties and festivals (in Scandinavia they still celebrate with a national holiday) held and general festivities all around. Being in touch with the changing seasons is actually quite important and unfortunately nearly forgotten.

The inside of your body, especially the gut and digestive tract undergoes similar or the same yearly alterations as the seasons move on. It can grow thinner during the fall and winter and thicker with higher levels of organisms during spring and summer. All of nature is and should be reflected back from the inside out.

When this is not the case, we run into a host of problems not only with our digestion, but with health and life overall. To lose touch with nature and her wonders is to distance ourselves from our essence and indeed does lead to illness and depression.

There are many ways to take steps towards getting back in touch with your body, mind and spirit - some of the most basic ones being removing sugar, alcohol, caffeine and other drugs that over stimulate the adrenal glands and deplete the body's nutrient resources. Other ways might be to get outside and walk with purpose - listen, smell, watch and allow nature to surround your senses taking her into you. 

You are not the separate being that you feel to be - you are one with the earth. Isn't it time to get back into your wonderful body, find yourself and take back your inner wisdom and power?

Yesterday in the herb garden my daughter was giving me a lesson on talking to the plants - she  informed me that if I wanted to talk to them, I had to lean over, close my eyes and listen. It was that simple. 

And all of life is that simple. Happy Mid Summer!


Rocket and salad leaves in pots outside my door - ready to party!

** Introduction to Top Bar Bee Keeping this Sunday afternoon 24 June in Leap, West Cork

Ring Max Danann on 087 3284762 for details

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Back on Track

I think I am back on track here - sort of, in that I am feeling pretty good - my energy levels are better than they have been in a while and I find that I have loads of energy for exercise, my projects and everything else. In fact I see so much that I would like to do, I don't know how I am going to get to it all!

Its nice to finally feel this good in mind and body, the interesting thing is that I felt good before and have for years after I changed my diet and lifestyle, however this fasting takes things to an entire new level. 

The things that have been on my mind since I finished my Master Cleanse have been all about work or the kind of work (care) that we need to do for ourselves but sadly many of us never get around to it. Instead we spend our entire lives caring for others (children are not included here) - outside of our families.

And perhaps I could clarify a little more - not only are we caring for others but we are taking care of their issues, their worries, their stresses when we 'work' for someone other than ourselves. Often this work, leaves you with little time, energy or imagination to sort out your own stuff. 

One of the reasons this has come up for me now is mostly because I am talking to people who are so stressed out - and it is not with their own stress, but with the things that they take on from others. Stress appears to be the number one chronic 'disease' state that of course leads to any number of other conditions of ill health in the body.

These few days just following a MC or any detox for that matter are really nice in that your mind is very clear, your thinking is sharp and you are still moving from that empty space within to other parts of your life. So, lots of deeper issues can come up (and should) for you to process through. 

Tomorrow is the Summer Solstice and new moon - which is traditionally a very big day as it is the longest day of the year and considered Mid Summer in many places around the world. This year, I am reflecting on the work that I am doing for myself, sources of stress that are not mine and an inner balance that must be achieved. 

Nothing major!! LOL

Well, off to get my day sorted out here, hope its sunny where you are,


Lady's Mantle in my garden - I love how the early morning dew collects on this plant

Monday, 18 June 2012

Moving On...

We are only 1 day and half off of our Master Cleanse and already we have moved on - the transition was much faster this time round perhaps because it is summer and the weather is a little warmer. Or maybe it helps that we are busy in the garden and not really giving it much thought otherwise!

It also makes a huge difference that we have our upcoming feast to plan for Mid Summer and much to look forward to in the next week or so. For each of us, the MC meant something different as we go through the days and stages of the detox in various ways, however, the final outcome was the same - improved energy, brighter outlook and renewal in mind and body.

I also plan to jump right back into my day on/day off food and fasting regimen as well, because this is when I feel at my best and I want to keep that feeling. Today and perhaps this coming few weeks now, my focus will be on more and different exercise as well as some out door activities, my body just feels ready for some significant changes.

And change is ultimately what any of this work is all about - it doesn't matter if you are only starting out or have been at this for years in one form or another- there is always more to learn, more to understand and another road to travel down. Life is great when looked at through clear eyes.

Today I am hoping for some sun (I know its up there in the sky somewhere!) and am busy with other projects - while my mind is still reflecting back over these 10 days. I can tell you one thing about it right now - a piece of our soul came back, something significant, life altering and fantastic. 

Now, it just needs some time to unfold as it moves fully into its' place. Work well done.

Have a lovely day,


Evening Primrose in my garden yesterday

Sunday, 17 June 2012

And We Did It!!

Another successful 10 day Master Cleanse has been completed and you know what? The first thing that I started planning was my next one for it must not have been that bad after all. LOL

It was a strange night though perhaps because of the time of the year - I woke up around 3:30 or so and say a clear sky that never really got overly dark - so I got up deciding to watch the sunrise. By 4am, everyone else was up too and we were drinking our smoothies and talking about these past few days of our cleanse. In years to come I will remember this - the same way that I have always remembered the sun not setting but just dipping slightly below the horizon on these same few nights of the year when I lived in Labrador as a child.

Right now the sun is shining and we are all busy in the garden catching up with the weeding while getting some more seedlings planted which have been hardening off. And the MC is already fading into memory.

From where I sit right now, this was one of the most significant cleanses I have ever done and a tough one this time round too. They talk about mental toughness in sport, that this is a frame of mind you can develop which gives you an edge and can even boost your skill. I think that this is what has been improving for me as well.

To check in with how things stand after 10 days of liquids - lost 7 lbs, increased flexibility, improved attitude and it feels as if my mind has an even sharper edge. My thinking is clear, focused and the project that I am working on has really taken shape. I definitely feel as if a huge layer of toxins has been lifted once again and I am really looking forward to this weekends' Mid Summer Celebrations.

The summer Solstice is on this coming Wednesday and Thursday with a new moon, one of my favorite times of the year and I am really looking forward to the party (most of all the food!). I even have a few new recipes to try out this year, so a good few days of cooking and eating are most welcome.  

I am posting a couple of photos of this morning's early sky over Leap (in case you missed it!!)

Have a lovely day, see you tomorrow,


Early morning sky over Leap, West Cork

Early morning sun rise, Leap, West Cork

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Day 10 - Nearly There

I am now in the final stages of my Master Cleanse - Day 10 with less than 24 hours before I break my fast and start gearing up for food again. This has been quite an experience I must say and at the end of it all - very good!

My body never ceases to amaze me at what it is capable of and how it then proceeds to systematically remove the old/unnecessary/toxic and clean house. I feel pretty good today and have felt good for the last few days in fact. Except for the rain...but oh well. That too shall pass.

This MC has been quite different from others that I have done and I think it is because it is simply deeper - perhaps I am finally getting into spaces and places in-between that I have wanted to get into for a long time. It certainly seems that way. I am feeling quite clear in my mind and body as well and my thinking is a little different again.

I feel more adventurous - as if some piece of my spirit or the girl that I used to be is coming back. Last night was a night of many dreams - only these were not the usual ones that I have during a cleanse, they were each about change, movement, traveling and setting things up - sort of like getting ready for something? Perhaps for any changes that are coming!

One dream that stands out was of me with a dog team and sled in the north of Canada, I was pretty far north, but realized I still had a ways to go and was sorting out fish to feed the dogs so that we could continue night and day on our journey. Very cryptic - I am thinking now even as I write this if my body would like me to continue for a couple more days on this cleanse...hmmm. Today will tell!

Other than that I am once again very pleased that I have made it this far - it is always such an accomplishment and my digestion always goes back to work so cleanly afterwards. Another point worth making here is that instead of feeling depleted after 10 days without eating, you feel nourished, taken care of, refreshed and ready to go. Remarkable really, because all that is taken in is water and the little bit of lemon, maple syrup and herbs. 

Well, off to see how this day plays out, talk to you tomorrow,


Here is another butterfly in the garden- they seem to love the sage

Friday, 15 June 2012

48 Hours to Go - Day 9

We are now officially in count down mode with less than 48 hours to go before we break our fast and start on the juices that will get our digestive tract moving again and prepared for food. This has been a far tougher cleanse than some of the others - comparable in many ways to my 40 day fast last year- perhaps because of the depths that my body has taken me this time around.

I have mentioned a little about it - of seeing fairies and into other worlds and realms - that is not unusual for me, being a Medical Intuitive, I am often drawn into those dimensions and can navigate my way around quite well. However, this time - it was to the darker energies of those worlds and for that reason this has been an intriguing few days to say the least.

So, what does that mean - I can't just throw that out there - darker energies and leave you dangling can I? Well, I have long understood that each and every realm, world and dimension has a dark side (why wouldn't it?) everything is not all love and light. Sorry to burst some bubbles out there - but there is a criminal element in everything. Just look around at the recession and the mess the world is in - but that's another discussion!

These past few days have taken me on a journey deep through some dark space where this criminal element resides (we can also look at it as old viruses that do not belong, candida, fungus, inflammation in the body - there is always a parallel) and things have been cleaned out of some of those areas. Very simple process really and some deep work on my body's part.

I feel pretty good, I did a lot of Yoga yesterday, stretching, some free weights, and re-bounder - just to keep my energy moving and because I felt like I had lots of energy to burn off. I have a very clear mind at this point and even in the rain it feels as if I can see for miles...

What I am now looking forward to is seeing how my body feels next week after I finish this 10 days - just to experience if some of the old inflammation (my knees, old scar tissue from a C-section and MRSA that I had a few years ago) has reduced even further and my body maintains this feeling of wellness. 

I will keep you posted,


You can't see it very well here - but there is one of our honey bees on the oregano in the garden!

Thursday, 14 June 2012

And Then There's Day 8

Waking up this morning to the sound of the wind and the rain did not put me off the day actually - so I know that I have come through something huge in the past week or so. Something that has been too big to put down into words here or even to articulate to myself fully at this point - but it was dark, heavy and very old. As if from the beginning of my time here on earth.

So, how do I know that I have turned a corner and come out of the woods even a little bit? Music. Usually during a Master Cleanse I am listening to music non-stop - it can be like a craving. My body virtually asks for it and I play all kinds of music - like a balm for a body and soul laid bare.

But this time, not at all - there was no craving for music, no need for soothing sounds. It was as if my body was too focused and concentrated on its particular task that I could not allow myself to be detracted by anything or even comforted by sound.

That has all shifted this morning and I feel that I am back to myself as much as one can be while doing a 10 day intense Master Cleanse! I feel pretty good as well - good energy, skin is clear, my eyes are bright, and I have lost about 5 lbs or so. I always find that when you don't have much weight to lose you will not lose it. I have done these before and lost a stone and half in 10 days - but it needed to come off. Now, my body loses the toxins, fat and some water and not a lot of weight.

Today will be a good day, the others have also been good days, the difference has been that I have been so aware of moving through a dark forest and now it feels as if I have come out the other side. That some task, part of me that I had to find, change, alter, clean out - has nearly been done and now I will find my way back home.

Doing these cleanses and incorporating them into my life has become like pure magic on the physical level of reality. And all it takes is water, time, patience, commitment, and perseverance. It's not over yet - I will keep you posted.

Have a lovely day,


This is the Master Cleanse Juice - and ingredients - must be organic and clean water

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

And On the 7th Day...

Here we are, once again now on day 7 and deep into another detox cycle - each of us is keenly aware of it this time around as well. We are far more in sync as a family or a unit that is detoxing - quite remarkable actually.

Not much in the way of physical symptoms - I am feeling pretty good, really clear in myself and lighter in my stomach area. This Master Cleanse has gone deeper than any other before - with a lot of old dark, heavy 'things' coming up to the surface. I am relieved that perhaps some of this is moving out now and that progress is being made.

I am also having a lot of dreams and visions - I usually have visions or other worldly insight but when I get busy and preoccupied with the stuff around me, these often fade into the background. It is nice to have them back and to feel more in touch with other dimensions within myself. 

Yesterday was definitely a day for the other realms - there were fairies, animal beings, plants and trees with human form and all sorts of interesting creatures coming into view for me - each with their own wisdom or information to share.

I feel as if I am finally cleaned out enough to be worthy of that special link and communication with them again. And that is indeed what this Master Cleanse is comparable to - a gentle bath on the inside of my body to remove built up debris which ultimately hold me back in some way. 

It always feels good to get to this point in the cleanse because now I feel as if I have a chance to reflect back on these last 6 days and then decide if there are any other issues I would like to focus on - although most of the time my body appears to have its own agenda! LOL

I am also aware that I am not feeling as productive from a getting things done perspective this time around - I am resting more and reflecting a lot on what I am feeling. Each MC is so different so you just have to go with it and let it play out naturally. 

Well, off to get some things done, have a good one!


My son next to our Top Bar beehive at Skibbereen Market

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

It's Day Six!

We are now over half way there and I will have to say that this time around has been a lot tougher then the last Master Cleanse - however, not as difficult as some others that I have done in the past. I was thinking about it yesterday - years ago in 2001, I would find it hard to do just 3 days and be so happy with myself if I made it that far. My how times have changed!

So, for a six day mark check-in : rash on hands and foot nearly gone, very itchy at times, skin is clear and soft, feeling cleaned out inside again, good levels of energy, aches and twinges have gone, lots of flexibility, and planning to do some extra exercise today... I feel back on track.

This time around I am quite aware of even more old patterns rising up to the surface from the distant past. Yesterday I spent a good deal of time mulling over each of the ways I have been forced to conform to others rules, standards, guidelines, wishes and so forth especially in places of work. Conformity is all about losing your uniqueness, character and personality in a process of being molded into something you are not.

And I happen to think that this is a painful procedure - like the extraction of the soul piece by piece. Not a nice thought is it? As you can see, these are very deep and big issues that are coming up to the surface for me right now - and of course this is what is intended, to remove a layer of others energy in an effort to make room for my own to come back.

I did another Salt Water Flush this morning - the third one, we do these every other day during a ten day cleanse. And I am finally starting to feel squeaky clean on the inside. Its amazing all the stuff that gets loosened up and moved by this gentle process. 

I am already wondering what will surface today...hmmm


 This is my cat - after rolling in catnip in the herb garden...bliss!

Monday, 11 June 2012

Now Half Way There!

Today is the start of day five and it already promises to be another good day. We got a few things done yesterday - as is par for the course when doing a cleanse, as you work far more efficiently and of course a little faster.

As is usual for me, I am cleaning all sorts of things - inside and out. So I spent the morning cleaning things that needed to be sorted out and then out to the garden for some more weeding. Then, once I started in on the garden I stumbled across an ant hill which had to be carefully moved - very telling for a family doing a cleanse! Removing weeds and things that do not belong in the garden (the shadow self). 

I am feeling pretty good overall - a little sore this morning after all the bending, kneeling and moving things around with the weeding. However, I am far more positive today as I know that I really came through a huge detox cycle in the last two days or so. This is how it always seems to work, big detox cycle, the a small rest, then another big push inside the body to get another deep layer out.

And I am so pleased with having made a huge connection from these old energetic patterns in my life to the time I spent working in a place where I was treated horribly and felt bullied. Hopefully now some other big chunk of that old way of thinking/feeling is behind me.

A Master Cleanse is deep, this is hard work, it is ten days of intense focus and scrutiny on your inner being, emotional, spiritual, energetic, and physical patterns. Then allowing your body the time and space for these to move and come to the surface - while you listen, watch and work with all that surfaces.

To say that this can be the biggest commitment and perhaps one of the most important things that you might ever do, would be an understatement. Each of these has changed my life - a few days at a time and moved me to higher ground. 

I would not trade the time spent detoxing, fasting and cleansing for anything. Yes, it can be tough. I have days which are absolutely grueling. However, I had far worse in my life when I was eating poorly, feeling unwell and could not see the light at the end of each tunnel. 

With each MC, I am choosing my battles and the place where they will play out - and I am entirely in charge. This is all about power, change and taking back control of my life from the inside out.

Something to think about....


Sunday, 10 June 2012

The Fourth Day

This is day number 4 and things are really moving for us all - this cleanse is definitely all about a job that I had for several years way back when and the many things that I took on board but also the way that it deeply affected me. I can clearly see now how much it changed my perspective of life, the way that I looked at things altered - I no longer felt valued, useful, interesting or even valid as a person.

After that job was done with me, I felt like nothing. And I cannot compare it to anything else that I have ever done in my life or even experienced before or since. What job was it you might ask? I worked for the government for nearly 6 years as a Food Hygiene Inspector. The job itself was very interesting and I enjoyed many parts of it - the politics, the lack of communication and the people are what did me in.

And I was quite pleased to leave it behind when I moved to Europe. So, why is this all coming up now during a Master Cleanse and what could it all mean for the bigger picture? The only thing that comes to my mind is that some part of me has been stuck back there and I needed to re-claim those pieces of myself.

The MC is designed to remove debris that has been lying around inside of our bodies for a long time and get it safely into a place to be eliminated. And that is exactly what is happening each time that I do this. I know that I am going more deeply into myself because I have been working backwards in time with each cleanse - stripping away further layers and levels that had been built up.

I was a little bit non-commited going into this cleanse - only because I was so uncertain of the plan my body had in store for me. Now that I know for sure the part of my past that is being purged, I feel much stronger and quite re-assured that my body always knows exactly what it is doing.

Of course the confusion was coming from the part that was about to be purged - because that is exactly the way that they operated, keep everyone in the dark, create a layer of confusion, do not talk about what is happening and do your job. As if you are completely blind, stupid and kept in a constant state of fear. This environment served to only push me out of my body to such an extent that it requires a series of cleanses, detoxes and fasts to get back into those spaces. And I am delighted to be getting back into these places in my body once again.

Such a splendid place to live - in one's body! 

Well, let's see what the rest of the day brings, its only getting better. 


Saturday, 9 June 2012

Day 3 - Sun is Shining

Well, we are on Day 3 of our Master Cleanse and of course woke up this morning feeling better, less tired and all round less achy then yesterday. The first two days for me are always the worst - and once that is behind me I feel as if the cleanse kicks in.

Once again I am feeling very emotional in short fits and starts, like waves of toxins moving through. And a lot of memories this time round of work that I used to do many years ago - the people I worked with and the situations I found myself in. 

Although I am not entirely sure why this is all surfacing right now - it is usually part of the overall process and I have learned to just go with it. So, I'll see what this day brings as it goes on.

One thing that I did notice from the last MC and this one as well - is that my skin is clearer and softer, and that I feel warmer in general as if my body temperature has risen a tiny bit. I was usually always cold and often nothing could warm me up- so this is a welcome change.

This morning waking up to bright sunshine is also a welcome relief as we see far too little of it and our Vitamin D stores must be quite depleted. Where ever you are today - if there is sun, get outside and enjoy it.

Have a sunny day!


Friday, 8 June 2012

2nd Day - Getting Interesting!

Well, today is my second day on the June Master Cleanse and I must say that things are very interesting already. I have lots of symptoms of a mild viral thingy going on here- with aches and pains in my knees, slight chills, low level headache, a rash on hands and foot, tired and a huge amount of resistance in my body to doing this next part of the journey. 

Of course, I have been doing this long enough to know that this resistance is from the virus itself that is under attack right now by my own body defenses and that it has been there for over 20 years - controlling me in lots of ways. Now, the tables have finally turned.

So, I am feeling ok, lots of emotional stuff coming up and I am keenly aware of this virus that is in my body. These are actually the low level symptoms that I have felt all along with this, its just that right now with no food in my system - I can feel the battle raging!

Other than that I have had a very interesting 24 hours - you know how I always say 'what's going on inside is happening outside' - well, I have had phone calls from people who have received vaccines recently and are reacting badly. Yet, the medical establishment is completely in denial of any of this and washes their hands of it the moment an injection is given.

Amazing! No other profession in the world would get away with this; the knowing distribution of poisons into the general population. One of the reasons I am bringing this up is because I came down with glandular fever (and maybe a few other things) shortly after I was re-innoculated with all the vaccines because my chart was lost and I was about to start a new job which required them. At the time, I was very concerned but needed to work and felt that I did not have a choice.

Now, I would make entirely different decisions and would never go work somewhere that would require me to inject my body with toxins. I mean the world is toxic enough without requiring us to fill up on more.

This is where I am at on Day 2 of my June Master Cleanse - pondering each of these big issues and lamenting what has been done to my body over the years of my childhood - mostly without my consent. And perhaps finally ridding myself of the vast majority of these nasty bugs each time I do this...

Talk to you tomorrow,


Thursday, 7 June 2012

First Day - Master Cleanse

This is Day One of my June Master Cleanse - I had promised myself that I would do one a month for each month this summer and this is my second beginning. I actually wasn't certain that I would begin today and had not admitted it much to myself (I was mulling it over!) so last night I said, ok - if this was the right time for the June cleanse I would have a dream or something and be sure.

And did I ever have a dream! I dreamt all night about the same things - an old virus that I had when I was 20 years old - glandular fever - at the time I was just happy to get back to work after a month off and try to get my energy back. But by 15 years later I was realizing that my energy never really came back fully and I never did feel like myself afterwards.

It was only when I started detoxing that everything changed and I began to realize that I could feel much better than I did. Of course, I had to let go of all the stimulants and toxins in my diet as well - so this is where I am at today. Still healing, still reversing damage that has been done to my body by so many nasty things over the years -in my experience a cleanse is what you make of it and its all about the mind.

I just finished reading one person's account of a 5 day juice 'cleanse' where she says she had a terrible time, never felt good and couldn't wait for it to end. She was dying for a coffee - according to her and that was the first thing that she had once the detox was finished. Well, duh! 

You will have caffeine withdrawal for a few days if you do not taper it off or stop drinking the drug prior to starting a diet of any kind. This person was a bit of a fool for thinking that she could just jump right into  a cleanse without prior preparation and a bigger fool for not realizing that caffeine is a serious stimulating drug that has far reaching effects on the body. 

What bothers me is that not many people will pick up on that fact and will then be put off from doing something that could potentially change their lives in a few short days. So, if you want to do a cleanse or a detox or a fast of any kind - get rid of the drugs first. Quit smoking, stop coffee, change your water and perhaps if you take medication - then this is not for you. 

Your body has to be ready to be cleaned - so imagine if you are preparing a room for a good, thorough cleaning - what would you do? You would empty it first as much as possible because you cannot clean with a cluttered room full of junk! 

Well, I am off to enjoy my first day of my June cleanse - I just know that this will be interesting to say the least...


These are pots of salad leaves that we have been harvesting for a few days - yumm!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Medical Mystery

I never know anymore how to even approach this subject as this has gone so far away from anything that is real or sane that it defies description. Its as if those that practice this 'medicine' are so far in the dark of fear and not knowing that they continue to bury themselves without concern.

Lately I have been coming across a lot of people who are taking medication needlessly. Heavy duty drugs like anti-psychotics and highly addictive antidepressants - given to children, teenagers and everyone in between, for seemingly any reason. Rather than deal with the issues that are causing anxiety etc, why not just eliminate it with a chemical cocktail and voila - choose your emotions!

We have arrived in the world of falseness - to the point where we cannot feel anything and if you do, shut it down, rather than deal with something unpleasant. Or worse yet, why would we bother to work it through step by step until it is sorted. Of course, this is where food comes into the picture.

I, and a lot of other people have long ago discovered that when you change the way you are eating you also change the way you think, feel and perceive the world around you. Taking a chemical cocktail is not ever the answer - not when you can make such a difference to your life by removing toxins such as sugar and feel better immediately.

I was reading a report recently on the fact that nearly one million people a year die from being given the wrong (combinations as well) or too much medication in the US. This is astounding - all I could think about was the fact that this is hardly even reported and certainly not talked about. 

The next time you are unwell, think carefully about your choices. Why not change the way you are eating and take some herbal teas until you are feeling well again.. Or better still, make those changes now and start using some herbs in your diet to strengthen your mind and body.

Which herbs? Well, they do not have to be exotic or anything out of the ordinary. Kitchen herbs such as parsley, coriander, sage, thyme, basil and many others add vitamins and minerals to our cooking and diets in a gentle tasty way. And invigorate our immune systems at the same time.

Something to think about before you reach for the chemicals and poison yourself...


Some pictures from my garden! 

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Experiencing Other Worlds

No matter what your beliefs, most of us would be aware that there is such a strong pull in us as human beings, a drawing in to other worlds, realms and dimensions. These I would call the spaces in-between - which exist inside of us as well as outside of us.

There is no better place to experience these other worlds than in the garden - with the fairies, gnomes and tree spirits. They are everywhere and I have been seeing them and listening to them for as long as I am here on this earth. I have so many pleasant  memories of these beings throughout my life and the mystery has only deepened the more work that I do on myself.

Yesterday I was working in my little herb garden quite aware of the presence of a gnome (one that has been with me a long time and I have dreamed about as well) when a butterfly landed on the bush next to me and kept staring at me. It eventually moved closer to me and ended up on my hand again looking at me for the longest time. The kids were enthralled as was I, it was a beautiful sight.

It brought back many memories for me from times past when I have been woken by fairies and heard the voices of ancient trees talking amongst themselves as well as communication from the spirit of water. I have long felt, seen and heard their closeness as these realms are not so far away and perhaps this is where I belong.

What is important for us to realize about all of this - is that we are not alone, we share this earth and our experiences with others - many of whom are kind, highly evolved beings who have lived here from before time began. They belong here and have always been a part of all things. 

I had a dream once, not very long ago during which I was informed that there are many impostors, those who would have us believe that they are something they are not. Such is life! However, there are 'real' fairies and 'real' beings from these other worlds in the same way that there are false ones. Or, beings who cannot be trusted. 

It seems as if we have a criminal element in every space that we can imagine. So, when you go out fairy hunting today - (its a soft day that you need for that) - keep in mind that it is up to you to discern what is real and what is false. Use your senses wisely to feel things, look through what is in front of you and to question all things. 

Our bodies know the truth when we hear it, but equally we know it when we feel or sense it as well. It is kind, gentle and it feels as if it belongs here. Perhaps this is a good day to begin using these skills which can then be applied to all of life - for example, you know when you poison your body with the wrong foods and drink, no needs to tell you because you do not feel right. Therefore you are 'feeling' or sensing the truth, then you can take it from there and apply this to many other things.

Have an insightful day!


Monday, 4 June 2012

Spend Your Time Wisely

I have been getting some work done in my herb garden these past few rainy days- in between showers and misty wetness, the weeds have been growing full force as if they have little else to do. Just grow and keep going.

It's funny how life is - these things that we equate with a nuisance and only want to get rid of, are so persistent in their presence and their roots go quite deep. The problem is that if we do not remove them from the garden they will take over and push out the herbs and plants that we want to grow there.

Does any of this sound familiar to you in any way? What are you cultivating in your life that is unwanted or choking out the life you want to be living? What sort of weeds have been putting their roots down more deeply into your life and refuse to leave?

For me what always comes to mind is negativity, worry, fear and all these other distractions that keep me rooted into the one spot and not moving in the direction that I want to be going. There are also other things as well like doing projects that I don't really want to be doing, again all of which serve to take my attention and focus away from either myself or my family.

When something distracts us it can keep us from reaching our goals. That is one aspect of the nature of negativity. Another way to look at things is that these sidelines also use up our valuable energy and pull us down.

Today, even for a little while I am choosing to spend my energy more wisely and will be doing things for myself and my family that benefit us far more than anyone else. Perhaps it might be as simple as a walk or painting with the children. But I do think it will be more along the lines of enjoying my garden! 

Have a lovely day,


(Countdown now to my next Master Cleanse -- in a few days, I will begin my next 10 days. I will be posting it all here, so keep checking in)

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Mayan Prophecies

Yesterday I was listening to a well known personality in the alternative health field give his own thoughts on these Mayan Prophecies and the hype over this coming year end - 12/12/12 or 12/21/12. I have mentioned it only a couple of times in the past few years as I have not really given it much thought.

However, yesterday got me thinking about it again and of course I always come to the same conclusions each time. That there is nothing to worry about if you are living the way you are meant to live and following a higher path towards consciousness. 

The energy that is shifting on this earth is consciousness, and this change starts within.

Of course there are an awful lot of people following some sort of a path, however they are probably going nowhere fast as they are making it up as they go and not listening to any part of their bodies. Your body is what must become conscious - the flesh and blood has to wake up in order for the rest of you to follow along. 

So what does that mean exactly? You must take exquisite care of your body removing all chemicals, toxins and poisons, feed it the nutrition it requires to be healthy and exercise to keep it all working smoothly and that is just the beginning. Once you start on the true path to higher awareness, your body will take over and lead the way by taking you more deeply into yourself.

This is a gentle journey of awakening - like stripping paint from an old piece of furniture, each layer that is removed reveals another piece of its history and tells more of the story of its beginnings. It is not a process that can be interrupted, altered, changed, cheated, fast-tracked or pushed forward in any way. 

There is only one way to enlightenment and that is through the body. This is a trip that unites and integrates body-mind-spirit in full alignment with the One or the All or the Universe. Whatever. 

The reason I am commenting on this today is because of the fact that there is so much out there being said and so many ways that people are being encouraged to leave their bodies or their minds behind and go to higher realms without any grounding. Dangerous territory indeed.

If you are serious about consciousness, spirituality or even your continued better health - it all starts with the body. We can't live without one!

Have a really grounded day,


Saturday, 2 June 2012

Post Cleanse - 10 Days

I have been finished the cleanse for 10 days now and I remember when I first started doing these I was always looking for information and reading up on other people's experiences after they had finished the 10 days. What happens to their bodies post the 10 day clean up, there seemed to be little written about it.

So, I thought that I will keep you up to date on how I am doing afterwards. For the most part I still feel pretty good, I love my food and I am eating plenty. I do get full faster and I am craving more greens and raw salad type of things. I also have only gained about 2 lbs back so far. And I feel better in myself because I am lighter and leaner. Less body fat to contend with.

The fact that there is less body fat is the important point and the key to all of this work and effort. The fat stores toxins and this is what is melted off when you do a Master Cleanse. In effect then, each time that a cleanse is completed for the full 10 days, your body is cleaner and therefore leaner. 

When there are toxins (to a great degree) the body fat will be gained back - thus the yo-yo effect of dieting. Do not start a diet unless you plan on detoxing along with it. Otherwise, it just won't work. And work is another key word here - my body just seems to work better after each cleanse. 

Right now it feels as if this is having a cumulative effect - each cleanse I feel better and my body remains leaner, working more efficiently afterwards. Kind of like climbing steps, with each one bringing you closer to your goals. 

My shoulder is still excellent and my level of flexibility is far better than it was, my bowel is great, my digestion is moving well. So physically things have stepped up a little and I am amazed that something so simple can accomplish so much in only a few days! The important thing here though is to eat better afterwards and to keep doing them throughout the year.

My dreams are back full force from a very different place (showing me that I have reached into new areas inside of myself) and I am dreaming a few times each night again. I also find it easier to visualize so my mind and my imagination is also working better. 

All in all - not bad for a few days effort! Well, off to pull some weeds in the garden - have a lovely day everyone and don't forget to buy some organic veg and fruit at your farmers market. 


Friday, 1 June 2012

Has Anything Really Changed?

I have not paid that much attention to news for quite some time - and I find that I can not read anything for about a year or so, go back to look over a few headlines and ---- not one single thing has changed. In many instances not even the names are different. Yet we go on, day after day, sucking it all in and believing every word.

One day a long time ago now, I woke up (parts of me are waking up all the time) with regards to the 'news' and realized that when we are told day after day how bad things are, how high the murder rate is, how sensational a court case might be, how the banks have stolen all the money and there is not one thing anyone can do about it- it leaves us all feeling quite powerless. 

But it also does something else to us. This is a continuous diet of negative, bad, awful information that we have come to expect and even revel in. Is it any wonder that people are depressed, unwell and losing hope  in so many ways? 

We are digesting the darkness and left feeling defeated.

What if things are really not that bad? Or what if they are really toxic in this dimension,  but this is only one version of reality and if we choose not to buy into it we will find a way to move out of this and into something far more aligned with the truth?

If I have learned anything over these many years that I am working with energy, spirit and in other realms - it's that the truth is something those in positions of power are afraid of. And energy, life, reality, moving forward - all of this 'work' is not complicated. This is simple. If it becomes complicated stop, take a deep breath and think it through again.

I made a conscious choice many years ago to live my life simply. To eat simply, raise my children gently and to see things for what they are - in other words to seek the truth. 

Perhaps it is time to make a few more decisions about life, living and the things that we want. Choose to seek the move further away from the Big Lie and look for the truth in all things and it just might surprise you how wonderful life really is. 

Have a true and real day!