Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Summer Solstice - Mid Summer Celebration & Altar

The summer Solstice is nearly upon us - Saturday 21st June is the longest day of the year and considered to be Mid Summer (already!). It is also a solar celebration and what better way to celebrate then with beautiful blossoms of one of the most sacred trees in Ireland. 

The Elder tree, is in bloom late in May and early June with a profusion of white flowers which grow in clusters. It has long been used for its’ many known healing and medicinal properties (pain, inflammation, the bark is a mild laxative) as well as the delicious drinks made from a rapid fermenting process. 

Elder naturally contains many wild yeasts and can be fermented with little trouble in a few days into refreshing drinks that smell and taste distinctly like summer! I never add commercial yeast to anything and always get the most amazing tasting champagnes....

Elder flowers are also powerful immune boosters (berries and leaves are very high in Vitamin C as well) for both humans and animals with many people making and drinking Elder Cordials or a little stronger fizzy drink known as Elder Champagne (it will achieve about 2 to 3% alc.) in the early summer time. 

In the meantime, branches of the tree have been used as protective amulets and to make fairie wands. Altars usually have a piece of some of these sacred trees included especially at the summer solstice. The magical properties brought by this tree are thought to be prosperity, breaking spells, healing and protection. 

And so it goes!

If you are planning some kind of a Summer Solstice celebration (Litha) why not bring in Elder - flowers, leaves or a gift of a fallen branch from a tree - you can make this a central theme of your altar or just place on a table large enough to welcome the sun. 

And don't forget to make your Elder Cordial or buy some at the market in Skibbereen.

Happy Solstice Everyone!

Elder Flowers 

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Post Viral Syndrome & Probiotics

Just wanted to catch you up on our fasting - we are still working away here - terrific insights every day - for the most part we are fasting for 3 to 5 days, then taking 2 or 3 days for food, increased exercise and all else!

Not sure what day we are on now (it all started on 30 April)….we took another 2 eating days over the bank holiday weekend and are now right back at the fasting again. Actually this is day 2 for me and the first day for the everyone else.

I am more determined then ever to see this through to the very end (whateverthatis?) because I feel I am finally seeing some results. However, I am not entirely certain I can explain them properly!


Well, last week in the middle of my fasting all of my old Glandular Fever symptoms came on full force (cold sores, pain, stiffness, pain, joints aching, did I mention pain?). But before I go into that let me give you a bit of background here.

When I was 20 years old I got glandular fever, it put me out for a month or so – I was still weak, tired and unwell, but as I was self supporting (on my own since I am 17), I had no choice but to get back working and carry on.

So, that’s what I did. 

For the next 14 years or so – I worked, lived (or at least thought I did) and kept going as best I could even though my adrenals were shot, my thyroid was low and I often had little energy. I never resorted to meds, herbs, changes in diet and exercise kept me afloat.

But I did have my tonsils out at age 28 because they were the main source of the virus and my throat was always killing me. This gave me some measure of better health and I was able to get my life back a bit. 

Fast forward to the next decade;

Then I got cancer, had to sort that out (I did with food, water, exercise, sunshine and no chemicals) and have been making significant changes to my outlook ever since. But – after my last child was born, the glandular fever came back up again and never really settled down.

And I just couldn't seem to get to the bottom of it. No amount of exercise, herbs, vegan diet, cutting this out or that out seemed to make much of any difference. Everything bothered my digestion and it had no rhyme or reason to it. One day I could eat almonds and the next day they would cause bloating and pain!

That’s where the fasting came in. I had nipped it in the bud by dealing with the virus through herbal tea fasts, however, I was not killing the virus because my immune system was still under it’s control and as soon as the fast was over, it would all come back again.

Once I got far enough along in the fasting (years by this time) and started adding my own probiotics, then the game changed. And this is where I find myself right now a couple of years into this new type of fasting - with much more significant results. 

I think for the first time in 26 years my body is actually fighting/removing this virus. It could not do that previously because our immune system is gut mediated and there was just not ‘enough’ living in my gut, to gain the upper hand.

Now there is. 

Watch. Out. World. 

My fermented veggies are lovely! On my stall each week

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Getting Started on Fasting....

**Talk on Fasting this Sunday at West Cork Hotel in Skibbereen, West Cork 

After my posts yesterday….I had quite a few questions and inquiries about fasting. So, I wanted to take a bit of time to answer the most important thing about getting on the road to better health; how to get started fasting.

Fasting, by the way, is one of my top 3 ways of all time, that have changed my life over the years and I highly recommend it to anyone. My other two are Oil pulling (extensive use of essential oils for healing inside and out) and deciding to be completely natural in my health & healing approach to all our physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic needs (read no drugs, no Night Shades & no chemicals).

My own personal journey with fasting started out officially in 2001 – when I embarked on a 72 hour water/herbal tea fast after doing 30 days intensive detox diet. I felt terrific after that initial experience and it was a game changer for me.

Since then, I consider fasting an integral part of any healthy lifestyle, weight loss, healing, cleansing, detox approach to eating, because our gut flora needs periods of food, feasting and fasting. That's right, you 'need' and benefit from periods of no food and have actually a digestive system geared for it.

It really is this simple.

So now, back to the topic at hand – how does one get started fasting?

Of course, the easiest and best way to get started is to pick a day and then just jump in! That’s basically what I did – I woke up one morning, said ‘enough of this’ and decided to fast again. I took in water, herbal teas, lemon juice and maple syrup, mainly, in those days.

However, you can also prepare yourself a little bit by doing several mini-fasts of 24 hours, then 48 hours, 72 hours and so forth. I’ve done those as well. Pre-planning Mondays for example, each week to give your system a break and only drink juices, smoothies, herbal teas or even water also works.

Remember, water (chemical free) is great!!! It is the single most nourishing liquid on this planet and yes, I have done water fasts….last year we did 30 days parasite cleanse on water (apparently the only real way to get rid of the nastiest ones). Grueling – but again, another huge shift for me, and something I am pleased to have done. 

Have I mentioned I did my Masters thesis for Exercise & Nutrition Science on the study of water?  (don't get me started on water LOL). We need water far more then we need food, that should tell you something really important right there - water heals, clears, cleans and shifts energy.  

To get started on your fast – follow these steps:

1. Pick a day but don’t over plan it, or make it that Tuesday, 3 weeks from tomorrow. Really, just jump in, where you are, with what you’ve got going on right now.

2. Pick up a couple of fasting helpers….I wish I knew all the little things that make fasting so much easier, years ago. I did it anyway, but now it’s that much better with my Rebel Juices (fermented probiotic drinks), immune boosting, detoxing and nourishing Herbal Tea Blends and Rebel Foods Tinctures.

3. Think about a goal/aim/purpose or reason why you need to fast and have that as an incentive. It could be something material such as a new iPad or a goal for your job, health, relationship, weight loss, writing – the lists are endless. Fasting heals inflammation rapidly by the way.

4. Get a journal and do some writing while you fast or have a project ready such as closets to be cleaned, an office to be sorted or something to keep you busy – you will have time & energy to do things like never before.

5. Fasting has a unique Spiritual element that can only be compared to being One with Nature, walking with gods and opening up inwardly like never before. Be prepared to get to know yourself on a whole new level. 

And that’s about it! The important thing here – is to fast while you are living your life, going on a ‘retreat’ from the world sounds lovely, but hardly practical. So carry on with your normal activities – we exercise, work, and do all the things that we normally do while fasting – only with a little more focus! LOL

Lastly, make no apologies for choosing to detox, heal and move forward with your life (I don’t feel the need to tell everyone I am fasting) nor do I explain my reasons if people comment in a negative way.  

I’m doing what I need to do. Moving right along….

I was so impressed with fasting - I wrote a book about it! The Pagan Diet is about my life changing experiences 

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

It Doesn't Shift or Heal....Because It's Not Yours!

How much time have I spent working on myself over these last decades of my life….I have issues okay (don’t we all?!) and well, I like to take them out from time to time and dust them off (LOL, I think).....

Just to see how they are doing, because, to be honest, I have long felt as if I was going around in circles, thinking I had sorted through some huge emotional thing only to have it come back around a few weeks, months or years later.

Of course, our healing, like our energy source, is cyclical. We actually do move in spirals, patterns, responding to rhythms and cycles, in the exact same way nature does. 

Mother Earth runs through our veins too. 

But, getting back to healing our ‘beings’ – one golden rule of Energy Medicine has always been that we can only fix, change or heal - that which belongs only to us. If it’s not ours, we can’t do much of anything with it, except carry it around.

This used to actually be my life at one time. I had these ‘crosses to bear’ and would have believed certain things in my life had to be endured and it was just best for me to get on with it. 

Or basically, I thought I had to adjust my life, my hopes, desires and expectations in order to fit in a belief system that all I carried with me, was mine. So, I was left desperately trying to ‘fix’ many things that didn’t even belong to me.

But then over time (a long time) working with energy medicine and healing as I do – I have come to see how anything that doesn’t necessarily heal (within a reasonable period of time) is usually not ours and doesn’t belong there in the first place.

Let me explain….

Energy medicine is quite simple, really, something has come into our energy field, it doesn’t go out (because our defences are down?) so it attaches, then, it festers, and creates an energy block of some sort. 

This energy block can (and will eventually) result in some physical ailment when it has been around long enough or is triggered in some manner. We are aware of these, they have been apart of our bodies in some instances for lifetimes and for the most part, feel they belong.

These patterns and ailments often become so enmeshed within our own energy fields (they anchor in the central nervous tissues) it is difficult to know where we end and other’s stuff  begins. 

Next time you are attempting to sort through an old familiar issue that has been popping up for you from time to time…stop and do a physical check – is all of this even yours? Which part of this pattern might have been taken on from other generations or someone else’s drama?

You only have to answer for what is yours – and what you do about it. 

My Comfrey Cream made with my own West Cork grown comfrey - this stuff heals everything!

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

West Cork Health & Wellness Open Day - Bandon on 6th April

The next Open Day in Bandon is coming up soon! Plan to be there....I'll be giving a little talk on Medical Intuition @ 3pm on the day 

April Danann - Rebel Foods Market Stall will be in Bandon for the next Health & Wellness Open Day!
Come out to meet some world class therapists and sit in on a talk....It's all free! 

Monday, 10 March 2014

On Being A Medical Intuitive.....

April Danann –  A few comments 'On Being a Medical Intuitive'

Even after all of this time I still have to stop, take a deep breath and collect my thoughts whenever someone asks me what it’s like to be a Medical Intuitive or indeed even what an intuitive does or how I work.

But it has also come to my attention time and again, how – there is little or nothing about the fact that I am a Medical Intuitive on my market stall – perhaps there is only the results of what I do…..I create each of my products by hand, in tiny batches by following and carefully ‘listening’ to my intuition.

So, I thought I would put something down in words to help me sort this all out! LOL

Being an intuitive means that I have the ability to listen, to anything and  everything living (and dead, but that’s another post), but more specifically, listening to what our bodies are 'communicating' from systems, organs, tissues and cells; when I choose to tune in, and sometimes even when I don’t!

Being an intuitive for me is exactly like picking up on a specific frequency and then being able to understand exactly what is being said. (It's a little like a radio might work) And often hearing what is not being said or indeed what needs to be expressed and is not (does that make sense?).

However, when I do a reading I also hear, see, smell, taste, read and understand what a body is ‘saying’  forming spiritual, emotional and energetic components too. This can then all be put together into a formal report – the current state of the body or…..

What your body would like you to know right now. It comes together very easily for me because I have been aware of this ability since I was 3 years old (at least that's as far back as I can remember) and working professionally with it since I was 17. 

And I love what I do. It's because I am Intuitive I have taken my studies into the science of microbiology, food, nutrition and exercise - each of these are then combined into a base of knowledge I can draw upon with each reading I do. 

As I say on my card……

‘Your body’s voice is not loud, aggressive or pushy. It is gentle, subtle and soft like a whisper washing over you. It feels as if it has come up from somewhere very deep and has been pushed out into the spaces around you, for you to hear. Like a voice calling from very far away, it has an echo – this voice will persist, until you listen’.

Barley Cove Beach

Tuesday, 4 March 2014


According to Nature……..

I am perfect

I belong here

I am part of the whole

I change with the tides, each moon and the seasons

I create art, beauty and magic flows through me

I speak, I listen, I understand and I learn

I am Aligned with the Universe in thought and consciousness

I hold my destiny in the palms of my hands


Solstice, the turtle on a little tour....
(c) April Danann 2011

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Rebel Foods in Bantry Tomorrow!!

April Danann - Rebel Foods Market Stall

will be in West Lodge Hotel in Bantry on Sunday 2nd March from 

12 noon to 5pm..... Free Event!

Come out to meet some wonderful people in arts, healing, therapies and nutrition from all over West Cork as part of the Health & Wellness Open Days

Tastes, free talks, give-aways and information to be had at this free event!  

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Is it really Self Sabotage or is it Opposition?

***I just found something I was working on the day of the last big storm (you know, the hurricane?!)

Self Sabotage or Opposition

I have spent years blaming myself for everything that I did and didn’t do. Or started out to do and then found myself unable to continue because nearly everything in the world went wrong - all because I started a diet or an exercise programme or decided to have a positive day.

Can anyone else relate to this? LOL

Well today I am fasting – thankfully a lot of that believing in self-sabotage is far behind me, because now I can see clearly how much of what was taking place was simply ‘opposition’, obstacles and resistance. 

Of course I wanted to look up what opposition means, but once I began to write this article, the latest Atlantic storm has kicked in with gusto, the internet has gone down (again) and the electricity is flickering. 

But, there cannot possibly be anyone out there (up there?) ‘opposed’ to what ordinary people like you and me are doing way down here on terra firma, can there?

But then, as a Medical Intuitive, I would always stop and think, no not out there or up there, but ‘in here’. Somewhere held deeply inside of our tissues are the seeds of another world or worlds. 

We are made of stars….or an entire Universe, one we have yet to create, because the current world we are living in holds us captive.

So, in this situation it is always best persevere and wait for the internet to come back on….ahh, here it is; when looking up exactly what opposition means, of course the first word I come across is to resist. This is interesting in itself because resistance implies negative connotations from the outset.

However, opposition also means the opposite, something that is in contrast or serves as an obstacle to a situation. This of course tends to place many forms of opposition in direct conflict with all we are trying to achieve in our lives.

When I feel, experience and think of opposition or even sabotage, my mind wanders to all the ways and means we think, want, desire but do not or cannot seem to ‘do’. There is an energetic resistance out there and in here that needs to be overcome. 

I guess at the end of it all – these storms, this weather and all that is taking place around us, is in us as well. Mother Earth has been having a moment or some would say a fit for several weeks now in the North Atlantic.

Perhaps she is leveling the opposition for those of us walking a certain path….

Near Goleen, West Cork

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Updates and News

I will be at the West Lodge Hotel in Bantry on Sunday 2nd March for the next West Cork Health & Wellness Open Day. We are really looking forward to this event as an opportunity to get to know some  of the many others out there working in our communities and to touch base with all of you in a posher setting (other then in wellies and 5 jumpers in the farmers market! LOL) 

The day is a free event – come on out for a chat and some nibbles from the Rebel Foods Market Stall table….I will have all of my creams, remedies, healing balms, salves and herbs! 

It’s on from 12noon to 5pm on Sunday 2nd March 2014. 

On Sunday 30th March 2014 – we will be hosting our first Top Bar Bee Keeping Day of the season. It will be here in Leap in April’s Clinic – this is a hands on informative day on all things bee, alternative (chemical free) and top bar.

Featuring our own Danann design Top Bar hives, slide show, lecture and workshop style session to get you up to speed on keeping bees, bee health and bee-ing a part of the natural environment.

We all need to do our part – so why not start with your garden, look after the bees and they will take care of you!

Rebel Foods Market Stall

Monday, 27 January 2014

Up Coming Events, Happenings and News!

It’s Time for A Change……

If you are also ready for something better, something deeper and more then you feel your life is bringing you right now – perhaps it’s time to unblock 2014 for yourself! Plan to come out to one of my Winter classes to get your life back on track and discover a deeper spiritual connection.

February Rebel Foods Cookery Class Sunday 2nd February 2014 – fruit and vegetable fermentation & sourdough breads for winter €35 11am to 3pm or finish, Leap, West Cork

Energy Class – session 2 (anyone can join at any time) Working Through the Energy Blocks €10 each evening Tuesdays at 7pm Leap, West Cork starts 14th January 2014 runs for 6 or 7 weeks. We are now on week two and already making great progress! Come out to join us if you want to make a positive change in your life and physical health.

April Danann will be at the West Lodge Hotel in Bantry for the West Cork Health & Wellness Day 2nd March 2014 from 12 to 5pm and at the Munster Arms Hotel in Bandon on 6th April – free event! 

30 March 2014 – Top Bar Bee Keeping – beginners class, alternative bee keeping, bee health, backyard basics, slide show and workshop style hands on day – check for details

To reserve your place please book directly with April on 087 2361616 or email info@aprildanann.com website – www.aprildanann.com  
Our goats in the field

Thursday, 2 January 2014

New Year's Revolution - Clearing the Dark

A revolution at this time of year, for me, is a promise to do something I’ve never done before….hmmm. Now that’s got me thinking and thinking…wondering what on earth can I do this year to set it apart from all other years. Can I do this year better, live more, experience more, feel more alive and grounded….

And what does any of this mean, or does it even matter these days? LOL

So, off to a flying start….I actually woke up this morning thinking I could exercise more, get out into nature more, and write more. There. That’s what I would propose for my 2014 New Year’s betterment of myself.

However, I spend 3 or 4 days of each week outside – foraging, walking, gardening, working the market stall and generally freezing my arse off (this time of year anyway) so actually being inside is a treat some days….

Then, on to the exercising bit of this revolution. Welllll, there is always room for more exercise and even during this holiday season I have managed to exercise every day at least once for 10 to 15 minutes brisk walking, weights or jogging. Yes, I can improve on this, I guess (of course I can!).

Lastly there is writing. Which is my passion (you are reading this aren’t you? LOL) and no, I never seem to have enough time to write or say all that’s floating around in my head.

I’ve often had a dream of a day when I have nothing more important to do then write. And to actually do this for a living – would be, as close to heaven for me as anything else I can imagine.

But, that day is not yet here – so finding time to organize my thoughts, write them down in some coherent fashion and then place them into a forum of some kind….well, you would think that should be easy for me at this stage.

But there is something (always some thing) that pulls my attention this way and that, takes the ideas right out of my head and generally infuses my brain with an endless stream of all the reasons why I don’t have the time/energy/inclination/motivation to write my thoughts down.

That to me seems like an energy vampire, a mind worm or could be referred to as dark supernatural energy in certain circles….either way it is interference energy and this is what I am going after in order to make every effort to clear the path for my New Year’s Revolution or just a complete shift into higher gear!

I recently formulated a new body cream with a magical blend of essential oils that I feel has started me on the road to clearing some of this stuff from my body, mind and soul (essential oils work in a multi-dimensional way)….I will keep you posted on my progress.

Ahhh the garden….can't wait till spring!