Tuesday, 8 November 2011

This may sound strange, but what if....

What if all of these flus and bugs that go around from person to person over the winter months, actually serve a purpose? I know, how on earth could I possibly reach that conclusion! How awful it is to get a bug and be down with it for a few days - and to miss work and be so unproductive. 

What if these flus and bugs primed out immune function in a myriad of ways sort of like taking the fancy car out of the garage once in a while and taking it for a spin. But I know, the argument would be that it is not healthy to be sick! And again why spend a few days with some down time when we could be up and at 'em ALL the time.

What if these flus and bugs gave us humans the down time to repair, replenish, rest up and boost our immune function? But I know, just because these evolving strains of viruses have been on this planet for as long as we have doesn't mean that they might actually serve a higher purpose. So why not eradicate each and every one of them and pump our bodies full of man made viral particles that were concocted in a lab last year. 

We should be fine. I mean, since the introduction of these vaccines we have all been so much healthier, haven't we? And what does our body know anyway. So, go ahead, keep on the government Food Disaster programme; eat their food and drink their water, follow their vaccination schedule, then listen to their news of doom and gloom. Worry, eat, fear, drink, and then get sick and take more poison into your system. 

What could possibly be wrong with this picture? I am just saying the obvious and thinking out loud here. What if...you thought about it too. 

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Diet and Exercise

I came across this article today, what a shocker! Now they tell us that hormone imbalance may be implicated in high rates of obesity and (listen carefully to this) may 'have' to be 'treated' with drugs of some kind to get people sorted.

Right- so now, as the scientists and the doctors start to catch up with all the things that us Nutritionists have been working with and dealing with and talking about for these past YEARS, we need a Big Pharma fix. Its such an untapped market after all- buy your organic food, get your gym membership and because this simply won't ever be enough, have your prescription filled for the hormone shots that you will surely need to keep the weight off. 

It never ceases to amaze me, no astound me, that any chance of a door open or a way in, these drug pushers and pill poppers will surely be standing there, chemical cocktails close to hand. And it always goes back to the one main precept of their tiny worlds- that the human body is not enough, that somehow our bodies have forgotten to heal, to sort out imbalances and how to return to normalized functions. 

IF, you lose weight, with REAL food (and not the plastic stuff on trays), and you do real exercise where activity is incorporated into your REAL life, and then use the 'medicine' that was placed here for our safety and convenience (HERBS) - your body will come back into its own and better. 

Do not let any of this scare you into thinking for one minute that your body is anything less than miraculous, magnificent and more than capable of weight loss, perfect health and beyond. Remember my one golden rule: Don't eat their food and don't for heavens' sake, drink their water. That stuff is poison.

Now, that this has been said, I feel that I can go on with my day. 

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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Mung Bean Burgers

April’s Mung Bean Burgers

1-2 cups of dried mung beans (or much less for 1-2 people)
1-2 cloves garlic
2 cups or more of chopped vegetables (onions, scallions, leeks, etc)
1 cup of cooked chopped spinach
¼ cup of grated carrot or pumpkin or both
Olive oil
Sunflower oil for frying or baking

o       Soak the mung beans for 48 hours in lots of water. Drain, rinse the beans and discard the soaking liquid.

o       Put all the mung beans and raw garlic in a blender or food processor with a little olive oil. Blend or process until you have a smooth and light batter. Transfer the batter into a bowl.

o       Stir in chopped scallions, onions, leeks, grated carrot, chopped or pureed cooked spinach, herbs to taste and cilantro if desired. Or use the vegetables you have on hand- sometimes I use grated pumpkin or squash, and cooked green lentils.

o       Using a frying pan, cook as you would a pancake- spoon some of the mixture onto the pan and flatten with the spatula, fry until crispy on each side.

o      Or the mixture can be placed into an oiled pan and placed in the oven for about 30-40 minutes. I spread artichoke pate or olive pate over the top when I bake it, to give it an added taste.

o      These burgers change as the vegetables you have on hand change and also you can vary the amount of vegetables you add in- we like it chunky with lots of onions and the spinach makes it moist.

o      These are great served with a rice stir-fry and salad or on their own with hummous or guacamole. Very nutritious, tasty and balanced.

 For less people, soak less beans - these are used raw and taste great!!! Enjoy.

For this and more wholesome, candida suitable recipes, please inquire about a copy of ‘The Way to Detox’ by April Danann
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