Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Focused Negativity - Energetic Links to Cancer

It’s funny – I never really talk about this a lot but years ago I had cancer and walked away from any medical treatment. Instead I treated myself – and I am still here to tell the tale.

I get asked often enough what I think about cancer and what causes it or why good people die from it. So, lately I have been given it some further thought. As if during those weeks I was healing my own body I didn’t think enough!

Cancer is a fungal disease, it is not a chronic condition or at least it shouldn’t be – but there are those who need it to be as it prolongs treatment options. And that means more money, basically.

I have long thought of the direct root cancer takes to gain a foothold in our body’s tissues – it is a result of direct focused negativity in most cases. And yes, this is as simple as it sounds.

When someone is subject to prolonged situations of dark energy (or enough of a concentration of it in one blast) taken with poor self care, lack of exercise and an inadequate diet – then the conditions are ripe for something to develop and fester in that darkness.

And let’s face it – there is enough wickedness and ill will around to keep the world spinning on it’s side for the rest of eternity. Everywhere we go, these days, people are fearful and rightly so – this evil energy is coming from the top down.

The bottom line here is we have forgotten (been robbed of it) and lost the ability to protect ourselves in any meaningful capacity. Our immune systems are down – our hormonal function is well, dysfunctional and we are suffering as a direct result.

Actually, cancer is only one of the physical responses of this stagnant pool of heavy energy – there are many other manifestations as well, none of them good. But I am certain there has been a pill invented to push down each and every symptom until we die from medieval forms of medicine.

So what’s a person to do? The first thing to do is to learn to protect yourself – on the inside as well as the outside. That means working in your own energy field for instance as well as feeding yourself better and removing as many toxins from your life as possible.

This is only a start – but it’s a good one. A healthy energy field, a healthy body and a sound mind all derive from natural means – good clean water, food and herbs. As well as exercise, fresh air and loving relationships. 

Nothing good comes from a plastic container of chemicals – only more ill will.  


***Class this Sunday 3 Feb,  in Protecting Your Energy Field 

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Entering into Another Dimension....

Even though I have used herbs for years and years....when I think back to how much I love and drank my herbal teas (and coffees) over the years - it's seems as if I am the original earth mother but...they never cease to amaze me!

I wanted to mention it here because I know so many people out there who do a few different things when it comes to herbs and they sell themselves and these miraculous plants far short. On a bit of a rant, I see too many people planting, growing and selling herbs who have absolutely no idea of their value.

And what is far worse - they sell herbal teas or some such without ever having even tasted, tried or used them for their own health and enjoyment. To be honest I find this a bit fraudulent...it's like the vegetable seller who doesn't eat his own wares and is generally unhealthy because of a poor diet.

They are talking the talk - but not walking it. And that is a shame.

With herbs I have had a long association as well as a good basic general knowledge of just some of their amazing uses. I think in terms of an unfolding in my life - as the years move on and I grow more herbs, find more uses for them and depend on them for more in my life - their presence deepens along with that experience.

This cleanse I am currently on has been exceptional in many ways (it is probably the deepest one so far) and in terms of herbs, they seem to have travelled even further into my system fine tuning body functions as they go.

During some of my Yoga sessions I can sense them very strongly - they are communicating not only with each other, but with me on an outward level. One of the most profound functions of herbal medicine (or energy medicine as I refer to it) is the way they interact with us on an inter-dimensional level.

Only our food, of which herbs are classed are able to fully operate in this way - deep within our organs, tissues and cells. Anything else that enters in to these spaces and places has committed a crime against nature and will cause damage to these delicate systems.

It would be like pouring chemicals down a drain - they are simply not supposed to be there. Whereas herbs are part of the overall natural order of the Universe and cause no harm. Our other dimensions are facets, faces and aspects of ourselves we often ignore or pay little attention to.

Yet they exist, are necessary and indeed part our spiritual and energetic function.

Do yourself a favour, use herbs in your food and as teas for healing, uplifting and balancing your life - you will soon experience a difference inside and out.

Willow trees growing in the garden....

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Moving To Higher Ground

One of the fundamental facts of life is we must change - of course there are those who fight this force of nature and suffer the consequences. However, staying in one place is mighty difficult when every cell in our beings yearn for movement. 

This is a year for great potential - the outward changes have been taking place little by little each and every day. Right now, the main thrust of these energy shifts should be arriving in the form of pieces of life (dreams, hopes and wishes) coming back together in some way.

And we will all experience this differently - depending on where we are on our journeys as well as how much ground work we have done to get where we are. But, in order for all of this to take place a little shifting has to happen....

We have to move to higher ground. When we want to meet up with our dreams and integrate them into our reality or perhaps it's the other way around, we have to rise up to meet them. I always think of balloons, these dreams we are putting together exist in a higher plane of existence. 

It's up to us then, to find the ways and means to move, raise ourselves up out of where we are and connect with them in that new dimension. Once there, our body, mind and spirit aligns, how we feel about ourselves changes and old issues of safety and security begin to drop away.

The words from a song 'I can see for miles and miles' have been going through my head for these past couple of days and it has got me thinking more deeply about this process. Moving onwards and upwards within ourselves requires change, yes, but also a shift in perspective.

If you think about it - when we are standing on a hill or some other elevation, we can see far more then we can at the lower levels. The view from higher ground is completely different....


Monday, 21 January 2013

A Little Faith - Can Heal A Life

Have a little faith...that is what has been on my mind over these past couple of days as my body heals up my sore leg. Actually, it is something that has been there for several years, but was aggravated by the extra Yoga I have been doing.

Or perhaps it has been brought up to the surface because I am doing a detox and is now ready to move. Most likely it is all of the above. So, my leg is a little sore, tender and painful and I know something is being worked on. 

So, what's my job in all of this?

My role is to do a few little things as I have been taught so graciously over the years by my body. First of all I am to have faith, I see so many people (and I was there once upon a time too) give up on the healing process after a few days or hours and decide to circumvent the situation by using medication.

We all know chemicals and toxins do not work in the long term (or even in the short term for that matter) and they further bury the real issue of what your body is trying to sort out. Right now my body is moving, shifting and detoxing some deeply held debris from my cells in my leg.

Yes, it is bothersome, all the work we do on ourselves usually is. Without creating heat, bringing fluids to the area, a little swelling, activating the healing response in general - which causes discomfort, our bodies could not heal.

To shut any part of that process down, interferes, interrupts and abruptly halts the work your body must do in order to shift energy, clear cells, and remove inflammation. This is important work and we are more then capable of doing anything when given the time and space to do so.

I remember well the very first time I listened to my body and allowed it to clear, heal and remove an illness without any intervention from me. Of course my only focus for those few days was the healing process (it was a kidney infection), the pain and how much garlic and vegetables I could eat to clear it. 

And it did clear. What is more, then I cleared several other infections, then cancer, all along assisting my little family in doing the exact same thing with their own innate healing ability. Over the years building up a strong immune system, a depth of understanding for my body and faith that I can do anything I set out to do.

Without medication, without drugs, without interfering, by only supporting the work of my body. What an empowering feeling! To do all of that and more by simply listening, paying attention and allowing a natural process to unfold. 

We truly are a marvel and a work of art. 

Oh, and the word 'faith' means -- the duty of fulfilling one's trust, from the root meaning to trust. All that is being asked of us is to have a little faith...


A little snow on the winter grass...

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Courses, Classes & Talks

Weight Loss Talk

A brief discussion on The Pagan Diet - Food, Fast & Feast and how it all works this week Tuesday evening (22 Jan) at 7:30 in Leap, West Cork. This is a little more then just weight loss - it is an entire system designed to take you throughout the whole year following the ancient Celtic calendar. 

This not only melts the weight off - most importantly you will heal the inflammation, detox and balance body systems at the same time. Each of these cause the excess weight in the first place....come out to see how to get started on a better path to health. €10 for talk and detox tea tasting.

Rebel Food - Cookery Days 

Come out for an afternoon or during the day to have some fun in the kitchen with April while we prepare foods from scratch, take things back to basics, discuss how to eat healthy on a budget, making very tasty food and much more. 

Thursday 24 January 1pm to 5pm


Sunday 27 January 11am to 3pm

cost €40

Protecting Your Energy in the Healing Professions 

This is a full day course on Energy Medicine which includes in-depth discussion on the energy field (what it is, how it works, how damage occurs, how to heal it) as well as exploring April's 25 ways to protect your energy field. 

Sunday 3 February 9:30 am to 4:30 pm
€105 for the day includes meal, snacks, notes

To book your place please text, ring or email April 

087 2361616
028 34527

Friday, 18 January 2013

You Are the Teller of This Tale...

Change is not a terrible thing - but it can be difficult when you feel as if you have no idea what is up ahead or around the next corner. Many of us have lived our entire lives like this - hoping, wishing or even expecting something better - sometimes it comes and sometimes...well.

Yet, this is not any real way to live, is it? We all should have a good deal more certainty, security and assuredness about our futures. This is something I have been giving quite a bit of thought to lately - perhaps for many years 'the future' hasn't been very far from my mind.

Especially when we are led to believe it is all so uncertain, unpredictable and what is worse, perhaps unreliable. 

That is until we become co-creators (with our immediate partners and family) or the sole occupant in the drivers seat. Up until then, we could end up nearly anywhere - because, you know how it is when there is a backseat driver...

The inner direction must come from someplace inside of you and you alone. I see this scenario quite often in fact, where a good friend or some other person, provides advice on what your next move should be. 

However, there is not one person alive who doesn't have their own agenda. Their own set of fears, beliefs or framework in which they operate their own lives from. And it usually doesn't apply to you, your life, your future and what is more - your own unique destiny.

If you must speak with someone and it does help to talk things through - make sure they are impartial, a stranger, professional and non-judgemental. Perhaps someone who encourages you to look inside, find your passions, connect with your dreams and stand up to your fears. 

So, getting back to change - it happens. For the most part we need to welcome it, work with the twists and turns that arrive on our door step. But we should also be the largest part of the picture - the painter, author and narrator of our own stories.

We need to be the architect of our own lives, the ones driving the change and then making adjustments to the results as they are created. This alone can be our only security, because we can then live with the faith that comes from trusting ourselves fully.

The song you sing has to be your own otherwise it will forever be out of tune...


Sage - one of my favourite herbs....

Monday, 14 January 2013

Healing Our Dream Dimension...

There are a couple of things on my mind here today - one is dreams and the other is our inner child...now, being an intuitive I would tend to put these two aspects of ourselves together - because, well, that would just make some energetic sense!

At least to me...perhaps our dream world is set up and stems from our early years. Then as we grow more into ourselves, we access higher points of this side of us. Hopefully not deliberately shutting them down through stress, poor diet, medication and distraction.

One main difference I have found since starting Closing the Energy Leaks© (and there have been many) is how my dreams increased several fold. This has only worked to serve me in my life especially during times of great change, upheaval and increased stress. 

I have mentioned here already a few days ago how I feel we now have better access into our dream dimension, since the polar shift on the Solstice in 2012. With this open door comes a certain responsibility which is take this side of ourselves more seriously.

There are many people out there who have very different ideas about the dreams they (and others) have. And perhaps on a certain one dimensional level, they are quite right. During your night time hours you should be working through the events of your day.....

However, you should also be working through what is to come, the stage of your life, the current state of your health, finding a way to provide guidance and advice from your higher self and various internal communications from body systems.

For those of us walking a spiritual path, these dreams are a vital source of necessary information that will enable us to simply 'know' where we are, who we are and in many instances what to do next. Of course, one of the several things I wanted to emphasise here is how your dreams (dimension 20) can be accessed just like any other part of you.

Any one part of your multi-dimesional self can and has been broken into, accessed and you have been stolen from, hijacked, interfered with and energy drained out of you in some way. Go back to the most vulnerable part of us (and often the strongest) our inner child - this is what must be healed in terms of dreams.

The dreams we have as children as a gold mine of energy, information, intense connection to the Universe, spiritual potential and must be regained - this gaping hole exists inside of our souls and we lose our dreams through it.

This fact makes for some difficulty when trying to trust and sort out what each dream means and makes it even more vital to work at protecting ourselves (energy field as well as physical body), detoxing and cleansing while we move through each stage of our journey. 

However, it can be done, indeed we are doing it - and it is worth the effort. Besides, it's all part of walking a spiritual path, you will come across this sooner or later. This work needs to be done...


I think this dish is his!

Friday, 11 January 2013

Exercise as Energy Medicine

For anyone who knows me, it's no secret how much I love exercise - my one complaint would be I never make the time to do more. I have always been active, even when my diet and my life were not great and certainly during the times I have been unwell.

Intuitively my body constantly relays to me how vital it is that I move each day - in fact my body has long been informing me of the need to be physically active at least twice if not three times a day. In keeping with the natural rhythms of the our bodies...

When we exercise we move muscles, tissues and organs - most of us know all the health benefits of activity as well as some of the mental or mind connections. Our bodies gradually grow stronger along with internal systems and functions.

But there is another side to exercise, one not talked about that much. I tend to look at and seek out the energetic relationship between movement and our physical awareness. When we move frequently enough and with purpose we can do far more for ourselves then perhaps we realize.

From an energy perspective, yes we gain an increase in stamina and perhaps vitality from consistent bouts of activity. However, what else might we change and what could our energy systems make from physical movement?

Perhaps it's so simple.... what if this movement created the framework around energetic boundaries, encouraged energy flow and helped keep energy centres open within the body? Of course it does. You cannot have a healthy energy field without a consistent exercise practice.

One exercise activity I particularly like is Yoga. And I enjoy it for several reasons - perhaps the most significant being that it works on practical levels which keep this energetic balance in mind. I find when I am doing short sessions of Yoga a couple times per day I slip easily into the natural flow of my own body and this connects with natural elements around me.

Another benefit of this type of exercise is the depth it can take you inwards in the muscles and tissues of the physical body. Anything that takes us further in, will encourage energy flow and thus a return to health - loosening up and removing what doesn't belong. 

Exercise - the ultimate Energy Medicine!


The Way to Exercise - Body, Mind & Soul

Monday, 7 January 2013

You know those days when you just don't feel like yourself?

We all seem to have those days - some of us more then others and they may occur more often at certain times, then others. You know those days - when you just don't feel like yourself? And for some reason, you can't quite understand, you feel like someone else or something else or anything but you.

Some people refer to it as getting up on the wrong side of the bed and for me, it often appears to start that way - of course I fully understand from an energy perspective what is taking place. Yet, it doesn't always make life any easier!

I can remember mornings where I wake from a dream and the people I am dreaming about are like, just with me all that day - until I am able to close enough energy leaks, do some exercise and other wise go through each of my techniques to shift the energy.

Others may call it in 'bad form' - I see this term used a lot around small children especially. I really feel for them - they may not know what is taking place (although many do) and find it hard to release the energy and then find themselves in a negative cycle because of it.

Carrying anything for others (it doesn't have a negative or positive face) is always dark, negative and a chore simply because it doesn't belong to us, with us or in us. So, we feel out of sorts, off kilter, ungrounded, slightly sick and otherwise not ourselves. 

It's as if a piece of someone else's puzzle has been stuck into our work of art - it won't ever fit or feel right and it makes us feel the same way. As if you are lugging around someone else and then acting them out. 

You can't seem to shake this at all - but it does come and go, these feelings I mean. That is because your energy field goes through changes, cycles and shifts bringing things closer to the surface or burying it deeper.

The energy you are carrying around however, is in there for all time, until you take specific steps to detox it out.

Now you know why I go into a rant whenever I see something in the paper or in the media along the lines of - advising people to not detox or instructing them to do it all wrong. The absolute only way to clear out energy (and all else) once and for all is to detox it out. 

This is a mind, body and soul process.

Anything in your energy field that doesn't belong to you - acts like a toxin. Energy really is this simple....


A little Rebel....

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Let's Talk About Fear....

So, I guess it's about time I mentioned this little feature (or 'fear'ture) of our current daily life. You cannot open the newspaper, turn on the tele (thankfully I don't have one) or even speak with someone without fear coming into the conversation, equation or guiding our thoughts in some way...

Try a little experiment and see if you can actually find some purely positive article, report, news brief, or even have a conversation... especially these days. From the state of the economy, the mess our health is in, to bullying in the schools - even the uplifting stories have a heaviness about them.

There is one main point I want to make here about fear and perhaps what to do about it. For the most part we are not even dealing with our own energy - our bodies have filled up with darkness, stress and low vibrations from absolutely everything around us.

Because of the way we eat, the water we drink, the poisons and toxins we breathe in, the chemicals we are exposed to from the first day of life - and each of the above situations we find our selves exposed to - we have become accustomed to a steady diet of negativity or fear based thinking.

Let me explain this from an intuitive perspective.... 

When you are fed 'food' made in a factory (by machines, tired and frustrated employees), all the goodness (read life force) is taken out of this food during the processing or manufacturing of each package, can, box and bag - you take in a substance devoid of positivity.

That's one thing. Then because this food is making us ill, our cells are not detoxing or functioning properly, we take concoctions made in a lab from synthetic chemicals (additives, toxins) to fix, heal or change the bodies response and we fill even further with darkness.

What is worse we are given antibiotics (against life!?), when our bodies attempt to shift this energy, which kill off any remaining colonies of beneficial bacteria so necessary for sustaining and maintaining ALL of life's positive forces. Yeast, mold, fungus and non-beneficial bacteria take over certain areas of our guts (skin and mucous membranes) ensuring further negative balance. 

And we continue to fill up with fear. 

All of this leads to bodies built cell by cell without love.  

This is a new year, perhaps it's time to do something about it.


A bee in Bantry...

Friday, 4 January 2013

Those nasty little critters....Yeast, Mold & Fungus

Yes, these are nasty and not something that I talk about too much on here, mostly because I have written about the candida problem in my books (extensively) and seem to have been dealing with these bugs for such a long time...

However, I have maintained over the years - and even teach about it from this perspective, yeast are at the root of the problem but they are not the real issue. And you are not going to be able to deal with them directly. You must first make some significant changes to your body.

The first thing to do when dealing with yeast, fungus and mold is to change your diet. Drastically. But, I don't believe in the ways that are currently being sold, taught and recommended. I have been there and tried them - all. 

You can remove fruit, toxins, sugar, bread, etc etc etc - and keep these out for 2 years if you want to. And I know people who have done this. Then following these programs, slowly reintroduce these items back into your life and voila - the yeast, mold, fungus and nasty bacteria all come back. Only this time it's worse.

There are fundamental changes you must make to your life and habits in order to tackle this problem once and for all. But, they are permanent shifts in your current diet, exercise, lifestyle and reality as you know it. If you truly want to be healthy, fit and regain your total health there is only one way forward.

Boost your immune function. The changes to be made to your diet must be permanent, exercise must be regular and your lifestyle must become one to support health. All the time.

As it stands right now, there are few people on the planet who would have a normal fully functional immune system. We have all been vaccinated, medicated, over fed, intoxicated and are slowly drowning in the poisonous debris built up inside our cells.

What is far worse here, is the fact that antibiotics are still being given out for colds, flus and bugs - by irresponsible doctors who know better. As a result, our bodies are filling with hot spots of low level inflammation which is fueling and feeding the highly acidic conditions needed to maintain a healthy population of yeast, mold and fungus....

With hardly a normal bacteria in sight (factory built bacteria need not apply) our body's digestion, hormonal systems, detoxification pathways and ultimately the immune response have all gone down to it's lowest level. 

And the yeast are having a ball. It's no wonder we are addicted, overweight, tired, sick and chronically dysfunctional....how could we be anything else?

If you want to change all of this, start here


Bee Keeping 

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Resolution? We need a Revolution!

I don't know about you, but as a spiritual person (you know, I think about spiritual things...) life has been anything but easy. In fact it is often downright difficult, in some ways, but wonderful in many others. 

With this in mind I have been giving a lot of thought to the New Year which is now upon us and the challenges we face as people wanting something better in our lives. That something better for me has always been the means to live my life as I want to.

To live a life with a higher consciousness having greater awareness of who I am and what I am really doing here. The freedom to explore my origins and to find myself through my food, water, nature and a toxin free lifestyle (as much as possible).

Of course a large part of those wishes and hopes is to have excellent food and clean untreated water available - and to not have to struggle because I believe these things to be a necessity. Yet, many people are still of the mind that in order to upgrade their diets to something far better, it will cost the moon.

Over the years there has been only one main thing I have had to insist upon - organic real food and water from the ground. I am here today because of this knowledge deep within my cells guiding me forward and keeping me healthy.

For me, it took a life altering event to finally open my eyes to these facts of cellular requirements and physical needs. When I was sick and knew I would not get better without making each of these changes I was faced with a choice....

Start to live this way - and don't look back, or make some changes for a little while and then fall back in to the old familiar patterns eating the rubbish foods, drinking poisoned water. However, once I knew full well how low the state of illness could take me (I had cancer) - thankfully that was all I needed to change my ways.

Although there was not a single event (I was backing away from several negative situations) - back then, quite a few years ago now, that was the beginning of my Revolution. But, whenever I need to understand something fully I look it up LOL

For the word Revolution I found a few interesting definitions:

-overthrow of the established system
-a turning or motion around a fixed point
-a sudden or momentous change in a situation 

So, if we take each of these and apply them to our lives, perhaps things can look some what different from our current perspective. We can overthrow the current situation that holds us back, plan a full year of immediate significant change and do this consistently. 

Listen to our bodies, follow the stars, go with the flow and become part of the earth and her cycles as we move forward around the seasons of the sun...

Yes, it's time for a Revolution!


Rebel Yoga.... getting our ankles bitten by the puppy!