Monday, 24 October 2011

Recipe For Spelt Bread

April’s Spelt Bread

2 teaspoons soda bicarbonate
¼ teaspoon sea salt
1 heaping teaspoon cinnamon or herbs (thyme, oregano etc)
6 cups spelt flour
small hand full sultanas and sunflower seeds
3 ½ cups of liquid (Goat’s Milk + water)
Olive Oil

o      Apparently the key to best results using spelt flour is the time involved, once the flour is wet, you have to move quickly to get it mixed and placed into a pan and then into the oven. I have heard that it is about 4 minutes, so I aim for that or less.

o      Turn your oven on to 170C

o      In a deep bowl, mix together soda bicarbonate, sea salt and cinnamon. Then add the sultanas and seeds

o      Take a large lasagne dish or equivalent and using the olive oil coat the bottom of it, flour it well.

o      Next add the flour, folding it into the other ingredients and mix well by stirring and folding over and over to evenly distribute the soda.

o      Pour off the liquid into a large measuring cup or another bowl, mixing together the goat’s milk and water (I use only spring water to make a beautiful bread)

o      Slowly add the liquid while mixing it into the flour until all is wet and you have a heavy wet looking mixture that is not sloppy or too hard, somewhere in between.

o      Spoon it into the pan, but dropping large spoonfuls down again with very little over mixing until it is all in the pan.

o      Place in a hot oven for about 40 - 45 minutes. Each oven is different, so you may have to watch this carefully the first time and see what your oven does with this time/temp combination

o      You can also use herbs instead of the cinnamon or nothing at all. The spring water gives a fresh tasting bread.

*** These days as I am doing a cleanse, I am not using milk for the bread only water and it tastes wonderful. So, you do not need to use milk at all if you don't want to. As well, this makes a big pan of bread or about 3 loaves. Half the ingredients to make less. I use organic ingredients for maximum nutrition in my recipes. 


Thursday, 20 October 2011

The Only Way To Lose Weight....

I have come to find out during my years working in the food, diet, nutrition fields and as a Medical Intuitive, that the only way forward with regards to weight loss is to detox your body as the weight comes off. 

Our bodies use fat to store toxins and debris that can clog up the system - it is a very efficient and life preserving mechanism. These toxins have usually built up over a life time and can only be broken down with specific support for the organs and of course exercise to help push them out thoroughly. These days we are exposed to far more chemicals and poisons which also interact within the body giving rise to the situation (excess weight and ill health) that we are now in.

Toxic fat stores need to be carefully removed during a time of liver support, careful diet and exercise and self reflection. This is not something to be taken up lightly either as I have seen many people who lose weight quickly and without detoxing become unwell as a result. And, if lots of toxic debris is circulation round the body, your body will do everything to put the weight back on, just to keep you safe. 

Why waste time and energy to take off weight and then put it back on again? Why not detox as you go and do it properly. Take your time, build up your body and create the life you always dreamed of having. 

Sunday, 16 October 2011

April Danann's Food Revolution

Food Revolution

For those of us who are watching and supporting the many revolutions that are taking place around the planet but are unable to physically be there- there is so much else that can be done. And perhaps even more important work that must be done to start to break down these monopolies who control our money, economies, food, water, media, and ultimately our minds.

I see it often during some of these protests, ‘access to better health care’ written on placards and it has left me feeling perplexed. There are some basic tenets that every human living on this planet needs to get back to- and the fundamental one would be food. How to feed ourselves so that the body and mind is well nourished and in a healthy state has been eroded in less then several generations. We have been duped into thinking that we actually ‘need’ health care- what we need is self care in the form of fresh whole food and clean water.

Control of the people doesn’t stop with these Big Food, Big Agri, Big Seed and Big Market corporations either! Perhaps it only begins there, because control of the people spills over into Big Pharma, Big Gov and Big Bank. So, each of these mega corporations has a stake in how well you feed yourself and the general health of your body. This is a fact because ‘they’ have an insatiable desire to control and you cannot be controlled if and when you are eating, drinking and living in a state of natural health.

In a short period of time, you will rebuild your mind (and body) and start to think for yourself. It is so simple- all you need is real food, that is clean, fresh and simply prepared.

All this food out there- there is NO food crisis in terms of supply, there is only a crisis in methods of marketing mass hysteria to get you to believe that the crap on the shelves in the Big Supermarket has any thing to do with food. If you walk into any modern shop you will see that only about 5-10% of the available food is fresh, unadulterated, and next to nothing is unpackaged!

In order to get your body on the road to a better way of being, you must change the food that you are eating and the water you are drinking. And for some that will mean a fundamental shift in thinking and perhaps a move out to the country where you can access well or spring water and grow a garden.

Your best defence against the systems that need to control you and for you to cooperate with them is your health- clean healthy body and clear mind. We are conformists as long as we eat what is put before us and spend our days in a spaced out haze because this food clogs up our internal processes and keeps us down.

Feeding yourself packaged, drugged up and chemical laced ‘food’ has your body tissues toxic and your mind unable to think clearly. From my experience this also gives rise to fear, depression, irritable bowel type issues, and a down regulated immune response (or as I call it passivity) which proceeds on to disease and dysfunction. Of course, this then requires treatment in the form of more packages of drugs and chemicals and more fear!

Can’t you see the pattern here? Eat their food, drink their water, spend your time  wandering through life and not thinking beyond what the box tells you, become unwell and end your days eating tablets that only add to the misery. Is this what we have come to? Or is this what has been made of us through the extensive use of mind control, mass marketing, economic debt and poor food/water?

Today I was asked, So where to start? If you want to join a revolution, start here- with you and your family. Pick the three most toxic items in your diet (life?) and remove them. It is that simple. For some it will be sugar, caffeine, alcohol- toxins which slow down the liver and wreak havoc with our immune function. For others it will be a food that you eat far too much of- packaged cereal, take aways, chocolate.

I know that some may be thinking- well how do I live without this or that? It can’t be all that bad- no? We have been so manipulated into thinking that just because something is on the shelf in a supermarket 365 days a year that it should be consumed as such. Never before have we had access to sugar, caffeine, alcohol, packaged foods, chocolate, boxes of processed stuff- all the time.

Your body is designed to eat fresh, whole veggies, fruits, some grains, some fish, little meat and clean water. Anything else is a stress on the digestion and clogs up the nutrient pathways. And we havn’t even gotten to detoxification and the function of the rest of the body!

Choose 3 ways that you can change and start to implement them today- you will feel better tomorrow and every day that follows as you wean yourself off of an entire system that has been cleverly designed to manage the people. Refuse to be controlled, don’t conform, and do not under any circumstances eat their food or drink their water.

Join the Revolution- we shall fight, we will win! 

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Supplements In the News

Well, for those who know me, and have read my books you know that I am not a fan of supplements and I myself never take them under any circumstances. They do not feel right nor do the entire set up of taking individual nutrients sound in any way safe. There are just far too many parameters involved in the digestive process- food is the only way to achieve balance within the body systems.

This week there is a study out that gives yet another warning about this very thing- it comes after a long list of them. Every so often one scientific paper surfaces that puts some information out there in the public domain about this problem. Yet, it goes largely unnoticed by everyone as there is too much money to be made selling Big Pharma drugs to everyone- even when you think you are avoiding them! 

Anything you purchase in the form of a pill, tablet, capsule or artificial food source is in support of a false paradigm surrounding food, diet and nutrition. You cannot fulfill your nutritional needs by taking supplements- the biological pathways for uptake, distribution and assimilation of these products do not overlap into digestive pathways.

You are feeding the yeast, mold, fungus and nasty bacteria in your gut- easy, fast food, they don't even have to digest it. No wonder you feel better temporarily. But, it doesn't last as these pathogens will only want more. 

If you want to make some changes to your life, your appearance, your health and your energy- the only way to do this is with food. Real, food that you actually have to cook and then eat. Call me crazy- but that is the way the body works and has for a long time. 

Sunday, 9 October 2011

OMG- Now they are Nutritionists too???

Obesity is at an epidemic level reports the daily news sources- well I wonder how did that happen? And now the UK government wants to do something about it. That is wonderful news! The first thing that they can do about this epidemic is go into these supermarkets and declare an outrageous tax on 90% of what is on the shelves- these can all go into the non food category.

Crisps are NOT a food group
Sweets are NOT a treat
Caffeine containing drinks need to be classified as a drug
Prepared food is not fit for human consumption
And what is all this packaged stuff? U.F.O. – unidentified food origin

Message to all governments everywhere- if you want people to lose weight (and you don’t) start with the food manufacturers and then put an honest effort into some real form of nutrition education.

I laughed when I read that Boots pharmacists will now be offering nutrition advice. So, with your chlosterol pills you can go down aisle 3 and get some yummy weight watchers low fat, low calorie, low vibration plastic meal and take off those extra pounds.

My God! I think we just went one giant leap backwards. AHHHHHHHHH! (tears hair out)

Such a sad week....

With the loss of Steve Jobs and many others needlessly to cancer I am reminded of what it takes to overcome this type of illness. Most of it is mental, the physical part can be accomplished with simple changes to diet and exercise. It is the emotional fallout that can be the place of weakness.

I have been reading up on the little bit that is known about his struggle with illness on both sides of it. Of course, I would clearly be of the belief that this man should not have died and that no one else should suffer such a fate. All of the answers are here and have been all along. 

Perhaps this is one of the biggest crimes of our times- that people are led to believe that conventional medicine with its poisonous cocktails and medieval techniques is the safer, higher road to take. But nothing could be further from the truth. 

I learned this week that Steve Jobs resisted surgery and treatment for nearly a whole year after his diagnosis. Then they frightened him with a worse prognosis while he was pursuing an alternative route. I remember the nay sayers when I had cancer- those who told me that I did not know what I was doing, that I looked so unwell and would die if I did not get 'treatment'.

My treatment was working, my body always knows what it is doing. This is the fundamental principle when it comes to healing, illness and dysfunction. When you are feeding you body properly, drinking clean living water and exercising- anything that is created within the body can and will be undone, healed, fixed, sorted and otherwise overcome.

Yes, you may feel awful, and you will go through quite a lot. The symptoms I experienced of weight loss, hair loss, cold, pain, numbness, sinus, kidney, bowel infections, weakness and so forth - changed and altered each and every day so that I knew where my body was at. There was no way that I was going to shut them down- I just worked with and around them.

And after a short time, my body began to restore balance as healing took place. The cancer was then gone after a few weeks, however my healing journey was to last another full 5 years as I remained on a restricted diet to ensure that my tissues rebuilt in the healthiest possible way. 

I think that Steve Jobs was on the right track and then was sidelined in his efforts by the 'experts'. Once you have Failed to listen to your own body the battle is lost.

Healing is an area that these 'doctors' still seem to know so little about. 

For more on my own journey through healing cancer and much more check out my book

Friday, 7 October 2011

Lets Talk About the Fallen Angels

There are so many people out there working with angels, calling them in and other wise going into spaces where they congregate. Angels are lovely, they are messengers of the divine and have many roles to play in our lives and in the world we live in. Yet, there are so many fallen Angels - and what are their distinguishing features?  Does anyone really know and are they watching carefully to see what shows up when these entities are summoned?

I have been working in this field of 25 years, and to the best of my knowledge there is not one person who is asking for and using discernment - and then putting two and two together when entities enter. I know of so many instances where practitioners call someone thing in to their work space and then don't bother to check (or do they even know?) what shows up and what it is doing there.

One of the many things that I have found out over the years, is that you are the Angel, You are in charge of the energy of the space and you must know at all times what is there and maintain control of it. If you are calling things in, ANYTHING can and will show up- how would you know otherwise???

I started out many years ago with the Reiki, like a lot of other people, and the teachers also called in entities telling us that they were extra hands to help. But I never felt right about it and I have since talked to many others with the same experiences. 

One of the side effects of these Angel Buddies showing up was an incredible craving for sugar and any rubbish foods that I could find. Think about it, sugar is a toxin, an anti nutrient, it depletes your body of necessary resources and that is not the worst of it! It also lowers the immune function for several hours after ingestion. 

Your immune system is your first line of defence against ALL invaders and intruders- including these Fallen Angels, Entities and Foreign species. 

In my practice, I treat mainly professional practitioners of some kind or other- many of them have had these same experiences and end up at my door because they cannot get rid of these energy attachments once they come into the energy field. 

If this is an Angel working for the greater good and sent from God, it does NOT interfere with your body, it does not cause cravings, it does not have a negative influence over your life and it does not show up at your work. You as a healer are well equipped with all of the tools that are necessary to do your work. 

Anything else is not supposed to be there. These energy entities have become epidemic and are making many healers SICK- I am seeing mainly hormonal imbalances, candida issues, weight gain, out of control and disordered eating, auto immune disease, and viral conditions of unknown origin just to name a few. 

If this is making you sick- My God, there is a problem. Please stop what you are doing and seek clarification, please ask questions and do not believe that just because it shows up, that it is supposed to be there or that it is a good thing. 


Tuesday, 4 October 2011

In any diet, don't forget about water

No matter how you are eating right now, give some careful consideration to the source of your water. If it is from a tap, there are some serious concerns with it. The least of which is the multiple contamination from various bugs...its not that at all. I would be far more concerned with the medicating of the general population using chlorine and fluoride. These two drugs are in our water here in Ireland and I have for many years gone out of my way to avoid using it at all costs.

There is much written and said about putting chemicals into our drinking water- usually the government line is that they are making it safe for us to drink. Actually it was safe to drink long before they did anything with it! If it wasn't run through miles of pipes and through unnatural reservoirs we probably wouldn't have many issues with the water.

Personally, I like my water to be alive. I do not want it tampered with, filtered or medicated. I just want it straight from the ground the way it was intended. And I know that then people would argue, but the ground is contaminated. I don't feel that it is any worse than the water- and nature does know how to filter all by herself.

Whatever your diet, there is one aspect of your life that can be sorted very simply- your water. And I do not mean for you to go and buy plastic water either, perhaps it is as bad or worse. Find a well, a spring - another clean source for your water. In Ireland there are many, and I can think of other places as well where they can be found easily enough.

This one fact of clean water (your body is about 66% H2O) could change your life.