Friday, 29 March 2013

Spiritual Path - The Magic is Alive

In some ways I feel as ancient as the rocks and in others like an infant just taking my first steps. That is how it feels each and every day that my feet touch the ground (running, I might as well add) since I made the conscious decision years ago to really walk this path.

Even though I am an Intuitive (thank you god/goddess for that blessing) and I am aware of and in tune with quite a lot of what is taking place around me, in me and resulting from my decisions….

It is not ever easy to hand over your life completely to your own inner guidance system and then trust that voice. You have to trust that the voice you feel, hear and sense are indeed your own. And if they are your own, then to get to know them and what would be asked or expected of you.

There is little else that a person can really be asked to do about their spiritual pursuits otherwise – you cannot push the path that shifts before and under your feet. You can only wait while it is revealed in front of you, however, the path is not always illuminated, often it is dark.

What you will ultimately find is yourself, this is not a quest to search for the pieces of your soul, or the broken bits of your life….the path IS your soul, it becomes your life and what is broken will surely heal as you move further along the road in front of you.

Or as we like to joke at home….we go ‘further up and further in’.

But for the rest of this stuff and anything that may be asked of you --- it is not complicated, complications are from an ‘overmind’ and are an indication of interference energy (something that should not be there, like a resistance in your way).

Walking, talking and living the spiritual path should be and is simple. You are learning how to simplify, fix, heal and change your life from the inside out. That is why food, water and keeping a clean body are vital. In this way – it’s a sort of magical (alchemical) Universal process.

Only you do the work, be true to yourself and just like magic – one day, that work pays off. 


Sunday, 24 March 2013

Living The Lie

Every day I meet people – who are conflicted or perhaps not. Maybe it’s just me who has the issues here. They leave me feeling conflicted because of them and their general behaviour or lack of standards in their behaviour.

I don’t know about you – but this is very disconcerting to me. I find it difficult to relate to people who are living a lie. I mean, what do we talk about? The things they say they do and don’t or the way they present themselves but aren’t really that way at all?

Does any of this bother you?

It does me and I will tell you why. It’s the energy of the thing. I know there are several issues here dealing with principles, standards, conformity, authenticity and whatnot. But for me it all comes down to energy.

It bothers me to see someone sell food to others they would not eat themselves…and worse again, to watch them get their children to sell it for them. When they would not want their kids eating all that sugar but sell it to yours….

It bothers me to see someone misrepresent themselves – what’s it called now – ‘self branding’ – packaging is pretty, but when you lie to others on the outside, you are lying to yourself on the inside.

That health expert who doesn’t promote health and that school therapist who is a bully, right up there with the doctors and nurses who refuse vaccinations for themselves and their families but run a clinic to ensure you conform.

It bothers me to do business with people who sell a product they don’t believe in because they are peddling confusion. The woman who hates the destruction of excess alcohol yet stocks her shop with cheap wine – a best seller.

If I were to allow any of the other things to be taken on board it would overload my senses and of course – not be in any way my stuff. So, I observe and see what is taking place here, but like I said, it’s not my stuff.

It’s the energy that is sent out into the world that bothers me most.

Energy being energy – well that just gets spread around to everyone and is difficult to avoid. So I take this fairly seriously. When someone is saying one thing, doing another and then shrugging off the message it sends to their inner core – their energy is spiking all over the place.

And this energy becomes part of the atmosphere of a place, an event or a theme, blending together and taking on a life form of it’s own. Some areas and buildings just scream out discord and disharmony because the lie has taken root and grown into something we don’t want to see. 


Thursday, 21 March 2013

Activation of the DNA? Pineal Gland Adjustments? Initiation into what was that…?– Be Careful Out There

Something has taken over – diverted our attention away from what is important and real in life. Just observing all that has gone on these last weeks with the pomp and ceremony of a group of people who do not contribute all that much (read AT ALL) to our spiritual consciousness….

People appear to have such short memories – so many have died, been hurt, abused, destroyed on every level for centuries – yet this was all swept away, omitted and otherwise not brought up - for the sake of …. What?

A few carefully chosen words, clever marketing (very clever) and something else – taking place behind the scenes – initiation into the upper levels of power, along with the others in the ‘know’.

Quite something to see, eh? An elevation, shift, a change and a handing over of power is taking place in the world.

So, when you are invited to come and participate in some of these courses, talks, workshops and ceremonies that use words such as those above to describe the expected activities --- it has you intrigued right?

And of course, once your attention is absorbed, well, then these words can then take on an almost mystical quality. Surely the words alone will somehow magic you into a new sphere of consciousness and then your life will change into all that you have ever dreamed of….

I digress here. I don’t know if your life will change or not. Perhaps, it was on the edge of something new anyway (aren’t we all on the edge these days?) and an activation, initiation, or adjustment may or may not have had any affect.

However, after years and years (I won’t tell you how many) of being in this field, in one way or another, there is one thing I have learned worth repeating to whomever will listen;

If someone is offering to adjust you or your body’s internal workings, to activate you or initiate you into anything to do with your own personal higher levels of consciousness – walk away (or run).

What is more….if anyone is offering, mentioning, itching to get their hands on your DNA (and I know they are, because this has been such a buzz phrase for a while) – do not under any circumstances allow the cells in your body to be hacked into.

By Anyone. Ever.

If you want to be adjusted, altered, shifted, changed, initiated, healed and otherwise moved onto higher ground – well, this is a condition of higher consciousness and takes place from the inside of our bodies, working it’s way out.

These are pure spiritual experiences, which are brought about through our own seeking, exercise, diet changes, detox, cleansing, clean water, life force enhancing herbs, nature Herself and spiritual pursuits.

Your body is more than capable of accomplishing each of these energetic shifts all on it’s own – without any outside interference from anyone. In actual fact, to have anyone else involved in your spiritual experience, would be like taking on an energetic imprint from them.

Or, wearing another energy field, that doesn’t belong to you, it won’t fit and it will pull you down.



Monday, 11 March 2013

When the Universe Doesn't Answer

I wanted to talk about this concept – mainly because over the years I have heard so many say (and even said it myself) – something along the lines of – putting things out to the Universe and waiting for a response.

Or asking, expecting something – and worse – needing something – hoping, it will turn up and then it doesn’t. So, what we often do then is nothing. Instead we replace these feelings of doubt with more thoughts – it wasn’t meant to be or some other poor excuse for needs, wants and desires not being met.

Of course there is the argument that not everything we want will arrive on our doorstep and rightly so. But, basic needs should at least be met – yet I know I have lived for many years while walking this path, when they have not.

As Light Workers, healers, therapists and spiritual seekers we are sort of encouraged to place our trust in something higher. This Universal ‘all knowing’ presence – many of us have faith in and give up our dreams to it’s magnificence.

And of course we do.

Without always knowing what that something is, where it is or even if it is. Yet, we persist and at times (perhaps time after time) we are left feeling let down, disappointed, discouraged and often in precarious positions physically, financially and ultimately, spiritually.

I bring this up because I think this is important – it is to me and used to define my early experiences walking this path. Often I would want something, require some assistance or other – only to ‘place it out there’ and boom – absolutely nothing would happen.

I was reminded of this pattern, (expectation?) over these past few weeks as I have been doing my parasite cleanse. I can see how these two scenarios are quite related to each other and perhaps – are even part of the same energetic cycle.

A lot of us – maybe the vast majority, have unfulfilled expectations, needs remaining unmet and frustration as a result as we walk these paths towards something better.

Parasites appear to play a key role here in this scenario – they intercept, circumvent - our wishes and needs – filling themselves up first from our resources.

But there is one thing they do that is beyond reprehension – they have placed themselves in the seat of power – given themselves unprecedented control (within and without) and are the ones who ‘answer’ (in the vast majority of cases) our call for help.

Have you even noticed how the money is just not quite enough? We are always falling a little (or a lot) short of our needs? Our resources just don’t stretch quite as far as we need them to and we are constantly forced to compromise our dreams, hopes, wishes – needs…

Something is not right and it hasn’t been for a very long time. Energy vampires have been running the show – and I mean each and every show on earth while people suffer the dire consequences of not having their needs meant.

Walking a spiritual path is not supposed to be easy – you are meant to learn, persist and overcome the obstacles placed in your way. However, your basic needs should be met by an abundant fully aligned Universe that is full of good….

When they are not? Well, it’s time to change the world, isn’t it?