Monday, 30 July 2012

Spiritual Detox Part 2

This subject may never be finished, there is still much that needs to be said and as I mentioned before it has been mulling around my mind for such a long time, this entire theme of toxicity of spirit. There are deeper issues here that are affecting each one of us who are walking this path, while some of them are making us sick.

Two of which are spiritual jealousy and spiritual competitiveness - each of these in turn probably arrive together and derive from similar sources. However, both are equally nasty and damaging (to the extreme) of the energy field creating large rips or tears especially along the back of the body.

I would go so far as to say that if to be envious of someone else can be likened to sending dark magic their way, to be resentful and bitter regarding someone's spirituality can be compared to embedding a curse deep within their energy field which festers away until recognized and removed.

One of the main problems here is that even though we may know a darkness is carried or buried in the field, most people are unaware of how to remove or disassemble it. And indeed it takes some doing - this is not as simple as drinking a herbal remedy (although herbs can play a large role) nor can it be shifted by someone else.

This is what I want to address here mainly, far more then anything else on your spiritual journey, is that you must come to rely upon yourself for your own healing, body care and take full responsibility for all that you are and want to become. 

No one other than you can do this on your behalf, in the exact same way that no one else can fix you, shift you or walk your path. They may be able to point you in the right direction, however, when it comes down to the actual physical work of your spirit - be it removal of a curse or aligning with higher consciousness, your body already knows how to do this, any 'assistance' might cause more harm then good. 

So how does this relate back to spiritual competitiveness and jealousy - quite simple really, there are those out there who are ready to step into action the moment you start to believe you can't do this on your own. They might offer help and guidance by way of most often bizarre rituals involving the soul which are said to help you with your journey in some way.

To be honest with you, if someone starts mentioning working on another person's soul, dreams, life force, or anything deeper then the immediate energy field, I would run the other way. There is not one of us on the planet with permission to tamper so deeply with another person. 

Once such a person has been granted access to your inner blueprint this is dangerous ground - in my experience there are those who want what they see and will then stop at nothing to take it. They have placed themselves into positions of power where access to other people is easy and anyone perceived as a threat can be dealt with severely. 

I know, this is not the 'love and light' subject normally brought up during discussions on higher consciousness - however, these things are real, they are happening and even though this is unpleasant, it still must be talked about. 

With this blog in particular, my promise has always been to tell it like it is and to call out the truth of each and every situation that we may find ourselves in. That is what I have been writing about for quite some time in my books and now, if you are reading this and wondering why, perhaps it is time to ask yourself about your own level of protection. 

Your spirit or soul is the most precious commodity you own, guard it with your life.


Friday, 27 July 2012

Spiritual Detox

Spiritual detox is a term that I have been mulling over for quite some time - long before I even had much of an idea where this path would take me. I remember as recently as a year ago, trying to get at buried toxins that just seemed to be far more stuck than others and wondering why this was so.

Of course as time moved on and I kept moving forward with the Master Cleanses and fasting, I moved far more deeply into my own body than I ever have before. The one thing that became clear to me ( I have mentioned it here several times) is that these wounds of the spirit are by far the most profound.

Along with these wounds, like a poison arrow, there are toxins and built up debris that must be moved out in order to heal and restore ultimately moving on from spiritual resistance. All of this makes perfect sense and this is precisely the sort of material a good detox will remove. However, there are other issues of the spirit at work here and this is what I would like to talk about.

Firstly, how many of us (for a long time, me as well) would stay in a  negative environment, relationship, situation waiting for the 'signal' or sign or some indication that the lesson was over - meaning that we could now move on. Most likely only to repeat this all over again.

Secondly, are there still those out there walking and talking the language of spirituality, while readily sacrificing their dreams, hopes, desires, purposes and ultimately souls - believing that to give so much of the self away is part of what is asked of us? That this path will cost us absolutely everything, with nothing left over for us?

I am asking just these two simple questions because for some reason, there seems to be a lot of wrong information floating around about exactly what is asked of us by 'spirit' and how much we 'should suffer' before we are pure enough to open up to higher levels of consciousness. 

Anything that you do or allow to be done to you, to cause suffering to yourself or your body is not spiritual in any way. Pain, emotional, physical, psychic, energetic - whatever - serves to push you out of yourself away from the direction naturally mapped out for us. Discomfort and challenge are not on the same vibration as pain.

Likewise spending time in negative environments with those who do not care to understand who or what you are (or worse) is a contamination of the energy field. Your body cannot possibly maintain good health (mind and soul equally) when you immerse yourself in these lower vibrations consistently. 

This all being said, doesn't meant that you have to completely back away from all and everything - not entirely. However, you do have to carefully consider who and what you want to become, where your journey will take you and if hanging around those who have no spiritual leanings is beneficial.

For the most part these two issues will mainly revolve around the work you do and those in your wider circles. Often our immediate family are all from one soul group and we will be on a similar track together. You will not be taken from love. 

What is being asked of us, one and all who walk the talk, is to unbelieve some of these spiritual 'rules' that have little to do with higher consciousness. Awareness grows and moves from cell to cell within our bodies - anything that we might do to interfere with that process can cause imbalance to our system.

Perhaps it is time to end the pattern of suffering and embrace something new. Isn't it interesting that the opposite of suffer is thrive, flourish  and prosper? 

Have a wonderful day,


Borage in the herb garden

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Why Is This So Difficult?

I have spoken with a few people over these past few weeks and there seems to be one main theme amongst those who are trying to walk a spiritual path - that this is hard and perhaps it has gotten harder over the last while.

Right now there just seems to be so many opposing forces within each of us and of course swirling around us that are attempting to derail people on their journey. In many instances these forces succeed at least for a time as we can often become side tracked by situations and drama.

However, once the game is recognized for what it is, we can remove ourselves from the board and stop playing along. Or is this where the difficulty lies for some people? They can see the game and energy they are caught up in, but choose not to move away from it because it serves them in some way.

In this way, they believe that by keeping a foot firmly in both camps they will benefit from both or not miss out on anything. Perhaps it also has a lot to do with fear, people who are fearful will do nearly anything to keep things the same, change can be unnerving and involves responsibility for the outcome.

For others, there are difficult choices to be made, and once new roads are taken, the path can become increasingly tedious and stressful. In some ways it can be compared to being punished for making choices in favor of a higher spirituality. And indeed that is what appears to be happening.

A path to higher consciousness will take you away from people, places and situations where you were once told that you belonged. At least, at one time that was all there was, but you knew you were different and that you did not really fit in. 

Pulling away and pushing back from the place you were in has taken courage, time and for some of us, it has cost us dearly. However, such decisions are not taken lightly but come about from years of seeking answers, soul searching and finally taking steps to create forward movement in our lives.

When I look back at what my life is now compared to where I have come from, and the time in between that has seemingly taken me to the gates of hell and back, I no longer wonder why. I know that this has served to strengthen me, but more than that, it has also enabled me to unlearn or un-believe  all that I was taught about myself and the world around me, which of course never worked for me because it did not apply or fit into my dreams.

In essence walking the talk and choosing to seek a higher path asks everything of you which will then enable you to re-create from the ground up the life you choose to live. And this is not easy, but this too is about to change, don't be afraid of it.

Have a wonderful day,


Monday, 23 July 2012

Getting Out of Our Own Way

These past few days during my cleanse I have been focused on removing obstacles, blocks, resistance and other negative energy that has been holding me back. So, with this theme in mind I have been chipping away at some of the more obvious areas where I have been feeling stuck.

Of course the entire point of doing any cleanse of this sort, what I would call a 'spiritual detox' is to get at the bottom of whatever these underlying patterns are buried deep in my soul. I once heard it said that dysfunction of the spirit is far more serious then any other disorder of the body. This part of us can be damaged seemingly beyond repair and it is a delicate place to encourage healing.

In fact many of us go through our entire lives feeling hurt, damaged, weary or worse, not feeling at all - because the heart, the door that leads to spirit has been firmly closed in face of pain and adversity. Is it any wonder that the number one disorder and most modern diseases centre around the heart?

Just what is it that drives us out of our 'homes' and takes us so very far away from the centre of our being, enough to cause a slow and painful inflammation that ultimately develops from disconnection? Perhaps there is no one reason but many forming a web that contains us and disables our ability to find our way back to our deepest selves.

We have all heard the saying 'you can't go home again' and I fully understand this on one level. Once you leave the place of your childhood, you will change and step into bigger shoes, not wanting to play the same roles. To me then, this was not our home, but a temporary living arrangement in someone else's house. 

You must seek out a place for yourself, creating it out of the person you want to be and then put your heart and soul into such a project. Yet not many people can achieve this or even realize that this is what they are seeking in their lives.

A block in the heart is an emptiness, a hole that cannot be filled though many of us try with excess food, drink, drugs and other addictions. If you are brave and want to continue on your spiritual journey, this hole will have to be repaired one way or another. Of course, there are many bonuses to be found in the healing of the heart, and you will watch your life come back together in new ways.

Perhaps the best thing we can do once we are at this point is to make sure that we are not equally part of the problem here, hanging on to our familiar blocks and obstacles. 

It is time to let go and move onwards and upwards. 


Sunday, 22 July 2012

Looking For Love

As you may know already, I am on day 8 of a 10 day Master Cleanse which I started with the firm intention of removing blocks, breaking down walls and navigating my way around obstacles that were generally holding me back from living my dreams.

Here I am breaking down these walls around my heart and all I am thinking of is love - of course for me, I always start a query by looking it up - love is an emotion of strong affection and personal attachment that you feel for another person. Ok. But, that doesn't fill in all of the blanks for me yet. 

What else is love? What does it mean to me and why do I curl up and move away from people who throw this word around so easily? I write in one of my books that there must be different levels or degrees of love - because I can hear this word and want to run or 'feel' it and want to stay.

So, love must be far more than just an emotion, or a word and even an action. If love is what you do, who you are, the things you are passionate about and your inner soul/heart/being all wrapped up into one package - why are so many people afraid of it?

I am not entirely sure that I will be able to explain this but I will give it a try. From my observations, love is a force and not just any force it is THE central force of the Universe. Being a force it is strong, deliberate and certain. When I look up the word force I find - 

~ force is any influence that causes an object (insert person here) to undergo a certain change in movement, direction or structure

When we allow those words and meaning to sink in a little, it makes sense that being around 'love' or witnessing the power and strength (force) of love can be quite unnerving for many people because that is pretty awesome stuff.

Love then is an emotion or state of being and place inside of us, once we re-gain our inner spaces, where this force resides. To be perfectly honest, I am surrounded by love, and I do many of the things that I love to do, however, it has taken multiple cleanses, years of detox and walking a spiritual journey to take me just to the door of love inside of myself.

When I make connections to all else that I am doing in my life, these facts inform me of something vitally important here - that the food we eat, the water we drink, the people we spend time with, the work we do and the lives we have been living - have all conspired to push us as far away from the power of love as possible.

If our physical bodies are filled with fear (from television, radio, food, medication, unhappy relationships, dead end jobs etc.) then there is no room left for love. Or, love is pushed and squeezed into tiny far reaching corners of our beings, cut off and disconnected from our energy flow. 

Most of us live this way, experience our entire lifetimes missing out on the key element that makes us unique and gives our human species unlimited potential. Love is a force which is an energy drive or source of power. And we don't even know that we have it. 

Living the way we are living, burying ourselves in layers of debris and toxins, digging these holes and falling into patterns that keep us trapped and held back... it is no wonder that so many are frustrated, tired and angry with life and just want things to change. You, however are the only one that can decide to do the work that it takes to create the changes that you want in your life.

May the force be with you,


Schull by the harbour

Friday, 20 July 2012

7 Spiritual Habits

Each day there are many of us who are attempting to walk the path of higher spiritual knowledge and often we are doing this quite in the dark and of course, alone. Mostly this is a solitary path or one to be undertaken with your spiritual partner or soul family but even then you will often find yourselves on your own.

Over these years of intense focus on walking the talk and living this way, as a family we have learned a number of important things - often these truths are so vital to how we approach this journey that to do something differently would cause us to stop or slow down. And what is far worse, when we don't pay attention to detail, this can cause confusion.

I have come to realize that while there are truths for individuals there are also general patterns and habits that apply to each of us on our spiritual path - and once they are incorporated into our daily lives, things become much easier. There is much we can do to free up the energy flow and not encourage more blocks or resistance within our own fields.

I have noticed about 7 of these spiritual habits, when applied to our lives make an incredible difference to our comfort level and peace of mind while on this very special journey.

1. Don't Put Things Off

One of the most important things to realize is that when you have things to do (which can be done such as ironing, exercise, chores around the house etc) and they get put off, each of these tasks tie up energy. These sit on our minds, in our energy fields and like any other area of stagnant energy, until this project is finished we are giving it energy. 

It is actually much harder to stay in one place then it is to move forward. Try standing still for awhile and see how you do - it takes a fair amount of energy, because your body is designed to move and it is a natural force within us. 

If you start something, try your best to finish it and get organized - make a list of things to be done and then do them. You know how much better you feel when something is accomplished? Well, this is why. When you are on a spiritual path, all your energy will be needed to walk the talk - completing tasks is an important way to get energy moving.

2. Treat Your Body Like a Temple

As I mention in my books, if you don't take care of your body, you will have no place to live. This physical body is your home, which is a vital piece of your spiritual journey because the path is inwards, not outwards. You will not find it outside of yourself, your journey is within. 

Taking exquisite care of the body is part of your learning on this path therefore eating pure whole foods, drinking clean water, using herbs for healing as well as taking regular exercise are all important elements of walking the talk.

How can you possibly expect to arrive 'home' if you block the way with rubbish foods, drugs, alcohol and toxic chemicals? Not going to happen.

3. Believe in Better 

Three of the most important words to me over these years, that actually had the profound effect of changing my life at the time were - You Deserve Better. Of course I had heard them said before, but one day I woke up and really heard them. In a way they started my journey once again and became a mantra for me for many years.

Along with those words are a sense that there is something better for me, a better way, better food, water and then to expect better from myself. Once you start to believe in better, you raise your expectations for your life and then your energetic vibration also raises.

4. When You Know Better, Do Better

This is a fundamental lesson in integrity on this spiritual path. I have come to think of it like a light - when the light goes on for an issue or situation, then that is it, instant change. I cannot remain with the same thinking, the same people or in the same place once I know a better way. If I do keep doing the same things, once again this creates stagnant energy in the field and I will become stuck. 

In this way, the spiritual path is all about change, not one aspect of your life will remain the same from start to finish. You must change who you are, what you do, and the way you live as part of the path. It is meant to remove you from some situation that does not work and bring you onto higher ground where life is better. Don't be afraid of change.

5. Treat Every Situation Like a Teacher 

Once you decide to start this journey, from now on each situation that you find yourself in and everyone you meet is a teacher. You are constantly learning about yourself, the world around you and why things are as they are. You are meant to figure things out, you are supposed to ask questions - because this is the only way that we can effectively learn anything worthwhile.

Like a small child - we will ask the same questions over and over again until we get it straight in our minds. The people and relationships that we might find ourselves in are equally important - to learn what needs to be learned and then to move forward, as often on this path individuals arrive when we need them and move on once the lesson is finished. 

6. Create Sacred Space 

Having some place in your home and garden that is set aside for ceremonial purposes and reserved for spiritual practice is a vital piece to the work of the spirit. Remember, this space mirrors something that is within you, what is outside is also inside - if there is no sacred space set aside on the outside, there won't be any room reserved for this inside either.

This could be anything - for many it is simply a shelf or a table or a if you have the space, a room where you can  go to light a candle, spend some time in reflection, do some Yoga, read, listen to music or just about anything that you might consider spiritual.

We celebrate the full and new moons, and would have space set aside inside and outside the house for this. Some times, on feast days, we take our meals in our sacred space and it transforms into a place of sacred ceremony. Beautiful.

7. Know Thyself 

Lastly, there is no clearer reason to follow a spiritual path if you do not end up with full knowledge of your purpose, in complete alignment with your destiny and an absolute understanding of the power within your body.

These are fundamentals of higher consciousness and of course, the main reason we are doing any of this deep work on ourselves. Because this journey is inwards, you can expect to gain detailed information about your own history, past lives, health, energetic patterns and how to work with each of these to heal and uplift your life. 


Although these are only a few basics of following a spiritual path - when applied to your life with honesty and integrity you will make things easier for yourself and deepen your experience. 

See yourself home safely,


Beauty spot in Glandore Harbour - West Cork

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

April's Five Minute Challenge

A number of years ago I wanted to find a way to get more out of my day and it got me thinking about the whole subject of energy. As some days I have so very much to do, how do I first of all stay focused and second of all keep the creative juices flowing? The third thing is how do I push it to the next level? These answers are always very simple and of course, right in front of me. EXERCISE

So I started thinking of all the things that I want to do, the goals, ambitions, even the smallest ones, and wondered what I could accomplish if I got my body moving for the next 24 hours.... could I move that mountain? Or climb it?

My goal was simple, I wanted to push myself into a higher level- but did not really know how that would play out. I just had a desire to feel like I was moving forward and perhaps see some results of it.

It quickly formulated into a plan to exercise very hard and very frequently- or just a bit of exertion and lots of it! I have done this over the years, but usually in conjunction with studying for an exam. So, I promised myself that for the next 24 hours or so I would exercise for at least 5 minutes each hour that I am awake--- NO EXCUSES.

Even when you exercise regularly, it is easy to treat this as a separate part of your day. The 45 minutes at the gym, or walking the dog or yoga class- neat and tidy, that is out of the way. I propose that when we incorporate it directly into our lifestyle no matter what it is, and remain active throughout the day- then not only are you more productive, you feel better too.

This changes the paradigm of how we think about physical activity and why we must move in order to stay healthy, but also that reaching these goals is often a matter of a little push in the right direction.

If you are at work, there is still no excuse - run up and down stairs, jog in the corridor, hop on one foot, or get outside, there is lots you can do; remember this is a CHALLENGE. One thing that I do is go outside without a coat and it forces me to move to stay warm. Sometimes I just run up and down in the driveway and around the house. For my last 5 minutes I was on my stationary bike, pedaling normally for all but each 30 second burst. Before that I did some weights, some rebounding, skipping and jogging.

This routine works particularly well if you are a student, as those brain cells require oxygen to process information. As I am all things to everybody at the moment, this is just the boost I need to improve my memory, focus and concentration. It really helps when writing, be it an essay, a letter or a book. Move it and use it.

Having babies or small children is no excuse, I have kids and you just have to be more creative. Be playful, turn up some music and dance for all you have in you! Better still, get them to join in with you, I have rarely seen little ones who do not want to move.

Even if I am in my pajamas, even if it is late at night, even if I need to pee, even if I (and we all have a reason ) any number of other things, just get up or stop what I am doing and move. But not any old move, it needs to be very physical exercise, with at least a couple of 30 second bursts of intensity or spurts.

Basic Rules to follow:

- it must be exercise
- if you sweat, this is best
- run, walk, jog, jump, hop, skip
- lift weights, push, pull, stretch
- do at least 2 spurts of 30 seconds each
- 5 minutes or more right up until bed time

So far I am nearly 5 years incorporating this way to exercise into my life and it really works to keep energy flowing and I must admit that I do feel some what more on top of things as long as I exercise.....

Exercise is the key to assisting your body in its’ removal of toxins like noxious chemicals, plastic or pollution before these become lodged in your tissues. Along with all the other benefits of activity we can now add more- brain-power, boosts in sales, a top grade on your exam, a promotion at work, being in a good mood with your family- or anything you want, you fill in the blanks.

So get going with what ever you can do and take up this challenge and from now on incorporate exercise into your day, everyday - you will make inroads into your body and this will help you on your path towards higher consciousness. 

Have a lovely day,


Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Top 5 Ways to Unblock Energy

Top 5 Ways to Unblock Energy

My mission over these past few days that I have been following my July Master Cleanse has been to focus on areas of blocked and resistant energy. I have been listening, talking to and working with my body but focused on mainly my heart area as that feels to be the key to all of this.

Today is only day 3 of the 10 days but it appears to have hit me like a brick wall or perhaps I am the one who has hit the wall. And I think that this just might be the wall that I have to break down or get over somehow.

Tonight I am feeling tired, but not tired (like it comes from some other place), heavy in my heart and just now as I was tuning in to exactly what I was experiencing, it is as if there is an echo or an emptiness. I have found the block that I was after – so now what to do about it?

Of course, a cleanse is all about cleaning out areas, tissues, organs and cells at the deepest levels to remove toxins, reduce inflammation and generally restore harmony to the body. I know that this cleanse will do the work that needs to be done here – I am only required to support it.

I have been doing a few things to encourage the energy to move as I am an old hand at this (smile), however, this is deeper than I have ever gone before and I guess each successive Master Cleanse will be like this from now on. I have days, weeks and months of fasting under my belt and no two times have been alike.

This time around I am doing the following 5 things mainly to open up this blocked energy and get at the underlying pattern;


The physical act of cleansing on its own pushes the toxins to the surface creating movement in any area of stagnant energy. Sort of like an osmosis – water flows and pulls out embedded poisons and clears the debris. Any time spent cleaning the body inside and out is worthwhile leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed afterwards.


I love music and all kinds of music –  this is often the first thing that I do with my day – listen to some music, usually loud and upbeat. These past few days I have been listening for all sorts of tunes from country to rock to classical –  and I have found that this has helped to open something that was tightly closed. Perhaps that is the magic of music, the notes and harmonies work with our body on several levels at the same time; it can penetrate where other things cannot.


Any form of physical activity, movement, exercise and especially dance takes us into and connects us with our innate energy flow. Energy can become erratic, spiked, congested and many other things – movement works to re-align the energy field, smoothing out the configuration and allowing structure or shape to be more defined. This should be a gentle process when necessary and dance can be a great way to encourage re-patterning within the energy matrix. Dancing brings us back to self – to put it simply, where there is more self arriving, there is little room for blocks. I always feel better when dancing or exercising and I try to do this often, having small children helps as they love to dance!


Nature is all about grounding, connecting and feeling apart of something grander, bigger than ourselves. When we are out in nature with the intention of making these connections, repair can take place to reverse the damage of blocked and resistant energy. When we are blocked in any way, we have interrupted these energetic ties to our own world and can lose our bearings quite easily. Using nature as part of our overall healing process brings us back into this level of awareness which then serves to help dislodge the block.  These past few days I have been walking, working in the garden and taking pictures when possible, spending time outside.

Creative Work (writing, art)

I do many things that might be considered creative, I write, I love to cook, bake and create with food,  we grow herbs for my teas and keep a large garden. And even though it would not be something that I would show to others, I enjoy painting, colouring or using pastels. When I am working on an art piece I approach it in the exact same way I would a reading on someone – my body, mind and spirit go into a new realm and something just flows. In this instance it would be colours, textures and shapes giving voice to feelings and thoughts.


These are some of the ways and means that I have been using to find these blocks in my system and then to uproot them and hopefully begin the process of removal. I am not na├»ve enough to think that this will happen all in a day or even during this cleanse. Often these energy blocks have existed for lifetimes and will take careful effort to dissolve, however, this is all part of the journey that I am on and I am pleased to have come so far. 

Let's see what tomorrow brings,


Monday, 16 July 2012

Advice to Energy Healers and Therapists...

Many years ago I started out exploring energy healing, hands on healing, energy therapy and all manner of anything to do with the energy field in an effort to understand my energetic self, but also with the hope of making something of it and helping other people. 

Of course being an intuitive and inquisitive by nature, I wanted to explore and figure out exactly what was happening within the energy field of the humans I was seeing as well as myself. In order to do that I needed to be proficient in hands on energy therapies and to know what they were all about.

Over the following few years I took courses in nearly everything - Hands on Healing, Healing Touch, Touch for Health, Kinesiology, became a Reiki Master, massage therapy - you name it, I did it. And for the most part I really enjoyed the work that I did and felt that I was figuring out a lot about energy.

Of course, there were always queries and lingering doubts about some of what was being taught, and whenever I asked certain questions I was put off or pushed out of the inner circles. When I look back now, I know that it was because those teaching and demonstrating these techniques did not know themselves and what was worse was that some did not care.

The questions and lingering doubts that I had then still stand today and most higher level teachers and leaders even now do not want to 'know' more because it puts them in a position of responsibility. One that they are ill prepared to take on or even to know how to address. 

I have listed some of those questions that I was asking then and since have addressed through my own work, life and core beliefs and written about my findings in my books;

  • How were the practitioners and participants being protected and by whom or what? 

This question about protection was and is perhaps the most important one that I have had to ask and of course it has never been answered satisfactorily. When we are doing 'energy work' (by this I mean working in someone's energy field) and consuming a poor diet, taking medication, under profound stress, using 'other' drugs such as alcohol, exposure to radiation and any number of other vices - our energy fields can be wide open. That is one issue. 

Connected to this is that no matter how many bubbles of light surround you or how much you meditate or who your guides/angels/spirits are - you are not protected. And what is worse - you are not in a position to protect anyone else. An energy field is only as strong as the practitioners physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body is at that moment in time. 

Each of the 'vices' listed above weaken, damage, break and otherwise wreak havoc with the delicate strands which make up a person's energetic field. This is reality. We have to work at taking exquisite care of ourselves which includes the energy field.

  • Why was everyone 'leaking' energy and what to do about it?

As an intuitive I 'see' and perceive the energy field, quite clearly I might add. Of course this situation has become far worse in more recent times however, even back in the late 80's and 90's when I was attending these courses I was seeing that something was amiss in my own energy field and in everyone else's. They were full of holes, rips, tears and in some cases broken off completely. Many people were missing parts of their energy fields at the back, especially near the neck and above the kidneys - both areas where we carry stress. 

These problems with the energy field are caused by anything (from junk food to drugs to chronic stress) that damages the physical body. We cannot separate our physical self from ANY other part of us - we are a functioning unit and that means all of us. Energy fields that are full of breaks, holes and tears, leak energy which leads to dysfunction.

What to do about it? Well, this was the single biggest reason I developed my energy technique of Closing the Energy Leaks but also, any improvements that you make to your diet, health, well-being and lifestyle will begin the process of repairing your energy field.

  • Who was showing up when angels, spirits and guides were 'called' in?

I actually remember 'watching' people being encouraged to call in spirits, masters, guides and other entities and then not paying the slightest bit of attention to what was showing up. Mainly because they were not being taught to ask these questions, but also because no one was even thinking that 'anything' might come in through an open door. 

In some of my classes on energy therapy and Medical Intuition I have had participants experiment with this and then check the 'beings' that were showing up. This was an eye opener for everyone involved  leading them to become far more discerning afterwards in their private practices. 

Just because you call in what you believe to be a spiritual being of integrity, this is not always what will arrive and besides, if you are hopped up on sugar, what else would you expect? Like, attracts like in the energy realms.

  • What was the story with all the sugar, rubbish and junk food?

This brings me to my last point, I remember attending some of these courses where tables would be piled high with all manner of junk food - everything from chocolate, fizzy drinks, potato crisps, doughnuts, cakes, sugar, sugar, and more sugar. Oh and a little bowl of fruit on the side. When I asked sincerely what was going on with all of this rubbish food, I was informed that sugar improves your psychic and intuitive abilities. Yeah, right.

Anything that does harm to the body, will not improve any function of that body. Sugar is a poison, it is toxic and an anti-nutrient. This means that it costs you energy to digest and assimilate it because it is so depleted of energy. It has absolutely nothing to offer you and using this will lead to many forms of dysfunction. And it will definitely not improve anything especially where your sixth sense is concerned.

As humans we intuitively know that and everyone should know this. So why on earth is this, still to this day, a part of these workshops as if it was the nectar of the gods? Sugar is dangerous stuff (pure white and deadly?) and not to be mixed with energy work of any kind. 


Why am I writing about this now and spelling this out so clearly for you here - because this is some of what I have learned over these past 20 plus years that I have been in this business and I wish that someone had told me when I started out. It would have saved a lot of frustration, illness, worry, stress and FEAR over the years. 

So, now you know.