April Danann MSc, BSc (Hons), Dip MI, Dip NT, Dip PT 
mob: +353 (0)87 2361616

If you want to know about my education, experience and the technical details of some of the things I have done to be where I am, all of that stuff is listed below. Personally, I don't put much stock into formal learning, most of which will be 'unlearned' while experience is gained.

Who am I really (aside from what I have learned, experienced and the places I have been) is a person deeply committed to fully understanding my body, mind and soul on the deepest levels. 

Guided solely by my intuition, I have learned to place all my trust, faith, hope and belief into my body - as long as I choose to carefully listen to its' instruction on how to live, what to eat and when to take action - my spiritual journey will take me where I am destined to go.   

I know for instance, that 'information' we have been taught, told and indoctrinated with through schools, churches, governments and society is false. This path I am on has taken me far away from these lies, on a journey of discovery.

With absolute certainty, I know my body can heal itself without drugs, my mind is not weak or depressed but has been enslaved to its' masters and my soul is the ultimate prize sought after by many, like a piece of prime real estate. 

Perhaps this is all you need to know about me, however, in the pages of my blogs I will endeavour to tell you my story, talk about all that I have learned and share each truth as soon as I can articulate it. 



April Danann is a Medical Intuitive, Clinical Nutritionist, and practitioner of Energy Medicine with a focus on Exercise Physiology and has many years of experience. Working as an Intuitive since she was a teenager, has provided her with a wealth of knowledge and on the job training working one on one and in groups with clients.

Her 20’s brought her more into the world of Energy Medicine, where she trained as a Reiki Master and studied Massage Therapy, Healing Touch, Touch for Health, Medical Intuition, and Kinesiology. During her 30’s she became a Nutritional Therapist (Dip NT) and has completed a BSc (Hons) in Food Management and Supply, an MSc in Exercise and Nutrition Science and a diploma in Food Packaging Technology.

April’s research project for BSc (Hons) using Irish honey won the CAFRE Award for 2011 (the medicinal and therapeutic properties of honey). Other research has been carried out on the medicinal properties of garlic (dipNT), the phenomenon of the rise and recent bans on bottled water products (MSc), and various current interest and opinion pieces.

Currently, April is researching her PhD in Naturopathic Medicine while combining her extensive clinical experience in her private practice in West Cork. 

All of this education and knowledge goes into assisting clients with health, healing (body, mind & spirit), fasting & diet, lifestyle and conscious living. Throughout the year various courses are on offer in Fermentation, Nutrition, Energy Medicine, Natural Bee Keeping and Medical Intuition. 

Aprils' interest is in practitioner safety, energy, candida and fasting for healing the physical body, fermented foods and herbs as medicine. 

April is an internationally known and skilled Medical Intuitive. She lives in Ireland with her partner and two young children, some unruly pets and is a hopeful beekeeper.