Monday, 29 July 2013

Minding Your Energy in the Healing Professions.....

I have talked about this before….and bring it up to anyone who will listen – just because you are in the healing/therapy/energy professions, doesn’t mean you need to call in outside help in the form of guides, angels, masters and other unseen entities.

No matter what anyone tells you, you do have the tools, skills, ability, power and knowledge to do this work by yourself. After all, you are far more capable than anyone else to do the work you are born to do.

Right now, there are millions upon millions of beings roaming this planet…..spirits, orbs, energy entities, ghosts, goblins, ghouls and monsters (and gobshites!) to name but a few of these beings….which is only the tip of a very large iceberg.

They are here mainly because we have some who are opening doors and welcoming in – whatever and whomever shows up. These doors are opened by several means, the least of which is poor diet, medication, toxic water, chronic stress and living in a constant state of fear.

Our human defences (read immune response) which under normal circumstances should sound an alarm, have been dampened down to such an extent…..well, we let in anyone or else they push themselves into our space.

If you suspect you have an energy attachment, are feeling drained and used in your life – or, just finding that nearly everything you are wanting/trying/working at doing is blocked – well, most likely there is something tangible that has you stuck in this place (an energy block).

What is more – you are then ‘feeling’ what this entity wants you to feel! So, these are not only your emotions, thoughts, senses or frustration that you experience in your day to day life, these belong to energy attachments as well. 

Is it any wonder some of the time (or a lot of the time!) we are feeling confused, distracted, ungrounded and anxious? Perhaps that is the very intention of an energy vampire. Get us into a bit of a ‘state’….keep us there and carry on siphoning off our precious life force.

All is not lost however, once you start to recognize there are invaders in your mind, body and soul – then you can take steps to start removing them from these points of attachment (nervous system) and get your life back.

One of the easiest places to begin is to be aware of and eliminate the many forms of neurotoxins in your diet. Quite a few of the substances we are flooded with each day are highly poisonous and persist in our systems for years….but they also set us up for invasion. 

Chlorine, fluoride, aspartame, even caffeine, food colourings, dyes, some ingredients of medications, and the ever popular Nightshade family of fruits (potato, tomato, aubergine, peppers, chillies, gogi berries, tobacco) all contain various forms of neurotoxins that wear down our nervous system and make us vulnerable to energy draining attachments.

Besides removing these items from your diet permanently, you can increase exercise, detox regularly and otherwise give your body an exit point for some of these toxins (keep your liver, skin and kidneys working optimally). 

By the way….your nervous function is perhaps the single most important tool your body uses to grow spiritually – it’s your inner communication system. If we can’t listen/hear/communicate within – we can’t move forward safely on the outside.

Union Hall, West Cork - shadows in the water

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Energetic Attachments.....A Physical Phenomena

Physical and energy entities such as lost, misguided, dead and malicious souls as well as foreign beings (spirits, orbs, fallen angels), can attach to your energy field and wreak havoc within your physical body. 

This will be played out as a block in your body (frequently strating at the nervous system), a feeling of being stuck and unable to move- this block is pain, swelling, or any (usually) chronic area of weakness as well as being at a standstill in your life and relationships. 

These physical regions in the body as well as your life, pin-point the place of attachment of the energy entity - this is where they are draining you of energy. 

Some beings can come in at any time and very suddenly (they are pushy, aggressive and threatening) whereas others attach more gradually, during time spent in a weakened state for instance. And so many others are born criminals who present themselves as something else entirely.

The immediate signs of a likely energy attachment are tiredness, excessive sweet and junk food cravings, unable to sleep deeply or well (especially in children), looking and feeling drained, pale skin, constipation, seeing dark spots, other worldly colours or images in your field, general disruption in your home or work (distraction), discord and bad feelings….

The list goes on and some may even call it LIFE- however this is not normal and not the way living should be.

For many of us, this is also a lifelong occurrence and has been a constant theme for as long as we can remember. Know that you exist as a multi-dimensional human being- thus, when an entity was taken on board in early childhood, it integrated nearly completely with you and has conspired to stop you moving forward with your own (usually spiritual) agenda. By this I mean it co-exists on several levels in you and interacts within your life.

It does this, by the way, because it needs you and your energy to remain here on this planet and have a 'life' of it's own.

Within our physical reality this is often played out as a PERSON- this person simply has the vibrational signature of an immature being, someone who is out of time and space (does not belong here), a stowaway, an alien life form or a combination of the above. Energy entities will almost always resonate with the viral kingdom while seeking a host….

There are also other entities that are seemingly floating through the planet which are pieces of unanchored energy that we can pick up. It becomes a problem when it decides it likes us and wants to stay – this is more towards the surface of the energy field (more easily detoxed) and also can be extremely unbalancing causing lightheadedness, tiredness, worry, fear and anxiety for no reason. 

Why am I addressing this? 

Because eventually these will cause problems in the form of disease, dysfunction and loss of hope and belief in ourselves. In essence, they wear us down and take over our energy SOURCE using it for their own needs

You are more vulnerable when you work with energy, as a therapist, healer, do massage or Reiki, practice meditation in a group or are otherwise around people releasing, healing, shifting and changing

There are far more entities on the earth right now then at any other time in our history and there are those who are actively calling them in

NO ONE is talking about this, yet they sense it, feel it and are feeling very unsafe

This can and will cause problems when left to fester

Our diets, lifestyle (medication, toxins, drugs, chemicals) and attitudes which are reinforced by the media, and of course the nasty beings themselves, encourage these attachments and interfere with our bodies own natural mechanisms for release, detox, cleansing and clearing

If you sense that you have picked up something somewhere along the line or are feeling very vulnerable in your work space....take steps to clear it. Of course, this all begins with your physical body - change your diet (remove Nightshades and other neurotoxins), exercise, take herbs (garlic is a good start!) and get your life moving forward again.


Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Spiritual Lessons in Small Packages

I’ve spent the past week or so taking care of baby ducks – it has been both an eye opener and a challenge. Trying to perceive their needs, to tune in with them and to keep pace with their growth is really something else….

Sort of other-worldly in fact.

Today in particular I have been sensing these other dimensions quite a bit and not only around the ducks. There is an aura around some animals that isn’t quite earth bound – yet it is very grounded in some other ways.

It’s as if there are animals who are here on the planet to do great things. Just in the same way some humans have missions, purposes and destinies that will take them on amazing journeys throughout their lives.

But….back to these little ducks. Each one as they hatched were quite different in the way they took to getting their feet on the ground so to speak. The first one was moving around immediately and was very lively whereas the second and third ones were very laid back and took awhile to adjust.

The second duckling also had splayed legs as if his hips were out of joint, which sometimes happens in fowl. In nature they often don’t make it and in a commercial barnyard they are culled. Yet, this is a simple thing to mend….

In fact, after checking around we decided to use sticking plasters with cotton padding as a sort of splint to keep his legs together at the normal width for a few hours - to see if this would help support him better.

It worked and he got the bandages off himself once he was able to walk around normally (have I mentioned yet that I am in complete awe of nature?).

Then there is the last little one of this particular clutch of eggs….he/she doesn’t even look like the rest, doesn’t sound like them and of course is doing everything his own way (and on his own time! LOL). This one we’ve had to remind to eat/drink as well as to protect him from the bigger ones.

 So…..what’s this got to do with anything you might be thinking? Well, I should back up here. I ended up with these 4 eggs because I took them away from my mother duck after some had hatched and been killed by the other birds.

Barnyard life can be cruel for the youngest ones – especially anyone without the protection of a strong group. The geese have their babies and do just fine because the gander steps in and protects everyone, even sitting on the nest when needed.

Ducks tend to be a little different. So, I put these eggs in an incubator for what we guessed was the remaining time until hatching and we hoped for the best. But, just hoping was only half the story – I did my research and proceeded to do everything in my power to ensure these eggs hatched out.

And they did. Now – in phase 2, I am doing everything in my power to ensure these little ducklings survive (so far, so good) including sitting with them, talking to them, walking with them, making their food and bringing them things I think they might like (such as grass, bugs and worms….Yumm!).

The story only gets really interesting when I mention that the entire family take it in turns to care for these animals. Including setting the alarm clock every 2 hours during the nights they were hatching (the incubator can dry out quickly) to keep them hydrated.

In lots of ways I thought that all the fasting I have done over these years taught me discipline, commitment and fostered a fierce level of determination. But, right now I am seeing these (spiritual lessons) and more taken to a whole new level.

Learning to care for these baby ducks, allowing them to communicate their needs to me as well as trusting in the incredible power of life has seen me let other things (what’s really important anymore?) take a back seat.

The will to survive….The power of life…..This force is inside of each of us and it is like nothing else in the Universe. It is worth protecting.


1st baby duck hatching from it's shell

Thursday, 4 July 2013

My Life in Retrograde....Spiritual Adventures Continue

So, right now Mercury (the messenger planet?) is apparently in retrograde or moving backwards through the sky – which means lots for mere mortals like us, down below. For those who are watching the heavens for signs and guidance….well, it’s a time of increased resistance.

What’s even worse (I know, I am a bit late into this game LOL) is this planetary aspect is likely to happen about 3 times each year for about 3 weeks each time….well, that wouldn’t be so bad; if it ever ended!

I don’t know about you….but for many of us who are walking this spiritual path, this resistance/retrograde/opposition to every single aspect of your life, plans, hopes, wishes, dreams and carefully made decisions – starts to get a little old after a while (sigh).

However, the way I see it right now, is there might be a tiny ray of hope for all of us who feel mired down by life….because when you have opposition to your opposition….doesn’t that cancel it (the negativity/resistance/retrograde) out and mean you can move/shift/change or even live again?

I mean – two opposing forces should have some impact on things down here – wouldn’t you think? If one force (say the stars) is pushing against the other force (the darkness) might that create something else entirely…..

Oh, but wait….you can only see the stars in the darkness….

Someone once said – there isn’t much adventure in a secure future…well that about sums it all up, doesn’t it? So that’s why my life is the way it is…. jazus, I thought it was me!

Ancient tower in Rineen Woods