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Many new things each week in limited editions that do not make it on my list.changing with the seasons! More herbal Apple Cider Vinegars coming.

April Danann’s Apple Cider Vinegars

Welcome to my exciting world of wild fermented living foods! 

I produce a select amount of naturally fermented apple cider vinegar made with spring fed well water, Irish apples, an apple cider vinegar mother I captured outside in my herb garden here in West Cork, old whiskey barrels and time.

Everyone should take apple cider vinegar. 

This ancient remedy has come down the millennia with all sorts of lore attributed to it; from helping ease aches and pains, to a scalp soothing hair rinse, sorting out digestive complaints and clearing skin of rashes and acne.

It is one of nature’s amazing miracles of life in a bottle.

My apple cider vinegar is unfiltered, unpasteurized, double or triple fermented, never touches plastic and contains the most wonderful West Cork mother. I am always working on different herbal infusions and usually have;

Turmeric & Ginger ACVinegar
Wild Elderberry ACVinegar
Fire Tonic ACVinegar
MetaBoost ACVinegar 
Hibiscus ACVinegar (seasonally)
Cleanse Juice ACVinegar (limited amounts)
Bog ACVinegar (seasonally)

How you take your apple cider vinegar depends on your lifestyle and individual needs. Every day should be different! Respond to your body’s requirements and this will change, shift and alter on a daily basis. Some days I take ¼ cup of vinegar just to begin my day, other days I take a spoon with every meal or in between meals. 

I love to take my vinegars at night, just before I go to bed. 

I’ve found the best way to take apple cider vinegar is first thing in the morning or last thing in the evening, in a small glass of water, 1 tablespoon a day.  Of course, they are also lovely on salad, in homemade mayonnaise and a stir-fry! 

Once you’ve tried this apple cider vinegar, your body will ask for the best….Enjoy it in good health!



I also make to order, if you have a condition you need a remedy or ointment for - let me know, I will make something up for you.

To place an Order please email: or text 0872361616 and I'll get you moving forward with chemical free, natural products 

One most important note here - as much as possible each of these jars and packaging are completely reusable - I have selected jars and containers I myself use in my own kitchen. Once your food is finished, come back for a refill with your jar or use it for some other wonderful food in your own kitchen. Or return your jar to me 

To place an order - please text or email me - 0872361616 or I can send you a Paypal invoice or arrange some other type of payment. 

This page and Rebel Foods Market Stall is evolving week by week - if you would like something, please contact me and I will arrange a way to make it for you….

I can be found around Cork in several markets each week -  Fridays I am in Clonakilty (check Facebook and website for weekly updates) and Saturdays rain or shine, we are in Skibbereen or Dublin with our tasty bean burgers, hot juice, my full range of herbs, remedies, tinctures, books , fermented products and something for everyone! 

All my foods, lotions, healing salves, creams, potions, herbs and oils are available directly from me through on-line order, text, phone or email - pay on-line, by post or in person - Stop by my market stall in West Cork or Dublin or contact me.

 To order in Ireland text or ring  (+353) 087 236 1616 or email

***New things are added all the time!!! This month try my Black Juice (Hydrated Clay & Charcoal), a skin clearing Quantum Radiance or my Quantum Balance Facial Oil for a skin softening glow.

Product List for January 2016
Price in € euro
Books (in the market stall)
14.00 to cover printing & binding (plus post)
Comfrey Cream, Plantain Salve, Chickweed Balm, Camphor
5.50 (15ml.), 9.25 (30ml), 17.50 (60ml)
Soothing Balm (Cocoa Butter based), Fire & Ice Balm
5.50 trial size, 9.25 (med), 17.50 (large)
Rosehip Oil Body Butter, Carrot Seed Body Butter
9.75 (sm.), 17.50 (large)
Activator, Fire & Ice, Eucalyptus, Eyebright, Women’s Way or Baby Face Body Butter, Camphor Ointment
9.25 (sm.), 17.50 (large)
New Skin Ointment (eczema, very dry sensitive skin etc)
11.25 med & 19.50 large
 Poultice Salve, Wild Yam Cream
11.50 med or 19.50 large
Arnica Ointment, Anti Fungal Ointment
5.50 trial size, 9.50 med or 17.50 large
Floral Waters (Rose, Chamomile, Peppermint, Geranium, Melissa etc)
Peppermint Lip Balm, Sweet Orange & Chamomile Lip Balm
Energy Flow 1, 2 & 3 Cream in Shea Butter
9.50 sm, 18.50 large
Sea Salt Foot Scrub or Bath Salts                                                     
4.50  & 6.50
St. John’s Wort Oil – damaged skin, pain (fibromyalgia), aches, burns
11.50 dropper
Sea Salt Face Scrub, Brown Sugar Face Scrub
Sesame Oil, Raw Coconut Pulling Oil
6.50 sesame
Rebel Rose Deodorant
Clay & Mint Toothpaste
Healing Essential Oil blends in Pure Rosehip or Jojoba Carrier*****
8.50 regular
Master Blend Balancing Oil and Belly Serum
9.50 oil, 17.50 serum
Rebel Shampoo Bars and Healing Facial Soaps
8.50 S, 11.50 L
Quantum Serum, Quantum Balance or Quantum Radiance – Repair/Refine Anti ageing drops with Egyptian Borage, Rosehip & Evening Primrose Oils
15.50 Serum
17.75 Balance

Body & Room Sprays (Organic Hydrosol based) 100ml
French Facial Green Clay Mask
13.50  (120ml)
Rebel Detox Hair Rinse
Oil Cleansing Method 1. 2 or 3
Wild Harvest Remedies – Herbal Syrup
9.50 dropper
Herbal Tinctures &  Tonics
Herbal Tea Blends, Ceremonial Herbs
11.50 dropper sm, 19.90 large, Tonics 18.50
Black Juice (250 & 500ml)
7.50 & 9.50
Wild Fermented Apple Cider Vinegar
6.50 small, 9.50 large,
Wild Fermented Rye Sourdough Starter or Ginger Bugs
8.50 includes instructions & recipe
Sourdough breads (rye, spelt, malted grain, wholemeal)
3.50 & 4.50
Fermented Vegetable Medley (Beetroot Seaweed or Sauerkraut)
4.50, 6.50
Rebel Juice Fermented Drinks (lemon, ginger, fruit, beetroot, herb)
2.50 sm 4.00 med,  3.25 & 6.50 etc.
Cleanse Juice, Rebel Fire Cider, ElderBerry & Turmeric Vinegars
8.50 small
Danann Medicinal Honey
Wild Harvest Cordials – seasonal
                                              Wild foraged
Raw Food Energy Bites (various fab flavour combinations)
3 for 3.50
Butterfly Juice (Nettle & Dandelion) – seasonal (concentrated)
Hydrated Clay & Charcoal
Sprouted Mung Bean Burgers
2.50 each, 8.50 ½ kilo mix
Vinegar Mother
Apple Butter or Cinnamon Butter
Fig & Port Chutney
Gourmet Sea Weed & Sea Salt Medley (West Cork Sea Salt)
3.50  & 7.25 large
Olive Oil Infusions with Seaweeds, Medicinal Mushrooms, Herbs
Essential Spirit – Signature Perfume 100% natural 3ml , 10ml
17.50 & 29.00

Inquire for current prices
Clay, Diatomaceous Earth, Fullers Earth, Sulfur
Many organic/wild harvested food items from week to week
Please ask & have a look around the stall
Sea Salt & Herb Blends  - organic
3.50 & up
April’s Soup Starter – wild herbs & field mushrooms
3.75 trial size, 9.25
Olive Oil Soap
Dillisk Seaweed
Inquire for Current prices
Mung beans – organic 750 grams

Therapeutic Essential Oils (various)
6.50 & up
Dandelion Coffee 200g, herbal teas
12.50 coffee & 5.50, 7.50 etc. packets
***Each of the Body Butters can be made as an ointment, cream or body oil
****This is just a partial list of the products available, any item can be tailor made to suit individual needs
******Oil Blends – Empathy Oil, Fire & Ice, Activator, Women’s Way, Digest Blend, High C, Breakthrough Oil, Energy Flow Oil, Inner Balance Oil, Para Blend, New Life Oil (pregnancy safe), Cough & Cold Oil for Kids, Inner Focus Study Blend, Master Balancing Blend

******Tinctures – Rebel Remedy, Meadowsweet & White Willow (pain relief), Feverfew (fevers & migraines), Parasite Cleanse, Elder Defence (immune boost), Cough & Cold, Women’s Way, Milk Thistle Digest Ease, Winter Light (anxiety), many others!

                                                                       Rebel Foods
Rebel Food Sea Salt & Sea Weed Shake
This is a lovely blend of seaweeds, coarse and fine sea salt with a hint of West Cork thyme. Great for any dish, but lovely on fish and in soups and stews – an easy way to get some sea vegetables into your diet. We love it in a homemade Olive bread too! 
Seaweed & Sea Salts in a resealable, re-usable jar 
Rebel Food Sourdough Starter Culture

Organic rye flour and pure spring water from West Cork – this is a mother culture that is ready to use - in your breads, pizza dough, cakes and baking, whenever you are. All you need to do is follow the instructions and sample recipe provided and you are off on an adventure into living foods! Sourdough cultured bread gives you a tasty food, alive with greatly improved nutrients over regular un-fermented breads. The fastest way to increase your nutrient absorption through diet is with living foods. 
Sourdough starter culture made from 100% organic rye flour & spring water 

Rebel Bread - Wild Yeast Fermented Bread

This is a true Rebel Food product! There is not one commercially grown yeast in here…this bread is made using home grown, wild harvested West Cork yeast (I lasso the wee creatures! LOL). The dough is made, then it rises….the dough is worked, then it rises again….next it is placed into baking tins….then it rises again…over the course of 14 to 16 hours.

This bread gently ferments giving you nothing but taste, texture and an entire new experience in eating. So easy to digest…full of minerals and vitamins….and an Energy Medicine all on its’ own. Another living food from Rebel Foods…Pick up in the market on Saturday in Skibbereen or place an order.

Rebel Food Apple Cider Vinegar with THE MOTHER

Like all else I do – this Apple Cider Vinegar is for real. It is home made, right down to the Mother Culture – home grown in West Cork, infused with the Divine Feminine Energy. It is light tasting, great as a food (especially nice in salads or dressings) or a tablespoon taken daily in a medicinal dose. A living food….

Rebel Food Butterfly Juice

A delicious blend of organic apples, wild harvested nettle and dandelion with a hint of ginger – all in a refreshing and nutritious drink. There is nothing quite like this juice for it’s grounding and reconnecting properties – needs to be taken fresh to get the full benefit of it. Nettle and dandelion are packed with minerals (iron, calcium, magnesium) and vitamins just waiting for you! (available fresh again when the Nettles come back in the spring….I have frozen right now)
Butterfly Juice available in the spring

Rebel Food Goose Juice
An energizing and balancing juice blend from wild harvested elder blossoms, elder berries (in season), organic pear and apple with lemon under notes. This drink is all about harmony, being one with nature and soothing the soul. The wonderful ancient benefits of elder are infused throughout bringing Magic into your day.

Rebel Food Danann Family Jams

Specialty jams and spreads made from 100% fruit – sugar free and organic or wild harvested where possible. A little taste of heaven in a jar….Seasonal availability – please ask

Small jars of pure decadence! Organic ingredients, no sugar or  preservatives - all fruit! 
Rebel Foods Apple Butter

Apple Butter is a caramelized apple paste made by slow cooking apples over a long period of time….it is best made with spices such as cinnamon and cloves. This versatile treat is lovely in many dishes (meats and vegetables too), on bread, toast, crackers, yogurt, cheese and ice cream.

I make my apple butter with very few ingredients – apples, cinnamon, cloves and a small amount of dememera sugar (the rich unrefined one!). This combination gives a unique taste with subtle hints of summer…..

It has long been made in various parts of the world with the apple harvest and is known for it’s low fat content as well as a spread for bread in lieu of dairy butter. Try it on your porridge, in a fresh dish of yogurt, on the side of your dinner or as a glaze on Christmas ham….

This delicious treat has been hot packed to ensure it keeps until you are ready to use it. Once opened, refrigerate and enjoy with nearly anything!

Rebel Hair, Body & Energy Field by April Danann – Nothing Compares to You

Along with our hair and skin care should come an appreciation of the energy field. April Danann has taken skin care to it’s gentlest, most pure form – using clean water and only natural ingredients, these products are body basics at their finest.

This is a skin care line developed with two main things in mind
our skin is our largest detox organ
our skin is the source of our energy field

Nothing compares to you – your energy field is unique, needs nourishment, repair and care just like the rest of your body. There isn’t anything in this skin care range to push you down or cover you up! In fact, each cream, lotion, scrub and tonic is designed to enhance all your best features, including your energy field.

Wake up your body, mind & spirit with a glowing energy field – starting with hair and skin care from Medical Intuitive April Danann.

Coming soon - Shampoo bars, Face Mask, Toothpaste & Deodorant! 

Quantum Serum

This is one of my favourite things....a face treatment made from Borage Seed, Evening Primrose and Rose Hip Oils infused with very special ancient Essential Oils such as Galbanum, Myrrh & Jasmine....fine repair, uplifting and age defying! With very high anti-oxidant content this face serum also settles down redness and heals like nothing else. Available on my stall...

Quantum Serum by Rebel Foods Market Stall 
Peppermint Foot Scrub

Oh these aching feet! At the end of the week it's always nice to place your feet into some warm water and let the pressures float away. So why not do it with a herbal sea salt foot scrub that will detox and uplift at the same time? I have scrubs available in several lovely blends from clearing to energizing, available at my market stall. Starts at just €3 a jar.
Sea Salt Herbal Foot Scrub starting at r
Wild Harvest Herbal Remedies

April Danann has made available a series of natural herbal remedies using wild harvested, hand grown and locally sourced herbs from West Cork. Herbs are the best way to shift, change or assist in healing body, mind and soul – and have long been used without unwanted side effects.

Based on ancient knowledge of vibration and energy medicine – herbal remedies prepared in a light tasting syrup, contain the potent life force of each herb as well as its’ energetic imprint. Our bodies recognize and respond to elemental forces such as these.

When gentle herbs are used regularly for children (and our inner child), their overall resistance to bugs, stress and change improves. Steeped in water and then preserved in raw cane sugar, these syrup-based remedies are the natural antidote to any minor ailment.

For those of us who fast regularly (read my book The Pagan Diet© for more on fasting) – herbal syrups and cordials are a perfect way to get the most from each cleanse or detox day, while providing much needed glucose and a boost in energy along with the balancing herbs. A tablespoon of syrup can be diluted with water or juice in a 5 to 1 ratio when used in this way.

There are several ready-made remedies to choose from or you can order your own blends to suit your needs. These come in several sizes – jar and bottles as well as in dropper form for very young children or to carry with you on the go.

Available in small or large dropper bottles

Wild Harvest Remedies small dropper bottle 

Cough & Cold (elderflower, lemon balm, catnip) 
Pain & Fever (feverfew, skullcap, meadowsweet)
Teething (chamomile, lemon balm)
Sleep (chamomile, lavender)
Trauma (yarrow, rose, motherwort)
Immune Boost (elderflower, dandelion, nettle)
Energy Calming & Clearing (lavender, chamomile, sage)
Digestive Aid (fennel, dandelion, mint)
Coping & Change (chamomile, lemon balm, elder)
Inner Balance (rose, elder, nettle)
Energy Boost (ginger, lemon, liquorice)
Energy Shift (yarrow, peppermint, elder)
Rebel Spirit (marigold, rose, motherwort, borage, hawthorn, gingko)
Energy Flow (fennel, juniper berries, nettle)
Dream State (chamomile, lavender, passion flower, catnip)
Parasite Cleanse (wormwood, cloves, thyme)
Energy Alignment (wild rosehip, red & pink rose petal)
Rebel Remedy (wild rosehip & hawthorn – made in Drumbeg)
Body Balance (seaweeds, liqourice, peppermint, dandelion, ginseng)
Inner Magic (marshmallow, motherwort, lemon balm & elder flowers)
Women’s Way (Sage, Rose & Lady’s Mantle)
Elder Defence (Elder Berry, Peppermint & Catnip)
Winter Light (Sloe, Hawthorne Berry, Wild Crab Apple)
Rebel Relief (Yarrow, Shepherds Purse, Sage)

Herbal Teas

An entire range of wild harvested, cultivated and local herbs made into teas which are as inspirational as they are healing. April’s unique intuitive approach to the magical world of herbs has been utilized to guide each special blend. Choose from one of over 25 premixed teas, make up your own or request an Intuitive Personalised Blend from April for a small extra charge. (see list of tea blends below)
Packets of herbal teas in paper (not plastic) 

*          Divine Feminine Tea
*          Mindfulness Tea
*          Body Balance Tea
*          Dream Time Tea
*          Hormone Balance Tea
*          Work Thru Resistance Tea
*          Heart Connection Tea
*          Essence of Truth Tea
*          Candida Treatment Tea
*          Canine Tea
*          Anti Viral Tea
*          Cool Cat Tea
*          Positive Energy Tea
*          Believe Tea
*          Immune Boost Tea
*          Slippery Elm
*          Work Through Fear Tea
*          Revive and Restore Tea
*          Winter Wormer
*          Relax & Release Tea
*          Consciousness Tea
*          Liver Flush Tea
*          Star Light – Eye Bright 
*          Protective Tea
*          Deep Tissue Cleanse Tea
*          Emotional Detox Tea
*          Positive Forces Tea
*          Breast Feeding Tea 

 Wild Harvest Dandelion Coffee Blend

This delicious herbal coffee is not only the best tasting coffee around – it is also good for you too! Not many foods can lay claim to such an abundance of health giving properties as the dandelion – and the root is powerful soul medicine indeed. I have blended these precious roots with slow roasted organic barley to give a full hearty flavour to this wonderful drink. 

Vibrational Medicine

Powerful and grounding Energy Medicine hand made by April Danann – carrying the light of the moon, the energy of the earth and the vibration of ancient knowledge. These remedies contain no alcohol or sugar – filled only with subtle frequencies locked into the memory of pure ground water. These are Intuition and Universal Magic taken to the next level…

Vibrational Medicine - energised by the full moon 

Rebel Hair Rinse & Tonic

This luxurious hair rinse has been used by myself and my family for several years now….it’s made with 100% infusions of fresh herbs, essential oils, castile soap and pure West Cork water. I am very fussy about my hair – I would never put anything on my body that wasn’t healthy, nourishing and completely non-toxic. It’s no wonder I get so many compliments on my hair and guess what else….I have virtually no gray! Coincidence? I think not, it’s all the herbs LOL! This Hair Rinse & Tonic is available in three sensations…nettle & dandelion, rosemary or lavender. The bottle shown is 1 litre - but is available in 250ml and up....

Rebel Hair Rinse & Tonic - Treat yourself to something special
Rebel Hair Detox

This stuff is phenomenal! A luscious blend of coarse and fine sea salts, organic sweet almond and coconut oils and a mild soap all work together to make this the ultimate in hair and scalp care. If you use products on your hair, have hair treatments or even if you just need to cleanse, clear and care for your scalp - this is the best choice at any time of year.

I would recommend you use it once or twice a month to gently remove built up debris on the hair and scalp - leaving you with shiny, healthy hair and a cleaner energy field. This is a treatment necessary for anyone exposed to chemicals, regular detoxes and cleanses and those who have taken courses of medication.

Rebel Foods Comfrey Cream

A lovely and gentle blend of oils containing an extraction of the comfrey herb grow by the Danann family here in West Cork. This cream has been used by myself and my family for some time, but only this year am I making it available on my stall. We use it for everything and you can too! Dry hands, sore lips, cold sores, aches & pains, stiff joints, scars and general healing.
Small jars of healing Comfrey Cream starting at €4

Rebel Foods Lip Balm

Chapped, burning and peeling lips? This healing balm containing rich oils and lanolin is the perfect solution. Simple, organic and wholesome. Available at the market stall in Skibbereen and wherever Rebel Foods can be found! Small pot of Rebel Foods Lip Balm for €4 (peppermint or sweet orange & chamomile).
Rebel Foods Lip Balm
Herbal Bath Salt Blends

Nothing heals our bodies or draws out toxins quite like sea salt - when paired together with a gentle herb such as lavender, rose or thyme…the result is, well – clearing! Detox, relax and restore naturally with this herbal tonic added to your bath or a well-deserved foot soak at the end of the day. Your body will thank you for it!

Herbal Bath Salt Blend - lavender, rose or thyme...detox and heal 
Sage Smudging Leaves

I like to burn the single sage leaves in a scallop shell or just carrying them around in my hand to clear space. Sage, like any herb has a specific vibration…and I happen to know a herbs vibrational signature is imprinted through water. I plant (from seed), nurture and grow, then dry my own sage leaves….You can eat them in your food, drink them in your tea or burn them as part of space clearing in your home, work or for your ceremonies.
Sage leaves....for smudging and sacred ceremony
Ceremonial Sacred Herb Blend

A specific herbal blend I personally use on my alter and in my new and full moon ceremonies. I also use this as a strewing herb….it contains meadowsweet which is known for it’s ability to drive out negative influences while making room for something better. These herbs can be burned, placed in corners, strewn on the floor during sacred holidays such as feasts and placed on the threshold of houses to ward against evil. This is ancient magic at work here….

Ceremonial Sacred Herbs with Rue, Hyssop,  Meadowsweet & Mugwort

Magic Sticks, Wands, Sacred Trees

These are a must for the serious spiritual walker….LOL – I don’t know about you, but I love my sacred bits and pieces I have collected over the years. There is nothing that says sacred like a piece of wood gifted from an ancient energy anchor, such as one of the magic trees which grow here in Ireland. I have Hawthorne, Elder, Apple and many others available whenever the trees decide to shed a piece of magic….
A selection of wands and magic sticks.... 

Distance Courses with April Danann

Closing the Energy Leaks© (Windows) Distance Course

This is a course like no other – for those of you are on a spiritual quest, during which you are meant to be protected, assisted and guided – those resources lie within you. They must be found and in most cases recovered, from long forgotten spaces.  Closing the Energy Leaks© is all about keeping you safe, healthy and in touch with every part of you (and these resources) each step of the way.

Your energy field must be known, cleared, healed and repaired along with every other part of your being. An energy field is not separate from the body, mind and soul – Closing Energy Leaks© is a vital aspect of walking this journey – teaching you to focus on the energy sources and resources within your body.

Once you begin to explore your own energetic field you will get to know yourself on an entirely new level. Where your energy blocks are, what they are and how to go about resolving them is important work to be doing - and perhaps the most significant aspect of your journey.

This technique has changed my life, saved my life, healed my life and keeps us all going - through each of the twists and turns on our paths. I have shared, taught and shown Closing Energy Leaks© to thousands of people over the years – it is the single biggest shifter of energy and an absolute must for anyone who is a practitioner, seeker, healer, therapist, Energy Worker and walking the path.

Only €499 for entire course - includes an initial base line energy assessment by April Danann, on-line support, two 1/2 hour tutorials with April, 6 assignments and tasks with 1 optional paper as well as dozens of guided exercises used by April teaching you the basics of energy field management, work and health. Includes book on Closing Energy Leaks, notes, course guidelines and assignment instructions. 

Closing the Energy Leaks Distance Course €499