Saturday 21 January 2012

I don't usually comment on these things, but....

This time, I can't help myself! LOL

I just read a really negative article/blog/review of the 5 worst things 'they' don't tell you about childbirth. So, I had to come back and say something here, having been on both sides of this scene, how could I not say something.

According to this person's point of view the 5 worst things about childbirth (that no one mentions) are:

1. The cost
2. Placenta
3. Baby's head shape
4. episiotomy
5. fecal matter (baby poo, during birth etc)

Now, I don't remember what order they were in, but that is the gist of the topic. So, I'll deal with them in that order and have my say!

1. the cost - you are not sick, you are having a family, if you don't 'buy' into the lunacy of thinking that you need every gimmick out there, you actually need very little. And, have a home birth, no hospital fees at all. This is a NATURAL process, not a medical event.

2. what's so scary about a placenta? I laughed as I read this persons point of view (do they know what their steak looks like before it is trimmed and cut?) Of course, the placenta that was linked to looked as if it had been yanked out of some poor woman... The placenta with my daughter looked nothing like that. There was no congealed blood, it was not blue and dripping blood like a murder scene. It was clean, white and because we had waited for the cord to empty, free of blood. It looked like an elegant tree.

3. My baby's heads were perfect, and did not look like an alien. I have a feeling the one they showed there might have been forceps or Ventouse suction, because that appeared to be a little on the over the top side. And besides, the head is meant to mould to be squeezed out and down the birth canal.

4. I have read in several places that the cutting is usually done to aid the doctor in 'assisting' in the birth. And that if a woman tears a bit, this actually heals better as it is natural. Nuf said.

5. Pooing on the table with everyone around you in the room. Yeah, another reason to have a home birth and listen to your body - then at least the mom is in control of who is around her, and if you follow a good diet, your bowels might just clear out before labour...stranger things have happened. And who is afraid of baby poo? Wimps.

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