Monday 10 March 2014

On Being A Medical Intuitive.....

April Danann –  A few comments 'On Being a Medical Intuitive'

Even after all of this time I still have to stop, take a deep breath and collect my thoughts whenever someone asks me what it’s like to be a Medical Intuitive or indeed even what an intuitive does or how I work.

But it has also come to my attention time and again, how – there is little or nothing about the fact that I am a Medical Intuitive on my market stall – perhaps there is only the results of what I do…..I create each of my products by hand, in tiny batches by following and carefully ‘listening’ to my intuition.

So, I thought I would put something down in words to help me sort this all out! LOL

Being an intuitive means that I have the ability to listen, to anything and  everything living (and dead, but that’s another post), but more specifically, listening to what our bodies are 'communicating' from systems, organs, tissues and cells; when I choose to tune in, and sometimes even when I don’t!

Being an intuitive for me is exactly like picking up on a specific frequency and then being able to understand exactly what is being said. (It's a little like a radio might work) And often hearing what is not being said or indeed what needs to be expressed and is not (does that make sense?).

However, when I do a reading I also hear, see, smell, taste, read and understand what a body is ‘saying’  forming spiritual, emotional and energetic components too. This can then all be put together into a formal report – the current state of the body or…..

What your body would like you to know right now. It comes together very easily for me because I have been aware of this ability since I was 3 years old (at least that's as far back as I can remember) and working professionally with it since I was 17. 

And I love what I do. It's because I am Intuitive I have taken my studies into the science of microbiology, food, nutrition and exercise - each of these are then combined into a base of knowledge I can draw upon with each reading I do. 

As I say on my card……

‘Your body’s voice is not loud, aggressive or pushy. It is gentle, subtle and soft like a whisper washing over you. It feels as if it has come up from somewhere very deep and has been pushed out into the spaces around you, for you to hear. Like a voice calling from very far away, it has an echo – this voice will persist, until you listen’.

Barley Cove Beach

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