Sunday 29 March 2015

Pathways to the Spirit

With all that is going on around us – the world is waking up a little bit more each day – it is often difficult to remain focused on our common goals. I wanted to comment on these times as I have been both living this, working to change things and observing things as they come about for a very long time.

Right now there are a good many people letting out a collective ‘sigh’ as it seems the earth is beginning her stretching, yawning and waking from her enforced slumber. The divine feminine being of our planet has been raising her consciousness and along with it, pulling up those of us who have willing spirits. 

So, if all around you appears to be turbulent, troublesome and as if you are being asked constantly to let go of ever more and more… not despair. You are being asked to let go and to make a choice.

There are many roads to the beyond, for higher knowledge and a bright future – but not all lead inwards towards your core. In order to awaken and then remain committed to the goal – each cell in our bodies must ignite. 

This time around – raising vibrational consciousness is a physical process. Of course, there is nothing more dense and toxic right now then our physical bodies. Challenging, but not impossible! 

In my own life I keep coming back to words and phrases to help myself stay the course and not give in to any negativity. I remind myself constantly that there really is nothing to be afraid of…..wonderful things are happening all over, that people are starting to change.

But, more than that, I am always looking for ‘signs’. Those phrases, words, symbols, numbers, chance meetings, coincidences and synchronicities all add up to a path well sign-posted for those who are paying attention. 

Some days it’s a single word written on a city bus noticed as it whizzes by ---- Believe. Or other times it’s a brief discussion with mothers waiting for after school activities & picking up children – nourishing the spirit. 

We have come this way before. There is a clear pathway that leads us home – when we watch the sky, touch the earth and listen to life all around us, we can hear our ancient selves beaconing....... 

How amazing is that?
Full Moon

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