Thursday 16 February 2017

A New Book is Coming Soon!

Below is a tiny excerpt from my new book 

'Women's Business - A Divine Blueprint'

So, What is Your Blueprint? 

A blueprint is an early stage plan or design which explains how something might be developed. It is a clear model or pattern from which you shape a building, a business and a life. 

 What sort of patterns have emerged in your life so far? Are you marching to your own beat or can you not even hear your voice because of the roar from the world around you? Are you aware that you were born with a blueprint designed to emerge and come into being during such a time as this? 

There are ancient patterns built into your DNA that activate, reassemble and are triggered by all that is taking place around you. We often refer to it as waking up. What is really happening when you are waking up, is that this ancient coding within your cellular matrix is triggered by events, people, viruses, stress, pH and so forth, so that it can become active and so can you. 

We were born for times such as this. 

 But more than that; we are also designed for times such as this. 

Your divine destiny is only an amino acid away from creating the life of your dreams. 

(c) April Danann


  1. Looking forward to it!! I love your insight!

    1. Thank you so much for your interest! It will be available very soon :)