Wednesday 15 June 2011

Angels- Unawares

I knew when this year rolled around that it was going to be a different sort of year, I just never knew what way these twists and turns would take in my life. What has started out as a battle- in Tunisia- has become a movement, and this movement became a revolution. Now, with consciousness rising all over the planet on all kinds of issues, an evolution of a revolution is an awakening.

Over the past few years I have had my share of dark nights of the soul, my life has been anything but easy, yet we have soldiered on, believing that there is light in the darkness, and just that glimmer teasing us would be encouragement for weary travelers. During these past few years, I have been walking though the long shadow land of the fallen angels and have written about them extensively.

However in keeping with this new energy rising up, I wanted to share a little about some of my days when I encounter guardians, keepers and angels who have not succumbed to the evil ways. There are so many doing good in the world and so much goodness that can be focused on.

During these past few weeks in front of my clinic, a pair of swans have hatched some signets in the canal, there were 3 at first and then one was swept over the little water falls and lost. We were not paying attention enough- or were not fast enough to get the little one back. All day long people stop and watch them, the swan family, there are pictures going round the world of them I am sure! It has been such a delight to see them and for this little piece of nature to be so close by to us.

As the baby swans were still very tiny in the past few weeks, after the first one was lost, we became more vigilant and enlisted Swan Rescue (yes, all true!) to help us keep an eye out for them. In the first week one little swan went over the falls again and a passerby stripped down to his underwear and jumped into the frigid canal to retrieve the baby bird while his frantic parents swam around in circles looking for him.

Once he was out of the water Swan Rescue was already on the scene and were able to check him over, healthy little guy. The following week, at another location, both baby swans went over the falls, this time the mother went in after them, but all she could do was swim with them as they were being swept out to sea. She was distressed again at not being able to help them.

The current is very strong and there is a good undertow. The area where they went in, there just happened to be a fisherman with a huge net who went into the water up to his chest and was able to get the two signets and bring them in. Swan Rescue picked up the mother who followed (very nicely) and all were brought back to their nesting area safely.

And we started taking it in turns to look out for them, until this past week or so, when they finally seemed to be that much bigger, stronger swimmers and more able to look after themselves.

So why am I telling you all this? And what has this got to do with Angels? What has been driven home for me in this past few weeks is how much we are watched, cared for and looked after, even if we do not realize it. However, if I know anything about angels, they will only step in if you ask, and in the meantime they are there waiting patiently anytime you might need their help. 

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