Thursday 21 July 2011

You know how sometimes, you just know that you need to write something, even though you are not at all sure what it is? It has been one of those months for me. LIke everything is sitting on the tip of my tongue and pressuring the top of my head, yet I can't seem to put the words together. 

This has been an extraordinary time living a life as an Intuitive. When you just 'know' things- about everything, it can be quite disconcerting when not one thing that we are being told happens to be the truth. This is where I get stuck- I always expect people, media, organisations, etc to be at least as honest as they can be about the information that is released to the public.

No one was happier than me, when Murdoch et al and the empire of information control built and directed by him started to crumble. I know it has a long way to go, but the important thing here for all of us trying to walk the talk is that maybe now 'truth' will stand a chance.

Perhaps it will be many months or even years before the full scale of the coverups, lies, corruption and deceit unravels enough for us to see things for what they are (or were). But maybe even now we can get glimpses of the effects of this destructive behaviour in our lives.

WE HAVE BEEN LIVING A LIE. Our whole lives and entire existence here in this reality as we think we know it is a lie. And there are so many who have gone to such lengths and continue to go and do everything that they can to keep us in the dark.

My hope for humanity right now is that these Big Organisations such as 'the Church' or Big Religion, these media empires, Big Gov and Big Food- that this false world they have carefully constructed will come apart at the seams and scatter into the ethers.

It will be the biggest mess in human history- but oh what freedom will come from the clean up!! 


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