Wednesday 28 September 2011

My Master Cleanse

I have been doing this and talking about it for several weeks now, and it is really helping me to get things moving forward in my life. I am feeling lighter in myself, more in control and like I can do the things that I have longed dreamed of. So here is my recipe and some info on my Master Cleanse. I use herbal teas in clean spring water, and drink this for the 24 hour time frame. If you are new to this, add to these teas, some juices and dandelion coffee to get your through it. Once you get used to doing this regularly, your body looks forward to it and as you always feel great afterwards!

This recipe and many other instructions, discussions, details, and healthy eating guides are in my book- The Way to Detox

Aprils’ Master Cleanse

Yeast, fungus and mold have become epidemic in our bodies possibly causing the vast majority of dysfunction and disease. These pathogenic organisms take over in the gut whenever the opportunity arises and are known to cause many of the symptoms we are feeling and dealing with on a daily basis.

If you suspect candida is causing your problems, and want to do something immediate to combat this and alleviate a few symptoms- try a 24 hour Master Cleanse that is specially formulated by April to deal with yeast and mold overgrowth. You can also do this to give your digestion a break, jump start a detox or weight loss program and to feel better.

A cleanse is very different from a detox- while a cleanse is similar to cleaning your kitchen, a proper detox is like moving or renovating your house. Once you have established a better eating regimen, the cleanse is more effective, however it will be of significant benefit under any circumstances.

It is best to start in the morning when not having eaten since the day before. Carry on with your normal activities as usual, while being mindful of the purpose of the cleanse and any specific things that come up. Prepare your cleanse juice ahead of time or first thing in the morning and start drinking it right away.

April’s Recipe

Using a big jug pour about 2-3 litres of tea* inside
Juice of 1 lemon, 1 lime and 1 orange (plus pulp if desired)
2 tablespoons of maple syrup
½ teaspoon ground black pepper

*Use spring water to make the tea (nettle, dandelion, marigold, lemon balm, rose, rosehips, milk thistle seeds- in different combinations). Repeat this tea as much as you need to for the 24 hours, at least 2-3 litres and more if desired.

Drink this blend for the full 24 hours using different combinations of the teas (nettle, rose and marigold, then dandelion, lemon balm and rosehips etc). Do not store liquid in plastic bottles, consume within the 24 hours.

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