Wednesday 2 November 2011

Diet and Exercise

I came across this article today, what a shocker! Now they tell us that hormone imbalance may be implicated in high rates of obesity and (listen carefully to this) may 'have' to be 'treated' with drugs of some kind to get people sorted.

Right- so now, as the scientists and the doctors start to catch up with all the things that us Nutritionists have been working with and dealing with and talking about for these past YEARS, we need a Big Pharma fix. Its such an untapped market after all- buy your organic food, get your gym membership and because this simply won't ever be enough, have your prescription filled for the hormone shots that you will surely need to keep the weight off. 

It never ceases to amaze me, no astound me, that any chance of a door open or a way in, these drug pushers and pill poppers will surely be standing there, chemical cocktails close to hand. And it always goes back to the one main precept of their tiny worlds- that the human body is not enough, that somehow our bodies have forgotten to heal, to sort out imbalances and how to return to normalized functions. 

IF, you lose weight, with REAL food (and not the plastic stuff on trays), and you do real exercise where activity is incorporated into your REAL life, and then use the 'medicine' that was placed here for our safety and convenience (HERBS) - your body will come back into its own and better. 

Do not let any of this scare you into thinking for one minute that your body is anything less than miraculous, magnificent and more than capable of weight loss, perfect health and beyond. Remember my one golden rule: Don't eat their food and don't for heavens' sake, drink their water. That stuff is poison.

Now, that this has been said, I feel that I can go on with my day. 

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  1. April - what do you mean by "don't....drink their water" please?


  2. Hi Brian,

    I posted another link for you to my website where I have hopefully answered your question,