Friday 20 April 2012

You are free to Go

This has been a strange month with wild weather, global change underfoot and hopefully happier times on their way for us all. I was reminded of something early today as I was out walking the dogs around the yard- one of our dogs is a wanderer so she gets a heavy horse lead hooked on to her while the other dog stays close by and walks with us.

The dog with the horse lead is not held onto by us, the lead which is very long only serves to slow her down, giving us time to run after her when necessary so that we can keep her out of harms way. No street sense whatsoever! Anyway. We went for our ramble around the place and then I came back to the house.

I took the lead off of her and went to check on something for a minute, then turned around to see that both dogs were still sitting there in the same place. I realised that she did not know that the leash had been removed and she was free to roam a tiny bit before we headed in.

Then it hit me - this is exactly how so many of us live our lives. We have been hemmed in, leashed and tied on to something that serves to hold us in one place. We are so used to being only able to move around in the same circles, on a 4 foot length of rope and this has been our true experience of the lives we are living.

Tied up, dragging something heavy, held onto and pulled back.

Then when the moment arrives that we find ourselves free to move further, create new circles and roam different paths - how many of us have no idea that we are free to do so?

Perhaps it's time to take a few moments and listen to your body - either you are working at getting your freedom or you are ignoring the fact that you already have it.

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