Saturday 28 April 2012

Take Care of Yourself

I remember the days when I used to actually believe that I had a pretty ok diet - and perhaps by some standards I did. I ate reasonably well most of the time, I often heard people say a little bit of everything in moderation is the key. 

However, it is simply not the key or the right way to health, wellness and certainly not the way to eat if you are a practitioner of anything.

When I ate a little bit of everything I wasn't healthy. I did not feel quite right, I didn't necessarily feel 'wrong', but I knew that I wasn't where I might be either. Eating a bit of everything omits one very important principle that can be applied to our food, water and general lifestyle - a little bit of poison is still poison, a little bit of harm is still dangerous and I do not know very many people who can stop at a little bit of anything.

There are many foods on the supermarket shelves that are little more than rubbish and no longer resemble nutrition, how they end up on our plates is entirely up to us. Or is it? Are we being bullied, pushed, coerced and targeted by clever marketing schemes to purchase things that we would not ordinarily buy? 

And how did we get that way? And who is telling us that a little bit of poison is perfectly ok? Perhaps we need to look at all the sources of these little toxins (in the water, in the food, in the air, in soil etc) and start tracing them back to origin.

A large amount of it can lead us back to the 'experts' on food who are telling us to eat everything in moderation! 

Taking care of yourself in part means to really think about what you are eating, choosing to exercise and working at being healthy. If you were to remove the top 3 most toxic things from your life (diet etc) what would they be? 

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