Monday 29 July 2013

Minding Your Energy in the Healing Professions.....

I have talked about this before….and bring it up to anyone who will listen – just because you are in the healing/therapy/energy professions, doesn’t mean you need to call in outside help in the form of guides, angels, masters and other unseen entities.

No matter what anyone tells you, you do have the tools, skills, ability, power and knowledge to do this work by yourself. After all, you are far more capable than anyone else to do the work you are born to do.

Right now, there are millions upon millions of beings roaming this planet…..spirits, orbs, energy entities, ghosts, goblins, ghouls and monsters (and gobshites!) to name but a few of these beings….which is only the tip of a very large iceberg.

They are here mainly because we have some who are opening doors and welcoming in – whatever and whomever shows up. These doors are opened by several means, the least of which is poor diet, medication, toxic water, chronic stress and living in a constant state of fear.

Our human defences (read immune response) which under normal circumstances should sound an alarm, have been dampened down to such an extent…..well, we let in anyone or else they push themselves into our space.

If you suspect you have an energy attachment, are feeling drained and used in your life – or, just finding that nearly everything you are wanting/trying/working at doing is blocked – well, most likely there is something tangible that has you stuck in this place (an energy block).

What is more – you are then ‘feeling’ what this entity wants you to feel! So, these are not only your emotions, thoughts, senses or frustration that you experience in your day to day life, these belong to energy attachments as well. 

Is it any wonder some of the time (or a lot of the time!) we are feeling confused, distracted, ungrounded and anxious? Perhaps that is the very intention of an energy vampire. Get us into a bit of a ‘state’….keep us there and carry on siphoning off our precious life force.

All is not lost however, once you start to recognize there are invaders in your mind, body and soul – then you can take steps to start removing them from these points of attachment (nervous system) and get your life back.

One of the easiest places to begin is to be aware of and eliminate the many forms of neurotoxins in your diet. Quite a few of the substances we are flooded with each day are highly poisonous and persist in our systems for years….but they also set us up for invasion. 

Chlorine, fluoride, aspartame, even caffeine, food colourings, dyes, some ingredients of medications, and the ever popular Nightshade family of fruits (potato, tomato, aubergine, peppers, chillies, gogi berries, tobacco) all contain various forms of neurotoxins that wear down our nervous system and make us vulnerable to energy draining attachments.

Besides removing these items from your diet permanently, you can increase exercise, detox regularly and otherwise give your body an exit point for some of these toxins (keep your liver, skin and kidneys working optimally). 

By the way….your nervous function is perhaps the single most important tool your body uses to grow spiritually – it’s your inner communication system. If we can’t listen/hear/communicate within – we can’t move forward safely on the outside.

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