Thursday 25 July 2013

Energetic Attachments.....A Physical Phenomena

Physical and energy entities such as lost, misguided, dead and malicious souls as well as foreign beings (spirits, orbs, fallen angels), can attach to your energy field and wreak havoc within your physical body. 

This will be played out as a block in your body (frequently strating at the nervous system), a feeling of being stuck and unable to move- this block is pain, swelling, or any (usually) chronic area of weakness as well as being at a standstill in your life and relationships. 

These physical regions in the body as well as your life, pin-point the place of attachment of the energy entity - this is where they are draining you of energy. 

Some beings can come in at any time and very suddenly (they are pushy, aggressive and threatening) whereas others attach more gradually, during time spent in a weakened state for instance. And so many others are born criminals who present themselves as something else entirely.

The immediate signs of a likely energy attachment are tiredness, excessive sweet and junk food cravings, unable to sleep deeply or well (especially in children), looking and feeling drained, pale skin, constipation, seeing dark spots, other worldly colours or images in your field, general disruption in your home or work (distraction), discord and bad feelings….

The list goes on and some may even call it LIFE- however this is not normal and not the way living should be.

For many of us, this is also a lifelong occurrence and has been a constant theme for as long as we can remember. Know that you exist as a multi-dimensional human being- thus, when an entity was taken on board in early childhood, it integrated nearly completely with you and has conspired to stop you moving forward with your own (usually spiritual) agenda. By this I mean it co-exists on several levels in you and interacts within your life.

It does this, by the way, because it needs you and your energy to remain here on this planet and have a 'life' of it's own.

Within our physical reality this is often played out as a PERSON- this person simply has the vibrational signature of an immature being, someone who is out of time and space (does not belong here), a stowaway, an alien life form or a combination of the above. Energy entities will almost always resonate with the viral kingdom while seeking a host….

There are also other entities that are seemingly floating through the planet which are pieces of unanchored energy that we can pick up. It becomes a problem when it decides it likes us and wants to stay – this is more towards the surface of the energy field (more easily detoxed) and also can be extremely unbalancing causing lightheadedness, tiredness, worry, fear and anxiety for no reason. 

Why am I addressing this? 

Because eventually these will cause problems in the form of disease, dysfunction and loss of hope and belief in ourselves. In essence, they wear us down and take over our energy SOURCE using it for their own needs

You are more vulnerable when you work with energy, as a therapist, healer, do massage or Reiki, practice meditation in a group or are otherwise around people releasing, healing, shifting and changing

There are far more entities on the earth right now then at any other time in our history and there are those who are actively calling them in

NO ONE is talking about this, yet they sense it, feel it and are feeling very unsafe

This can and will cause problems when left to fester

Our diets, lifestyle (medication, toxins, drugs, chemicals) and attitudes which are reinforced by the media, and of course the nasty beings themselves, encourage these attachments and interfere with our bodies own natural mechanisms for release, detox, cleansing and clearing

If you sense that you have picked up something somewhere along the line or are feeling very vulnerable in your work space....take steps to clear it. Of course, this all begins with your physical body - change your diet (remove Nightshades and other neurotoxins), exercise, take herbs (garlic is a good start!) and get your life moving forward again.


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