Wednesday 18 September 2013

Spiritual Questions - Walking the Path

This Journey is within.......

I see people all around me trying to cope with these changing times – struggling with all that there is to deal with. The financial pressures, the reality on the ground here right now on this planet and the way in which spirituality has become a commodity to be negotiated like any other.

Well, our spiritual selves are not a bargaining chip to be lost or gained as part of the recession – however, these uncertain times may indeed be a direct result of our spiritual lessons here on earth.

After all, the earth is walking her path too…..and she is a tough act to follow.

So, every now and then I get asked some questions about walking the spiritual path (LOL) and I try my best to answer them as honestly and clearly as possible. One of the most common things I hear people struggling with is how much things will change. But there are many other important question as well. I have listed some of them below…..

How do I get started on my path?

Make a serious decision to leave negativity and darkness behind you, take one step in that direction and you are on a higher path. The main thing here is to follow through on each insight, adjust your attitude and keep going.

Why am I doing this?

Weeelllll, just as it says in some of the most sacred texts on the planet, we are living in darkness on a lower road leading to death and destruction. In order to move away from that dangerous place, we must move into the light (it all sounds so easy LOL) and begin the process of taking our ‘life’ back. Operative word here is LIFE. The end result of walking a spiritual path must be a living, healthy gut, mind, body and soul.

What parts of me will change the most?

All parts will change for you, your body will heal (that’s why you change your diet) your emotional and energetic selves will strengthen and re-pattern (healing and sealing the gut) but spiritually will be the most significant.

Where can I go for support/information/guidance and assistance?

While there is no ‘association for people walking the spiritual path’ (yet LOL) there is roadside assistance available to those who have difficultly along the way. One thing to focus on here is that this is an inner journey as well as an outer path – whenever we find ourselves in trouble help will come. One thing to remember however, is that it may not be in the form you are accustomed to. Finding the resources deep inside of you is key here.

How will I know when I am home – and this path is at an end?

Your life will have come back to you, better then it ever was before. This path will change many times as you walk it. Each time you hit a wall, block or energy vampire, expect to have to work your way through each obstacle and then find yourself lifted onto a higher road.

How much will I have to give up from my life as I know it right now?


Any other questions?


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