Monday 9 September 2013

Who Might I Be – Without the Fear?

What is fear exactly and how does it play a role in our lives? Might it be is only what they say in the dictionary – an emotion brought about by a perceived threat, a basic survival mechanism and the ability to recognize danger?

Or is it so much more?

Could it also be the absence of love as some would insist or is it the result of an emptiness – when enough of us has left, been lost, stolen, pushed down and gone missing (from energy loss and energy vampires), do we only then fill up with fear or was it always there ready to rise up?

What might I have become if I could have lived my life up until now without fear

If I have never been exposed to bullying….nightshades, toxins, chemicals, medication, hurt, shame and sadness, or far worse, ‘others’ fear….what might I be, that I am not now. And how far could I go….

Does our life’s potential change when we are free from fear? Will our mission, purpose, hopes, dreams and desires suddenly and miraculously materialize from some far off place.........

In this moment I am working on removing fear from my life – it is a monumental task – and I began by refusing to give up, give in or otherwise let fear be a factor in anything I am doing….

On my way……

Irish field in West Cork

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