Monday 14 October 2013

Working On Our Own Stuff.....Healing the Self

Okay, as promised this is week two and number two of our twenty five ways to protect yourself in the healing professions. Of course, part of self-protection is also self knowledge – and if we don’t know ourselves, who do we know?

When we are working in the healing or energy professions, we need to be working on and aware of our own issues each step of the way. Then we must be taking significant steps towards the resolution of these issues, even if it seems as if we are going around in very large circles – any of this sound familiar to you? LOL

So, you all probably know pretty much what working on our own stuff is all about…..for some of us it’s therapy (lots of it!) while for others it might be along the lines of self-care – but it always means we should be taking time to listen to our own internal dialogue, look at our own relationships and get a grip on what is taking place (or not) in our own lives. 

Observe, watch, listen and then act on what you see. As observers in our own lives we can know exactly what is taking place, where and when. Anything taking place outside of you is also happening on the inside, all you have to do is pay attention. If your clients are presenting with drug addictions for example, it is time to seriously look at yourself and what you are drawing to you.

And this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work with them or that you have a drug addiction….it simply means your own energetic patterns are rising up to be dealt with and is reflected in each person who comes your way – so deal with it! LOL

Every single person who walks through your door is a mirror for some part of you, something that is happening within you and something you are carrying – yours or not. So, remember, this can also be a reflection of an energy attachment that doesn’t even belong to you. 

Knowing exactly what is yours, where it is in your body, how it is affecting you, being aware that you are dealing with it and how to keep your own self contained - are all part of staying safe on this path….

Swans on the beach near Lough Hyne West Cork, Ireland 

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