Monday 21 October 2013

How to Protect Yourself on the Spiritual Path - Remove the Deadly Night Shades

Continuing on with our series and discussion on the many ways to protect ourselves in the healing professions (and any profession!), the next item on our list is the only group of foods (fruits) completely and utterly off of my list. 

These are the Deadly Nightshades family of fruits, which we would refer to mostly as vegetables. 

Now, there are many foods I won’t eat (nothing processed, only meat that I raise, caffeine free, drug free). But, after years of detox, healing, fasting, raising, planting, growing, making my own food and now re-building a sustainable – this is the one group of foods that has remained constant – on my avoid at all costs list. 

If you are walking a spiritual path (and taking it seriously) do not under any circumstances eat anything from the Deadly Night Shades family. These fruits include but are not limited to:

Gogi berries
Cape Goose Berries  

Go out of your way to avoid them, remove them from your home and banish them from your life as these fruits contain neurotoxins that seriously impair your immune system and interfere with internal communication (and ability to communicate). 

I refer to them as the anti-Christs of the food chain.

When we are walking the spiritual path and actually intend to end up somewhere (other then where we are right now LOL) our ability to listen on both an internal and external level is paramount to our security, safety and peace of mind. 

Not to mention that this is really the entire purpose of walking the path in the first place….to get back to that point in time of our human existence when we could actually hear the voice of god/goddess/spirit or whatever name we choose to put on that higher power.

I hear voices all the time (it’s part of being an intuitive) however, not all of them are guiding me, have good intentions, belong to me or are even worth me taking the time to listen! We are virtually inundated with noise, sounds, communication – quite a lot of it useless junk (don’t think so? Spend 5 minutes listen to radio/tv or reading a newpaper). 

All my life, I have had to work at giving that still small quiet voice a space to be heard and even though I do this for a profession, it’s still a challenge to really ‘hear’ the inner communication from my body/mind/spirit with all that chatter going on.

Once I finally removed the main part of the problem (Deadly Nightshades are part of the tobacco family), and continued to detox them out of my body – well, let’s just say, I would not give up any opportunity to hear and listen to my inner voice for anything.

It’s like hearing the voice of the ages…..It has never left us, it’s only been dampened down by toxins such as these Night Shades. Remove them and see what happens….it’s a whole new world in there.

Taking it all in....


  1. This is a great article April, thank you. I wholeheartedly agree.

  2. Thank you kindly for stopping by.....this is something that has changed my life and my perspective considerably while walking this path....and has always been the single most important change I have made.

    Lovely to hear from you,