Wednesday 26 February 2014

Is it really Self Sabotage or is it Opposition?

***I just found something I was working on the day of the last big storm (you know, the hurricane?!)

Self Sabotage or Opposition

I have spent years blaming myself for everything that I did and didn’t do. Or started out to do and then found myself unable to continue because nearly everything in the world went wrong - all because I started a diet or an exercise programme or decided to have a positive day.

Can anyone else relate to this? LOL

Well today I am fasting – thankfully a lot of that believing in self-sabotage is far behind me, because now I can see clearly how much of what was taking place was simply ‘opposition’, obstacles and resistance. 

Of course I wanted to look up what opposition means, but once I began to write this article, the latest Atlantic storm has kicked in with gusto, the internet has gone down (again) and the electricity is flickering. 

But, there cannot possibly be anyone out there (up there?) ‘opposed’ to what ordinary people like you and me are doing way down here on terra firma, can there?

But then, as a Medical Intuitive, I would always stop and think, no not out there or up there, but ‘in here’. Somewhere held deeply inside of our tissues are the seeds of another world or worlds. 

We are made of stars….or an entire Universe, one we have yet to create, because the current world we are living in holds us captive.

So, in this situation it is always best persevere and wait for the internet to come back on….ahh, here it is; when looking up exactly what opposition means, of course the first word I come across is to resist. This is interesting in itself because resistance implies negative connotations from the outset.

However, opposition also means the opposite, something that is in contrast or serves as an obstacle to a situation. This of course tends to place many forms of opposition in direct conflict with all we are trying to achieve in our lives.

When I feel, experience and think of opposition or even sabotage, my mind wanders to all the ways and means we think, want, desire but do not or cannot seem to ‘do’. There is an energetic resistance out there and in here that needs to be overcome. 

I guess at the end of it all – these storms, this weather and all that is taking place around us, is in us as well. Mother Earth has been having a moment or some would say a fit for several weeks now in the North Atlantic.

Perhaps she is leveling the opposition for those of us walking a certain path….

Near Goleen, West Cork

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