Tuesday 8 April 2014

It Doesn't Shift or Heal....Because It's Not Yours!

How much time have I spent working on myself over these last decades of my life….I have issues okay (don’t we all?!) and well, I like to take them out from time to time and dust them off (LOL, I think).....

Just to see how they are doing, because, to be honest, I have long felt as if I was going around in circles, thinking I had sorted through some huge emotional thing only to have it come back around a few weeks, months or years later.

Of course, our healing, like our energy source, is cyclical. We actually do move in spirals, patterns, responding to rhythms and cycles, in the exact same way nature does. 

Mother Earth runs through our veins too. 

But, getting back to healing our ‘beings’ – one golden rule of Energy Medicine has always been that we can only fix, change or heal - that which belongs only to us. If it’s not ours, we can’t do much of anything with it, except carry it around.

This used to actually be my life at one time. I had these ‘crosses to bear’ and would have believed certain things in my life had to be endured and it was just best for me to get on with it. 

Or basically, I thought I had to adjust my life, my hopes, desires and expectations in order to fit in a belief system that all I carried with me, was mine. So, I was left desperately trying to ‘fix’ many things that didn’t even belong to me.

But then over time (a long time) working with energy medicine and healing as I do – I have come to see how anything that doesn’t necessarily heal (within a reasonable period of time) is usually not ours and doesn’t belong there in the first place.

Let me explain….

Energy medicine is quite simple, really, something has come into our energy field, it doesn’t go out (because our defences are down?) so it attaches, then, it festers, and creates an energy block of some sort. 

This energy block can (and will eventually) result in some physical ailment when it has been around long enough or is triggered in some manner. We are aware of these, they have been apart of our bodies in some instances for lifetimes and for the most part, feel they belong.

These patterns and ailments often become so enmeshed within our own energy fields (they anchor in the central nervous tissues) it is difficult to know where we end and other’s stuff  begins. 

Next time you are attempting to sort through an old familiar issue that has been popping up for you from time to time…stop and do a physical check – is all of this even yours? Which part of this pattern might have been taken on from other generations or someone else’s drama?

You only have to answer for what is yours – and what you do about it. 

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