Tuesday 6 May 2014

Getting Started on Fasting....

**Talk on Fasting this Sunday at West Cork Hotel in Skibbereen, West Cork 

After my posts yesterday….I had quite a few questions and inquiries about fasting. So, I wanted to take a bit of time to answer the most important thing about getting on the road to better health; how to get started fasting.

Fasting, by the way, is one of my top 3 ways of all time, that have changed my life over the years and I highly recommend it to anyone. My other two are Oil pulling (extensive use of essential oils for healing inside and out) and deciding to be completely natural in my health & healing approach to all our physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic needs (read no drugs, no Night Shades & no chemicals).

My own personal journey with fasting started out officially in 2001 – when I embarked on a 72 hour water/herbal tea fast after doing 30 days intensive detox diet. I felt terrific after that initial experience and it was a game changer for me.

Since then, I consider fasting an integral part of any healthy lifestyle, weight loss, healing, cleansing, detox approach to eating, because our gut flora needs periods of food, feasting and fasting. That's right, you 'need' and benefit from periods of no food and have actually a digestive system geared for it.

It really is this simple.

So now, back to the topic at hand – how does one get started fasting?

Of course, the easiest and best way to get started is to pick a day and then just jump in! That’s basically what I did – I woke up one morning, said ‘enough of this’ and decided to fast again. I took in water, herbal teas, lemon juice and maple syrup, mainly, in those days.

However, you can also prepare yourself a little bit by doing several mini-fasts of 24 hours, then 48 hours, 72 hours and so forth. I’ve done those as well. Pre-planning Mondays for example, each week to give your system a break and only drink juices, smoothies, herbal teas or even water also works.

Remember, water (chemical free) is great!!! It is the single most nourishing liquid on this planet and yes, I have done water fasts….last year we did 30 days parasite cleanse on water (apparently the only real way to get rid of the nastiest ones). Grueling – but again, another huge shift for me, and something I am pleased to have done. 

Have I mentioned I did my Masters thesis for Exercise & Nutrition Science on the study of water?  (don't get me started on water LOL). We need water far more then we need food, that should tell you something really important right there - water heals, clears, cleans and shifts energy.  

To get started on your fast – follow these steps:

1. Pick a day but don’t over plan it, or make it that Tuesday, 3 weeks from tomorrow. Really, just jump in, where you are, with what you’ve got going on right now.

2. Pick up a couple of fasting helpers….I wish I knew all the little things that make fasting so much easier, years ago. I did it anyway, but now it’s that much better with my Rebel Juices (fermented probiotic drinks), immune boosting, detoxing and nourishing Herbal Tea Blends and Rebel Foods Tinctures.

3. Think about a goal/aim/purpose or reason why you need to fast and have that as an incentive. It could be something material such as a new iPad or a goal for your job, health, relationship, weight loss, writing – the lists are endless. Fasting heals inflammation rapidly by the way.

4. Get a journal and do some writing while you fast or have a project ready such as closets to be cleaned, an office to be sorted or something to keep you busy – you will have time & energy to do things like never before.

5. Fasting has a unique Spiritual element that can only be compared to being One with Nature, walking with gods and opening up inwardly like never before. Be prepared to get to know yourself on a whole new level. 

And that’s about it! The important thing here – is to fast while you are living your life, going on a ‘retreat’ from the world sounds lovely, but hardly practical. So carry on with your normal activities – we exercise, work, and do all the things that we normally do while fasting – only with a little more focus! LOL

Lastly, make no apologies for choosing to detox, heal and move forward with your life (I don’t feel the need to tell everyone I am fasting) nor do I explain my reasons if people comment in a negative way.  

I’m doing what I need to do. Moving right along….

I was so impressed with fasting - I wrote a book about it! The Pagan Diet is about my life changing experiences 

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