Tuesday 16 February 2016

Up Coming Workshops!

Protecting Your Energy in Changing Times
Workshop with Medical Intuitive and Scientist April Danann

An afternoon intensive with Medical Intuitive and Scientist April Danann, on how to protect, heal, fix , alter, change and shore up your energy field (and body, mind and spirit) while living, working and walking in today’s world.

We will explore how the energy field works, how damage occurs, what we can expect to change, how long it will take and how to start taking immediate steps to heal it. Most importantly, we will talk about how it affects your entire body and some simple ways to effectively protect all of you.

For further in formation go to www.aprildanann.com

Sunday 6th March 2016 at Halla Ceann Tra Ventry

Time 2.30pm to 530pmCost 60 euro (including light refreshments

For more info and to book please call Sarah 0877099705


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