Tuesday 11 October 2016

Healing with Herbs - 30th October 2016 at 2pm

Healing with Herbs

30th October 2016 at 2pm starting in the herb garden!!

We need to know about herbs

Learn to make a herbal tonic, the benefits of fresh herb tea & how easy they are to use every day

You can find more ways to use these gentle living foods in every part of your life and should be drinking them, eating them, cooking them, growing them, rinsing your hair with them, taking them for coughs, colds, aches, tonics and overall balance.

We need to be foraging & finding them in the hedgerows and fields, creating space for them in our gardens and on the windowsills  – Herbs for everything that is right or wrong with us and for everyone in the family including the pets.

If you want to know more (and you should) come out and spend an afternoon with April Danann – let’s talk, taste, wander and wonder our way through some of the best herbs to use in everyday life, for every day stuff.

Will be another fun & exciting afternoon listening, learning, using our intuition and being one with our true nature! We will be making a herbal tonic, fresh herbal tea and discovering more about the deep cellular healing properties of nature's garden....

When: 30th October 2016
Where: Caheragh, Drimoleague West Cork
Time: 2pm to 5pm
Cost: €59

Includes: Notes, tastes, drinks & organic snacks

Booking essential: info@aprildanann.com ring or text 0872361616

Herbs have changed my life......it's nearly been a couple of decades now of devoting my attention to them, but it never ceases to amaze me how much something like the weeds from the garden can alter, affect, assist & heal. 


The most wonderful thing I love about using herbs as my food, deep nutrition & gentle medicine is how they work across all parts of me (body, mind, spirit) as if there are no boundaries. How they work quickly, without negative side effects, how they pull me up as they work with me and communicate with the deepest parts of me.

In fact, I've gone from being a person who feared and didn't trust my body, which was shut down and closed up, to one who has watched her life literally unfold in layers of deeper meaning, passion and purpose. 

Our true nature is;   NATURE

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