Thursday 10 November 2016

Workshop - Closing Energy Leaks - Intuition & Your Body

Closing Energy Leaks©, Intuition & Your Body
15th November 2pm West Cork

Going deeper into how to look after, heal, fix and change your life by uncovering layers of ‘whatever life has thrown your way’ and finding yourself. This workshop will focus on patterns that we have all revolved in – poverty, fear, worry, illness and not getting the things we ask for or need!

We will look more closely at how energy works, what the Universe expects of us and what comes next in our adventure towards using our own intuition to work with, heal, change and open up to the wonderful potential within our own body.

If you have been feeling stuck, unwell, overwhelmed, under-utilizing your skills, and generally disappointed with how things are – but are seeking change – this is your opportunity to focus on body, mind and spirit like never before!

We will be once again looking at the Energy of the Human body through Closing the Energy Leaks© or Windows and finding more ways to listen to our intuition. Listening to your body’s voice is vital for a better, healthier, more productive life.

                                   If you are ready for change, this workshop is for you.

15 November Tuesday afternoon at 2pm to 5pm
Caheragh, Drimoleague West Cork
To book: email or text 0872361616
includes notes and organic refreshments

Of course I could go on about this work.....Closing the Energy Leaks is all about bringing our minds back into the change, healing and well-being of our bodies. We need all of us to be available and present in order to fully accomplish what we are here to do. Part of our journey towards fulfilling our purpose is getting back into a healthy, strong body. We do that many ways - it is often a good idea to change our minds as we work at changing our lives....

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