Friday 18 November 2016

Elevate the Mind, Heal the Body - Closing the Energy Leaks(c)

I cannot say enough about this technique Closing the Energy Leaks…..if you are like me, then you might often find your very busy mind off on several tangents and not always as focused on the tasks at hand. This little thought or action can help you begin the process of working with your mind on a whole new level.

Especially when it comes to healing.

Because we have all been through multiple traumas, are full of toxins and are generally often in survival mode – much more than our body has been affected. What I have seen repeatedly in my clinical practice is how the mind-body connection is weak or broken down, and otherwise non-functioning.

Your mind is an integral function of healing your physical body.

Closing the Energy Leaks © is all about knitting the bridge back together between body and mind. Uncovering some of the patterns that have kept us from healing, shifting or changing our lives so we can move in the directions we are seeking is an integral part of walking this path.

Over the years of Closing Windows (energy leaks) I have witnessed everything from instant relief from migraines, redness and swelling reducing, ear inflammation calming completely, slowed bleeding in cuts, coughing fits settling in under a minute, infections receding, pain and discomfort of all sorts reversing, relationships changing, to delivering a baby at home without any assistance (ask me about it J).

And this is only the beginning of what I’ve seen over these past two decades of Closing the Energy Leaks.

Once we tune into our bodies and actually ‘listen’, using our minds to connect, we re-enter into the conscious healing capacity all of us are capable of.  Our body already knows how to heal, often the blocks are as much in our mind (the mind being an inherent part of our body) and can be worked on just like any other aspect of us.

It’s time to take your healing ability to a new level.

Understanding how your mind-body works together by learning to hear, then listen and understand what your body needs you to know is perhaps the most significant step in moving your life forward.

This is life-altering work.

Our minds are a pretty amazing part of our body! When we are able to actually harness even a tiny amount of that power and potential we can begin to take control of our health, purpose, path and momentum in a new and more meaningful way.

 So, just how does one work with the mind? Closing the windows is a brilliant beginning because, this technique allows you to train your focus, which for so many of us is an issue J, settle back into your body and to get to know yourself on an entire new level.

There are ways and means to get back into your body, mind and spirit; for instance we have plants on the earth that not only help us heal, they are all about helping us access parts of our bodies that we have been pushed out of.

The single biggest part of our body we have been removed from is our mind.

What’s more, we are encouraged to shut down our mind, to exit, to get it to be quiet, to allow it to float away from us and otherwise to remove ourselves from it’s deepest workings.

Your mind exists everywhere, in all dimensions, in all aspects of who you are, who you were and who you can be. It is in every single cell in your body. Not sure about dimensions? What part of you dreams, experiences synchronicities, déjà vu and intuition?

Your mind plays an integral part in all of that. It must be linked with the body and spirit in order to fully access the power contained within.

I personally have found and seen over the years how the more you are in tune with and ‘in’ your mind, the better you feel, the more you are able to focus and the calmer your life is.

The most important aspect of being in your mind and keeping it firmly attached to your body is that you are able to use this energy to direct your own healing.

Our minds are pure potential, so much so that when you Elevate the mind – you heal the body.

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