Wednesday 8 March 2017

This Revolution Will Be Feminized! My New Book.......

Another page from my new book! 

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Let Me Tell You Why

We need to have people in every region, of every country of every corner on this planet making stuff. We require the women of this earth to rise up and take up their places in small scale manufacturing, inventing, creating and knitting the world back together.

The methods of manufacture, the large scale industrialisation of humanity and the things we are led to believe fulfill our needs; is not only completely unsustainable it is dangerous and quickly destroying the environment.

Anything that harms the natural biodiversity and interferes with the delicate balance of life in this world harms us all. We are ill, sick and dying from the overproduction and over consumption of unnecessary toxic products made from under achieving people who are trained to push their imaginations into dormant states.

We have to fundamentally shift our thinking and then alter our approach to making the things we desire. More than that we must also remove the toxic elements of the things we use and rebuild our planet in the exact image of an evolving higher consciousness that is within the matrix of life itself.

The divine feminine has returned to guide the women of the earth back to own their divine blueprints buried deep within our DNA. These instructions form the basis of an ancient paradigm of knowledge that has never been lost, it has been simply forgotten – stored away for the time when it is needed most.

That time is now.

We are at a critical junction in our story, one where we can proceed along a self-destructive lower consciousness route and destroy everything in our path or choose to rise up, discovering our unique talents and abilities as the enlightened beings that we are and then put them to work in every conceivable way.

It is no longer necessary to think or believe that something is out of your reach or that you cannot do what you would like to do. You are living in a privileged age of over information to the point of confusion. The knowledge is as much ‘out there’ as it is ‘in here’.

What we are lacking is the wisdom to use some of this material for the greater good.

There are no excuses, we can make things, absolutely anything that we want or desire or need or require or have a fleeting wish for – can be made in a non toxic, sustainable manner that harms no one in the making of it.

We can make things on a small-scale manner in homes and sheds and small buildings without creating more toxic waste or contaminating the living biological systems surrounding us.
We can make stuff that does no harm to us, our children, the earth or any living thing on it.

We can choose to use our creative abilities to take back control of the manufacture of the things we use in, on and around our beautiful bodies; we can make our products safe, gentle, practical and an absolute pleasure to have.

Imagine the earth – lead by women, who are rising up and deciding each day to use products that are gently made by the hands of their sisters. From all corners and all regions we can rediscover these ancient arts of healing, growing, gathering and then creating everything we desire from clothing and art to food and technology.

We can reinvent our world using these things that contain the energy of the ancient feminine goddesses who once walked this earth and help sustain and keep her here.

This energy flows through us and is part of who we are. That tiny strand of DNA is awakening and you are buzzing with its’ aliveness!

Stand up and take your place in the Renewable Revolution! You are a part of the feminine energy at work here, a feminine ethic that under pins all that is stirring up at this time of great change.

We are in the middle of our tipping point – women at the helm of this great mother-ship who have had enough of feeling disempowered or left out or left behind and unsupported, who feel a need to reclaim their divine birthright.

Years ago, in the last few years of the previous century, the planet earth, Gaia, decided of her own accord to raise her consciousness. She decided to come back from wherever she has been in her dormancy, to no longer let things happen to her, but to be an active participant in all that takes place here.

She cannot do this alone.

The earth needs people like us to reduce the toxic load, to actively create sustainable living and work environments that honour her and to teach those who are following behind us, they are walking on sacred ground.

This revolution will be feminized!

Your mission, should you accept, is to be yourself.

To celebrate that fact that you are a woman at this time in her story, a person who chooses to own her gifts, access her destiny and proceed to help create a world that only has existed in our dreams.

Together we will create our new world.

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Book Review I Am She Who Creates.......
April, thank you for this wonderful book, an empowering message to all women....this book connects and resonates with me in it's realness and simplicity....and reminds me to always listen to the whispering voice inside. MK. 

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