Thursday 26 May 2011

So what does a nutritionist eat?

I get asked this question all the time, and I also hear the comment, if I cut out wheat, dairy, sugar, alcohol, caffeine etc, then what do I eat??? LOL So, I decided to show you the foods that I am cooking from time to time, and prove that there is plenty to eat, especially with all of the toxins removed.

For dinner I made a lovely salad with grated carrot, apple, juice of an orange, then some salad greens like the cress (I added some fresh spinach leaves too). Very fresh, spicy and uplifting.

Then I chopped the cabbage with onion and garlic this was stir fried until tender, it smells divine! And I sliced some hard boiled duck eggs to go with it all as the protein source. With a piece of fresh spelt bread, it was filling and tasty.

Add a little fresh coriander, salt and pepper and you have lovely flavours too! 

Maybe next time I will do my spelt bread.....hmmm

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  1. I tried the apple grated on a mixed salad and it was so yum :)