Tuesday 14 May 2013

Overcoming Fear - Tackle the Energy Blocks

I once came across someone who was advertising a conference on fear….the premise of the entire course of learning was to remove and eliminate the fear from our lives.

Which is a good thing, right? Unless….we do it without fully thinking through the purpose of ‘fear’ and then understand where it goes when we push it aside or ignore the fact that it’s there.

And where it comes from…

Fear is an under current in our lives. It rules the airwaves, guides our thinking and certainly fuels the hours and days spent worrying about…. Everything. All you have to do is listen to a news show or read a paper (or nearly anything) to get your daily top up.

So, we are swimming in it….now what?

Well, the worst thing to do with fear is to ignore it. And far worse then that is to push it down, move it aside or disregard the fact that it’s there in the first place. Fear must be dealt with and that takes not only time, but careful elimination of the toxins, energy blocks, patterns and relationships associated with it.

The simple fact of the matter is – fear holds us back.

These fears might play out in our lives in significant ways such as being redirected from achieving our dreams, stopping us from moving ahead with plans, hopes or wishes.

It will play out in our bodies most often in the bowel, but also as weight gain and nervous conditions, anxiety and sleeplessness. Anyone of these leads to long term chronic conditions and keeps us from living our lives fully.

However, we haven’t even mentioned all the other dimensions of ourselves…but you get the picture! Fear is part of these ‘disordered’ syndromes of life as we currently know it.

It can’t be disregarded – we have to deal with it, if and when we want to get moving in life.

And of course, that means doing some deeper work on yourself where fear is concerned. For me, the easiest way to get started dealing with these fears is to simply allow them to rise up…because once an issue is right there, in my face, it has to be tackled.

I really don’t want to keep going around in circles anymore (hasn’t that been a theme for most of us?)…so, my motto has been, sort it out and learn how to move on from here.

There are so many ways to get going with this as well….I usually begin by fasting (my way of jumping into a detox with both feet) and then carefully looking at the energy leaks, watching my energy field and listening to my body as I go about each day of my cleanse.

All the while I am watching my mind chatter, paying attention to outward signs as well as physically working through each fear related thought as it presents itself to me. It’s work – but worth it.

Our will overcomes fear….if we persist, keep pushing forward and do whatever it takes to shift onto that higher ground we are seeking – no fear can hold us for long!


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