Tuesday 7 May 2013

Mind Control - How to Create from a Higher Place....

It’s been a determined kind of day….this morning I got up feeling really good – about everything! And it just got better from there. Not that anything in particular happened – but because I was feeling so good, I got a lot done.

And of course it got me thinking about this entire topic of ‘frames of mind’, thought processes and how this affects our behaviour and especially the outcome of our days. I think it all boils down to something quite simple really! (LOL)

We have long known that 90% of anything such as sports achievements, talents and ability, is in your/our/the mind. Anyone with a strong or determined mind – can usually create enough force to get things moving…..

And done.

However, even with a strong mind and presence, our minds can sometimes be completely overwhelmed by outside factors. Of course, ultimately these elements also exist inside of us as well, and they can have a devastating influence within our lives.

Remember  the ‘overmind’, I have mentioned here several times? This is the combination or collective supermind carried in the airwaves. It’s like a frequency which infiltrates our bodies, hooks up with parts of us drawn to that vibration and pulls us down –

Through our thoughts.

What’s involved here is basically an interaction between various toxins present in our tissues and cells – but the greatest part of this process is the reliance on factory grown life forms such as viruses, yeasts and bacteria.

Which come in from our diet of poor, nasty and getting nastier food such as the 69cent bread on the shelves of supermarkets, fast food that doesn't even rot, lifeless milk and so on. This type of eating ensures these non-beneficial critters are in control of our guts (and bodies).

These organisms (we are made up of billions of them), then act as Energy Vampires of the microscopic world and suck in these low level vibrations and frequencies present all around us. Remember - like attracts like.

It anchors us to a darker place and naturally affects our thoughts – which then affect our energy, our spirit and our physical bodies. We haven’t even gone into the rest of it…the emotional impact and the loss of our souls.

When immersed in this manufactured grime, day in and day out – it wears us down, erodes the fabric that knits us together (mind, body, spirit) and keeps us tethered on a short leash, to nothingness.

And I know this is how many people face their days – struggling to push down these thoughts, to switch their thinking and each of the dark patterns that seem to follow – addictions, overweight, depression, worry, fear and lack.

We create our lives from the inside out – these thoughts are the building blocks of each moment we spend here on this planet. The chatter, words, mantras, phrases, memories, pictures and molecules of emotion shifting endlessly throughout our heads are vital components of our lives.

They are what make us or break us. It’s time to take back control of our lives – and the only way to do that is to own our minds. To create from a higher place - well, that all starts with a change in diet, which clears the body and ultimately has a positive effect on our minds. 


greens - wild harvest from the garden...

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