Sunday 26 May 2013

You Are A Billion Points of Light

Perhaps it’s not what you think it is, this concept of ‘light’ (as in Light worker, seek the light, be the light, rise up towards the light, let your light shine blah, blah)….maybe we have been in the dark for so long by now, any light on the horizon might appear a bit strange.

What if the light was just like a bit of brightness along the edges of our vision? It seeps inwards filling a space….but we have to draw it towards us, like a sponge to water.

I have often wondered about my own response to when that ‘good’ or ‘light’ thing comes along, would I know it? There are those of us who would not really recognize it, because these edges are blurred. 

We have been living in the dark, but are told it is light.

So, would we really be able to tell good from bad when we are steeped in darkness with our inner light pushed down for all these lifetimes?

I know people who lament an unfulfilled life and live in pain from their belief they have made the wrong decision…left the wrong person behind, taken a more difficult path and are just beaten down by lack of vision.

However, this all being said – if we can use our imagination, the light inside of us is a powerful force and will lift us up. Once we witness something with the frequency of hope – a power can rise up inside of us and take over.

Our tissues and cells respond to specific vibrations throughout time and space; our body's frequency reacts to light….

Our eyes are meant to be filled with light….we are capable of shining….like stars, suns and moons. We can cast our light leaving a trail of sparkly dust wherever we go….

Don't let the darkness win....there is a light inside of you. Seek it - and watch as you become a billion points of light.


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