Wednesday 19 June 2013

Beyond the Fear....Embracing the Divine Feminine

Fear….the final frontier – where no woman has gone before….well, at least not in our lifetime. What most of us as women (and human beings) will be dealing with in the coming few decades is the new feminine rising.

Or…the Feminine Christ…the Divine Feminine.....the higher consciousness of earth – the female faces of god (goddess). I don’t often talk about this subject or even write about it…mostly because I really don’t know what to say (strange for me! LOL).

Sometimes, describing what I feel and sense is the easy part....timing is the rest of it. 

What I do seem to get my head around however, is that this feminine aspect of our beings has been pushed down (bashed around) and pretty nearly destroyed by the way we have been living throughout these past centuries.

But, I guess that was the entire point, wasn’t it? Remove this side of our humanity until it was completely out of the picture. Of course all that was ultimately achieved was that it (the divine feminine) went into hiding….

Having been hidden for so long and so deeply…will we even recognize these powerful feminine ways once they re-surface in us? Or will we assume they are something else altogether?

For many of us we have long been grappling with our feminine sides, often losing out to the current male based belief system. I mean, look at what I do, an Intuitive (can’t be more feminine that that!) who uses her skills to help others heal and move forward in a gentle, spiritual and non-invasive way.

That about sums it up though….feminine energy is the most powerful drive on earth…it is a gentle, spiritual and non-invasive 'force' that when working fully, acts as a guide, a healer, muse and mentor - connects us to all living things.

But that is only the beginning of this power.....

We all have it (those of us who are human anyway), we all need it – yet it is feared beyond anything else on this planet….

Tragumna Beach, West Cork

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