Monday 24 June 2013

Spiritual Disease….What to Do When Your Soul Hurts

These days, more then ever we are seeing an epidemic of spiritual based disorders…is this anything new? – not at all. We are only seeing what has been slowly rising to the surface over these past few decades as the human race as been pushed to the spiritual brink.

The worst of this situation is how we find ourselves (or for some of us we are still looking and not finding at all) hurting, sinking into despair, crying out for something better – only to be left hanging on – often to less then nothing.

If you are suffering from any of the following – Distraction, Apathy, Depression, Disappointment, Lack/Poverty, Disillusionment/Demoralization – your soul (and most likely the rest of you as well) is hurting, pummeled from the life you are not living.  

Have we all had enough of this yet?

What has been happening here on this planet is that we are waking up to the reality we find ourselves in – an ongoing deep energetic pattern lifetimes in the making. Which has been re-packaged, re-financed, re-furbished and re-booted as of late, but our asses are still owned and our humanity re-sented. 

It’s the ‘waking up’ that is new; opening our eyes for the first time and seeing the monsters under our beds. The same ones who have frightened us, stolen from us, backed us into corners and enslaved us.

I wish there was an easy way out and I could say to you – here is how to remove yourself from this situation (and all darkness) and heal your soul in three easy steps… And perhaps it is that simple.

1. Walk away from what pulls you down (might this mean exercise as well?)

2. Feed yourself natural whole foods (wild forage does not mean a supermarket on a Saturday morning)  

3. Visualize what you want (work at clearing your mind of what someone else wants for you).

Then….as you pick up the pieces (there won’t be many if you walk away!) get back to nature, spend some time with those you love (and who love you), get to know your food on a spiritual basis (start a garden), rescue a dog or a cat, burn bridges back to enslavement …..

And find yourself rising up from those ashes. 



  1. Dia duit April.
    ~Your words resonate with Truth and Clarity.
    Mile buiochas.


    Alicia O'Hara

  2. I am pleased you stopped by! Thank you for your kind words...