Wednesday 12 June 2013

Spiritual Bullying - Cleaning Up, Inside & Out

I don’t eat anything from the Deadly Nightshade family….they are the forbidden fruit mentioned in the spiritual literature and carry the energy of death. In case you are not sure which fruits these are – they are part of the tobacco family and include potato, tomato, aubergine, peppers, chillies, gogi berries, cape gooseberries and of course death itself – tobacco.

This group of plants bully our bodies from the inside – they contain low levels of a type of neurotoxin  that set up an entire chain reaction of negativity deep within. Of course, anything with toxins specifically geared to attack our spiritual selves should be avoided.

The toxins carried by this family of fruits build up along our nervous system (yes, in small amounts but poison is a poison). This area is probably the single most important component of our spirituality because all messages, information and communication must travel and be dispersed along its’ cells.

When we are following a higher path – messages and communication are vital for our safety, security, well-being and peace of mind. Anything that can muddle, meddle or disrupt this flow – needs to be taken out of the diet.

It makes sense then, if you are walking a spiritual path or planning on it – to remove these fruits and a few other common neurotoxins (such as, aspartame, food additives, colourings, caffeine, MSG) from your plate and your life.

(Even if you are not interested in further spiritual development, improvements in physical health are to be gained either way, Deadly Nightshades have long been associated with chronic pain, arthritis, rashes, allergies etc.)

Spiritual bullying is experienced and witnessed throughout the entire higher consciousness arena in every imaginable way. We have actually become quite used to allowing others to push us around when it comes to such matters of the soul.

And, if this type of behaviour is taking place on the outside of us, it is equally taking place on the inside (Deadly Nightshades). Remove one aspect of this negative spiritual pattern and you are well on your way to breaking through the dark energy imprint left behind. 

Try it and see what happens....


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  1. Thanks for this April. I aim to remove these foods from my system to reduce the pain in my body. Your effort is a blessing and I am grateful.