Sunday 3 November 2013

Evening Class - Starts 5th November

Protecting Yourself in the Healing Professions…..

If you find you are bringing your work home, feeling drained at the end of the day, losing heart with all you do – part of this problem will be energetic. But, there is so much you can do to make yourself feel better, regain your energy, boost your health – when you know more about the mechanics of how your energy field works.

On offer are evening sessions (sharing & learning circle) on how to protect, heal, fix, alter, change and shore up your energy field while living, working and walking in today’s world. During each of these classes we will explore how an energy field works, how damage occurs, what we can expect to change, how long it will take, Closing Energy Leaks, energy vampires and how to start taking immediate steps to heal and seal your body.

Following April’s list of ‘25 ways to Protect Yourself’ from her book Universal Energy Laws, we will work down through each one as it applies to your work, how you go about your day, carry out your spiritual practice, cope with family and relationships, adjust to stress and change while listening to your body. 

These classes will serve to uplift you, give you hope and change your life. You deserve to live, work and play with the peace of mind a strong, healthy functioning energy field brings. We will take it week by week….usually runs for 5 or 6 weeks then break for Christmas…come to one or enjoy all! 

When 5th November 2013

Time 7pm to 9ish
€10 each evening

Book with April on 087 236 1616 or email:

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