Tuesday 10 December 2013

Feeling A Little Stuck? 2014 - A Year for Change…..Class & Course Dates

Energy Blocks

I just realized something really important – I am having a hard time thinking about, moving and gearing up for 2014. It’s as if this next year is either not coming (it is! LOL) or there is a huge energy block surfacing for me. 

I can’t seem to get dates in my mind or anything….it’s as if  a door is closed and needs to be pushed (or kicked) open. Yet I love this feeling right now because that is what I am cleansing, clearing and fasting for!

So what am I doing to combat this energy block? I am Closing Energy Leaks© of course, exercising, fasting and pushing myself in every way that I can think of to get that ‘onwards and upwards’ feeling back again. 

But today has been a difficult day, even the weather outside is nasty – it’s wet, windy and wild out there, with the air kicking up soggy leaves and blowing them around. The kind of day where you run from one building to the other, shielding your face from the sting of the rain and every trip outside has you standing next to the stove for half an hour.

A day for change.

If you are also ready for something better, something deeper and more then you feel your life is bringing you right now – perhaps it’s time to unblock 2014 for yourself! Plan to come out to one of my Winter classes to get your life back on track and discover a deeper spiritual connection.

January Rebel Foods Cookery Class Sunday 12 January 2014 – simple healthy meals & breads for winter €35 11am to 3pm or finish, Leap, West Cork

Energy Class – session 2 (anyone can join at any time) Working Through the Energy Blocks €10 each evening Tuesdays at 7pm Leap, West Cork starts 14th January 2014 runs for 6 or 7 weeks.

Fasting & Detox for Health, Healing or Weight Loss – Eat Like a Pagan 9th January 7pm €20 – includes tastings of detox juices, cleasing teas and fermented juices – Eat Like A Pagan© book on sale on the night 

Closing Energy Leaks© full day intensive workshop for those who work with energy healing, hands on healing, light workers, therapists etc. – Health & Safety of the Energy Worker €90 includes lunch, snacks – please do not bring food due to the energy work being done on this day.  Sunday 10am to 4:30pm (includes book) 26th January 2014 

to reserve your place please book directly with April on 087 2361616 or email info@aprildanann.com 

Looking forward to working with you in 2014! 

From little Acorns great things grow!

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