Friday 27 December 2013

Universal Story - An Epic Moment

There is an uncommon hue of light in the sky this morning – telling us we are still in the middle of this latest storm – I spent last night alternating between waking to the sound of wind and rain on the windows while the roof tiles rattled….and then dreaming of walking along a dark road with only lightening to show me the way ahead.

These are ‘uncertain times’ is what I would think I should say right now in this narrative, especially on a day such as this, however, that is not how I am feeling at all. It appears as if the universe, the heavens and the earth are in complete agreement and each dimension in its turn has ramped up the volume.

To make some noise.

Here in Ireland over these past few weeks we have been witness to an epic battle of heavenly wills. One bouncing off of the other as they lash out and fight for the higher position – defender of the weak, righteous and the good – but only one victor will prevail. 

In all of the old stories it was always the triumph of good over evil, yet, to my mind, evil has reined for ever so long. Or in this case, ‘rained’ down its darkness touching everything in its path with the smell of something rotten. 

Of course, it’s not all bad, we are here, aren’t we? And so many of us wake each morning with hope renewed. Pressing on.

So, here we find ourselves, in the midst of something, well, bigger then the sum of us all – or perhaps something that completes the equation of the sum of us all….a Universal x at the end of the y (why or why not?).

I don’t know about you – but with all of this energy flying around, the wind, rain, darkness and fluctuating power grid – I can sense the need for change. And not just any ordinary shift either, perhaps this is it – the time of the greatest ‘stand up and be counted’ kind of thing that we’ve only ever read about in stories.

Makes me wonder if the story has nearly caught up with the tellers…..perhaps we are finally living this epic tale in real time and not chapter by chapter out of an ancient history book in the mind’s eye of some god. 

Perhaps history is really only ever about telling the future….the stories are there to guide us with knowledge of the past – this is what might happen when you get to this place in the path.

An epic moment, along a long and winding path….

Lemon thyme….

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