Tuesday 3 December 2013

Supernatural Protection - Working From the Outside

How much time have we spent feeling tired – waking up tired, going to bed tired, dragging our arses around the place throughout the day and not really ever looking at the world as if we are fully awake?

Honestly, there was a time when I couldn't remember the last time I slept through the night, let alone woke up rested in any way. The benefit is that I have spent years, no decades, trying to get to the bottom of just what is taking, using and interfering with my energy. 

The way things are for most of us, is we are simply not ‘safe’ when sleeping. It is our most vulnerable time – going into shadow realms can be dodgy when fully awake, however, when we are toxic, stressed, worried and generally pushed down – we are even more unprotected. 

There are supernatural beings, entities, orbs, spirits and whatnots on every turn - most of which we deal with throughout the day - however, things look a bit more daunting during the night!

Of course, long ago I knew what, who and why it was this way for me (past life encounter with a dark master) – I was just never able to do much of anything about it because everything I tried was only a temporary fix. It wasn’t until I started fasting, that things finally started to turn around for me.

Fasting changed my life and continues to change my life each and every day. Mostly, because it has stripped away all the ‘dead’ and provided me with the space to bring back the 'life' that was missing deep inside and outside as well, it seems.

There is a matrix like ‘coating’ living, growing and thriving in our skin that contains many non-beneficial organisms – some of which are anchored deep into our nervous systems – and they appear to have the upper hand. Until we take steps to do something about them, that is. 

So what has all of this got to do with my energy? Well, our energy fields arise and are part of this largest detox organ – our skin. And this covering is anchored to and connected to nearly everything else inside of us. 

From what I can see, when we are feeling tired or drained or toxic – the simplest and easiest place to start is with the skin. It is the most visible part of our bodies and from my own work as a Medical Intuitive, I have realized each limb or area represents some inner organ or system, making it fairly straight forward to work with as well.

If you are feeling tired, losing energy or unable to rest and surrounded by energy vampires – you can begin your healing and detox with your skin – a little sea salt goes a long way in removing and disrupting what ever ‘negativity’ it is that has had the upper hand in your life. 

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