Monday 10 September 2012

Making the Internal Connections

Once you start the process of re-gaining ground inside of your mind (perhaps referred to as finding your will power as well) anything you then set your 'mind' to, can be accomplished. Easily. The single greatest benefit of these detoxes for me has been coming more into the present.

The entire game is all about focus, which generally means our minds, but also a few other aspects associated with the body. There are two things that come up here for me - I repeatedly see, read or hear people advise others to conquer or get out of their minds and there is a mind-body connection to our immune system.

Our minds are part of the body and soul package - these elements are not separate from each other. If and when anything (known or unknown) has a detrimental affect on either of these components, it will affect the entire organism. In other words, a toxin in your body, will influence your mind and soul equally or more so.

Whatever you do, stay in your mind - it is a huge part of your body, quite necessary for all you do, especially to 'create' the life you want to have and follow your dreams. A lot of the work of change, opening up and even the path we are all on, takes place in our minds.

So we have established how much we need our minds. Yet we are pushed out of them, interfered with and struggle with negative or dark energies which affect our thoughts. Some of these can be traced back to an all too commonplace modern 'problem'. 

One of the biggest toxins on the planet, which is widely known, however, it is also commonly accepted (and used in many applications) – is the presence of synthetic hormones. The majority of these chemicals end up remaining in the stores of fat in our bodies.

Synthetic, man-made endocrine disruptors are found throughout the food chain, in packaging, water, chemicals in clothing, medications, in nearly everything we touch and even the air we breathe. 

Hormones of one sort or another are everywhere and more are being made every day. What I want you to see here is the connection between man-made synthetic hormones, fallen angels, mold (yeast, fungus), internal messages and body systems.

Synthetic hormones – man made chemicals acting and overriding natural human body function

Fallen Angels – messengers of God who chose power over love

Mold (yeast, fungus) – single celled opportunistic pathogens taking up too much space in our bodies

Internal messages – communication inside our bodies between and from all organs and cells, vital link to higher consciousness

Body Systems – all systems go down, de-regulate and dysfunction when hormones are not working properly

Each of these are linked because one feeds off of the other, for example, yeast creates an acidic toxic environment inside your gut. Molds release their own hormones, which would have the vibration of the Fallen Angels. When present in sufficient numbers, internal messages get clogged, diverted and lost, then body systems deregulate and dysfunction results. 

What comes first? Perhaps the body systems going down such as immune function, this allows the mold, yeast and fungus to overgrow in different areas within the gut. This organism then releases it’s own hormones, overriding and interfering with the body’s own natural human hormones.

Internal messages then get mixed up with those from the mold, confusing the body’s hormones and signal system or feedback loop. Once all of this is set into motion – within a weakened body, other synthetic hormones we are exposed to (and which are difficult to detox) work in concert with each other. It’s a vicious cycle of fake hormones.

There is so much coming in at us, on a daily basis we are ingesting birth control pills (don’t think so? Check your tap water), steroids, foods wrapped in plastic leaching BPA, water in plastic bottles, wearing synthetic clothing, taking medications, sleeping on plastic mattresses – we are ingesting hormones on every turn. 

This situation is pretty bad, however what is far worse is the fact we are absolutely not detoxing any of this stuff out. The number one issue facing us as the human race right now is not each of these diseases or conditions we hear about (heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity) – it is the source of them. 

Hormone dysfunction. Our internal messaging system has been taken over and hijacked by this criminal group of Fallen Angels (endocrine disruptors). They have a hold on us and are not going to let go, until we force them out. 

It is really this simple. 

This situation is extremely important for those of us walking the spiritual path because we must rely on our senses, internal messaging system, communication from ‘the living God’ and all manner of intuitive guidance. Otherwise we cannot keep ourselves safe nor can we listen for, understand and follow the signs provided by our body.

Of course, everyone should have a fully functioning hormonal system, with their bodies up and running in a healthy manner. There is a way to achieve this, all it takes is commitment and dedication to healthy eating, clean water and lifestyle changes such as fasting and exercise. 

How much information and vital guidance are we missing out on with our internal communications system down?

Even a small change has a big effect.


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