Friday 21 September 2012

What is Energy? an excerpt from Universal Energy Laws

Usually the most common definition for energy is the ability to do work, it can also be used in reference to the ability to make something happen. Both of these definitions put forward some powerful and interesting concepts. Other words that can be used for energy according to the thesaurus are: vigour, vitality, life, spiritedness, spark, strength, power, drive, fire, force, and so forth. 

But you probably get the picture. All of these words and even these most simple definitions equate energy as being very similar to other elemental forces. 

When we speak of energy in terms of the ability to do work, this is where energy comes into its own. Our bodies must ‘work’ and be in working order, otherwise we are dysfunctional (something is NOT working) or become sick and depressed. 

One very important aspect of living on this planet, is that all human beings need to contribute to the consciousness, and for many of us, this is our work. If this is your work, then you are responsible for keeping your body, mind and soul, clear, clean and in great condition. 

Otherwise what sort of energy are you actually contributing? 

When we think of energy in terms of the ability to make something happen, this implies that it is a force and can be used or applied to other things. If this is the case then I can shift or move energy from place to place or transfer it from one site to another. Actually this is a very simple process and is what takes place during energy therapy, for example. 

This concept also helps us to understand the very real situation of energetic blocks, resistance, reluctance, denial and refusal- each of these is a problem within the energy field and leads to all sorts of chronic issues such as anxiety, overweight, dis-ease and dysfunction.

An energy BLOCK, is a place of little or no movement within the energy field. It contains energy that is stagnant, immovable, frozen or stuck and if not dealt with will lead to dis-ease and dysfunction.

What is Consciousness and what does it have to do with energy? 

Consciousness is a force first of all. The dictionary refers to it as a state of awareness, alert, responsive, mindfulness, with actions that are purposeful, deliberate and knowing. This is loaded! Imagine the planet becoming a living breathing aware and conscious being…oh the things we could do. 

Like all energy, consciousness is alive and lives within your cells residing in the WATERY matrix in living tissue. The task then becomes to connect to your highest levels of consciousness and allow your body to be pulled up to vibrate at the highest point. 

This is especially important with the food we feed our bodies such as living food like fresh vegetables and fruit. In a plant based diet these living foods contain consciousness, while ‘dead’ food (some meats, prepared meals, highly processed food) does not, a good reason to limit fish and meat and cut out rubbish.

Water is also able to alter its composition to become conscious, this is how consciousness is moved within cells, and therefore is the medium for a gradual process of awakening. In fact water is so important to you as a healer, energy practitioner, therapist or light worker, your body, mind and soul cannot integrate (arrive back together) unless you change your vibration through water. 

To connect with the highest vibration of love and consciousness, and then to draw to you what is yours, you have to at least rise up to meet it. Closing the Energy Leaks© then becomes part of the whole process, which includes pure food and movement and taking action.  

It is not enough to just visualize or meditate, no matter what others may say! You must then act (move) on what your heart desires and not be a passive watcher. This movement includes exercise and the right diet as well as managing your own energy.

***excerpt from Universal Energy Laws by April Danann available on Kindle  special price this week! 

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